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Caboclo EP
BIJ 004
11 May 18
El Malon Del Gaucho Molina - (4:28) 88 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Malandro De Boa - (3:55) 92 BPM
Caboclo - (5:08) 87 BPM
from $1.96
Review: Big In Japan is a label setup by former Ninja Tune employees Seb Jenkins and Liam Nolan. The fourth release from this Bogota/Berlin based label comes from Argentinian producer Mati Zundel aka Lagartijeando. He is synonymous with the contemporary alt-latin electronic scene, along with contemporaries Nicola Cruz, Cancha Via Circuito and El Buho. Strongly influenced by his travels through the Latin America continent, Zundel blends everything from traditional Bolivian folk to the jungle beats of Brazil into psychedelic forms. Featured here are the entrancing and ethereal slo-mo tribal of El Malon Del Gaucho Molina, the slo-mo latin deep house of "Malandro De Boa" (featuring some mad steel drums) and the flamenco inflected balalaica of "Caboclo".
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