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Strange Worlds
12 Jan 18
Drum And Bass
Strange Worlds - (4:24) 177 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Blue Beam - (4:24) 174 BPM
Whats My Name - (4:24) 177 BPM
Swampman - (4:24) 177 BPM
from $1.93
Review: Last spotted flexing his guns on Dub Voltage's five year collection, Birmingham's Lezley brings forth his debut label EP. His biggest to date, all four tracks command serious attention; "Strange World" is all about the twisted minimal grit, "Blue Beam" nods at the Bristol vibe with a warped bassline that melts around the kicks, "What's My Name" goes for much more of a direct riff laser vibe and "Swampman" closes the deal with a groove and aesthetic that lives up to its name with every grotty wobble. Stinking!
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