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Maloya EP
ANR 002
06 Apr 18
Deep House
Lindigo - "Tany Be" (Alma Negra Rework) - (7:09) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Salem Tradition - "Kabare" (Alma Negra Rework) - (5:10) 130 BPM
Lindigo - "Tany Be" (Alma Negra dub mix) - (8:57) 118 BPM
from $1.92
Review: For the latest excursion on their eponymous label, the Alma Negra crew is in full remix mode, in turn reworking tracks from contemporary Maloya combo Lindigo and lesser-known French Afro artist Salem Tradition. Their vocal and dub interpretations of the former's "Tany Be" are particularly special. While the dub is little more than a killer spaced-out percussion track with added delay-laden vocal and instrumental snippets, the "remix" is a near perfect fusion of woozy, spacey deep house and traditional maloya - all half-chanted vocals, snaking sax lines and warm bass. Those looking for heavy and druggy, kick-drum driven tribal Afro-house vibes should head straight for the remix of Salem Tradition's "Kabare", which is little more than loads of drums with an evocative vocal atop.
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