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Infinity Cinematic (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
An intensive & powerful selection of contruction kits inspired by soundtracks of the best new films
11 Oct 18
Electronic Piano (Sample Pack WAV)
The pack includes 368 files divided in 184 piano loops labelled with the root key to 122 bpm & 184 Midi files
Minimal/Tech House
LS 012
08 Dec 16
Deep House & Future (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Great & powerfull selection of deep and house loops in line with the sounds the moment
Deep House
LPS 010
27 Oct 16
Deep & Tech 01 (Sample Pack WAV)
150 loops including solid kicks, articulated & powerful synth & bass, suspense FX & hard percussion
Minimal/Tech House
LPS 001
05 Jul 16
Deep & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
a strong collection of drum, bass and synth loops in ambient and electronic styles
LS 008
11 Jul 16
Techno Machine (Sample Pack WAV)
Techno Machine by Loopersound,offer, a Solid & Intense selection of Techno Loops.The Pack includes 260 Loops to 125 bpm with root key divided, into a massive bass line,articulated & powerful synth loops,suspense fx, solid top loops and much more
Minimal/Tech House
LS 017
07 Mar 17
Deep House & Tropical (Sample Pack WAV)
Deep House and Tropical by Loopersound offers a powerful selection of deep and tropical loops in line with the hottest sounds at the moment at 110 and 120 bpm with root key
Deep House
LS 018
14 Mar 17
Deep & Minimal Grooves (Sample Pack WAV)
Minimal/Tech House
LS 020
28 Mar 17
Tech Progression (Sample Pack WAV)
A strong collection of techno & electronic loops in line with the sound of the moment
LS 014
23 Jan 17
Metro Sax (Sample Pack WAV)
Metro Sax by Loopersound, is a powerfull selection of sax loops, the pack includes 235 Sax Loops labelled with the root key to 100,110 and 120 bpm
Minimal/Tech House
LS 015
31 Jan 17
Techno Bundle (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Techno Bundle by Loopersound, collect the best packs inspired by the current Techno influences of the moment with a more than 30% discount if purchased divided
LS 013
10 Feb 17
Violins & Love (Sample Pack WAV)
205 violin loops labelled with the root key at 100 to 150 BPM for orchestral, ambient, house and downtempo genres
LS 016
15 Feb 17
Ambient Tools (Sample Pack WAV)
Ambient Tools by Loopersound,offers a emotive and powerfull selection of Synth Loops perfect for Ambient/ Chillout and Electronica productions. The Pack includes 151 SynthLoops labelled with the root key to 110,115 and 120 bpm.
DJ Tools
LS 023
18 May 17
Tropicalism (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Five fresh kits in line with tropical sounds of the moment
Progressive House
07 Sep 18
Dark Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
A strong collection of ambient and electronic loops in line with the sound of the moment
14 Jun 17
Dark Techno (Sample Pack WAV)
A mix of powerful and aggressive sounds able to heat the atmosphere
18 Sep 17
Guitar Elements (Sample Pack WAV)
The Pack includes 100 Guitar loops labelled with the root key
LS 011
01 Dec 16
Deep & Techno Elements (Sample Pack WAV)
07 Jun 16
Organic Deep House (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
An intense selection of deep house loops in line with the sounds of the hits of the moment
Deep House
10 Jun 16
Tech House Tops (Sample Pack WAV)
A solid and intense tech house percussion selection
Minimal/Tech House
14 Jun 16
Minimal Grooves (Sample Pack WAV)
A mix of saturated, minimal, powerful and aggressive sounds to heat the atmosphere
Minimal/Tech House
16 Jun 16
Tech Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
192 male vocals labelled with the root key divided into phrases and fx vox
Minimal/Tech House
LS 009
06 Sep 16
Underground Tech House (Sample Pack WAV)
210 loops featuring the sounds of the test Tech house producers of the moment
Minimal/Tech House
20 Jun 16
Organic Techno (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
200 loops inspired by the techno influences of the moment
24 Jun 16
Pure Tech House (Sample Pack WAV)
258 loops at 125 BPM featuring basslines, synths, FX, drums, percussion and more
Minimal/Tech House
LS 022
24 Apr 17
Cosmotronica (Sample Pack WAV)
A strong pack with five kits perfect for creating tracks in line with the techno deep sounds of the moment
11 Jun 18
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