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Worlds End
14 Nov 16
Drum And Bass
Worlds End - (5:16) 175 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mutton - (4:05) 174 BPM
from $1.91
Review: Maji and Franko - end days were already written when they first agreed to collaborating. No planet can handle such heavyweight tagmanship. The armageddon vibes are felt through every low-end, densely pressured sub rumbles on "Worlds End" before we're pushed at 170mph into a savage laser licking triplet groove. "Mutton" does well to rebuild civilisation. Rather than lash straight out with more toxic riffs it develops a deeper backdrop before unfolding a spookier range of bass textures. Insane levels of power throughout, the message is clear: An ending is just a start that hasn't looped yet.
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