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Holy Sun EP
Holy Sun (feat Ava Lava) - (4:23) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Holy Sun (feat Ava Lava - Retromigration remix) - (5:56) 122 BPM
Lifted - (6:56) 126 BPM
Inwards - (6:22) 124 BPM
La Grande Folie - (3:40) 92 BPM
Review: Amsterdam-based duo Kees van 't Klooster and Jan-Willem Mulder aka Makez present The Holy Sun EP on local label Heist, the follow up to their amazing debut album City Of All. This is jazzy house music in its most exciting form, featuring the balmy UK broken beat feels of the title track featuring Ava Lava's lovely vocals, followed by a groovy and sunkissed remix by the ascendant Retromigration. Elsewhere, there's the low-slung, late night mood music of "Lifted" and the absolutely spiritual deep house of "Inwards" that's perfect for those heads down moments on the dancefloor.
08 Jul 22
Deep House
from $1.49
The Round Up Pt 8
Fouk - "Money" (JKriv & Peter Matson remix) - (6:01) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Marina Trench - "Wake Up" (feat Sabrina Bellaouel - Makez remix) - (4:28) 84 BPM
Lore Of The Samurai - "Justifice" (Fouk remix) - (5:28) 126 BPM
Felipe Gordon - "Highly Corrosive Acid" (Marina Trench remix) - (5:15) 129 BPM
JKriv & Peter Matson - "New Friend" (Felipe Gordon Deep remix) - (6:07) 115 BPM
Makez - "City Of All" (Lore Of The Samurai remix) - (5:54) 125 BPM
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from Heist Recordings' annual Round-Up EPs, namely label regulars and selected guests remixing each other. JKriv and Peter Matson do a terrific job in turning Fouk's 'Money' into a squelchy, TB-303-fired slab of nu-disco/retro-futurist house fusion, before Makez re-imagines Mariana Trench's 'Wake Up' as a jazz-funk flavoured broken beat number and Fouk re-frames a Lore of the Samurai track as a gorgeous slab of house-not-house sunshine. Elsewhere, Mariana Trench gives Felipe Gordon's 'Highly Corrosive Acid' a driving, riff-heavy deep house spin, Felipe Gordon opts for a drowsy and eccentric mid-tempo house sound on his version of JKriv and Peter Matson's 'New Friend', and Lore of the Samurai's rework of Makez's 'City of All' is a hypnotic, tech-tinged treat.
11 Feb 22
Deep House
from $1.49
Slothboogie Presents Dancing With Friends Vol 2
Soul Wun - "96 To Albert Park" - (7:00) 120 BPM
Kemback - "I Know What You're Thinking" - (6:19) 126 BPM
MAKEZ - "Law Of Attraction" - (6:03) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DJ Rouge - "Far Out" - (6:18) 122 BPM
Jesse Bru - "Yellow Sunshine Machine" - (7:41) 127 BPM
Erik Ellmann - "Private Talk" - (5:20) 126 BPM
Joe Cleen - "Chainsmoker" - (5:56) 120 BPM
Felipe Gordon - "Avalancha" - (4:56) 127 BPM
T.U.R.F. - "Easy Way Out" - (4:39) 124 BPM
Kristy Harper - "Blissful Denial" - (6:21) 122 BPM
Pablot - "Got You" - (5:36) 123 BPM
Tiptoes - "Protected" - (5:45) 123 BPM
DJ Steef - "Solotrip" - (6:36) 120 BPM
Sam Irl - "Comet" - (5:25) 125 BPM
Two Half Circles - "Daisy's Groove" - (4:32) 122 BPM
The Revenge - "High Time" - (4:56) 124 BPM
Fede Lng & Mojeaux - "Mackie Acid" (feat Raw Takes) - (4:25) 127 BPM
Amy Dabbs - "Nebel" - (6:26) 130 BPM
Metropolitan Soul Museum - "Four Dancers" - (7:28) 121 BPM
Meeshoo - "Blue Velvet" - (6:04) 122 BPM
Togethers - "Day Dream Squelch" - (5:27) 130 BPM
Bill Mango - "You're Never Sleepy" - (6:15) 118 BPM
SlothBoogie - "Dancing With Friends" (vol 2 - continuous mix) - (1:29:47) 124 BPM
Review: Last year, London DJ crew and party promotion outfit SlothBoogie delivered one of the compilations of the year, a wonderfully eclectic and on-point set entitled Dancing With Friends. According to the crew, they spent even more time carefully curating this welcome sequel. You can tell, too. Kicking off with the tactile, slow-burn deep house yearning of Soul Won's '96 to Albert Park', the 21-track collection ambles, strides and jogs between soul-flecked deep house (see Kemback's brilliant 'I Know What You're Thinking'), driving nu-disco (Jesse Bru), swirling deep jackers (Erik Ellmann's 'Private Talk'), loopy disc-house haziness (the always excellent Felipe Gordon), jazz-flecked acid squelch-alongs (Pablot), deep space sample house (Sam Irl) and high-octane, peak-time insanity (The Revenge). Simply brilliant.
SBLP 002
27 Aug 21
Deep House
from $1.49
City Of All
The Entrance - (3:14) 128 BPM
Not So Different (feat LYMA) - (4:41) 120 BPM
City Of All - (5:36) 125 BPM
Sonder - (4:11) 123 BPM
Gonna Getya - (5:46) 125 BPM
Orbit - (5:25) 111 BPM
Looking Up (feat Allysha Joy) - (3:44) 102 BPM
Feel The Same - (6:13) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Roselane (feat Fouk) - (6:16) 124 BPM
Returning - (4:03) 140 BPM
Humming Harmonies (feat LYMA) - (2:29) 129 BPM
Bent With Funk - (6:10) 125 BPM
Encounters - (2:07) 130 BPM
Review: Here's something of a rarity: a full-length excursion on Dam Swindle's usually EP-focused Heist Recordings imprint. It comes courtesy of talented twosome Makez, who last featured on the Dutch label two years ago. There's much to enjoy from start to finish, with the pair blending loose-limbed house rhythms, head-nodding hip-hop rhythms, and sumptuous downtempo grooves with subtle disco instrumentation, colourful electrofunk synth sounds, layered percussion, squelchy analogue bass, and occasional vocal snippets. The results are uniformly vibrant, atmospheric and musically rich, without ever becoming overly fussy or self-indulgent. There's plenty of floor-friendly material for DJs to savour and champion, but the album sounds just as good when listened to at home. Stellar stuff all told.
16 Jul 21
Deep House
from $1.49
Blue Island - (3:44) 107 BPM
Red Island - (5:35) 126 BPM
Levitation - (3:37) 117 BPM
If We Were Children Again (Mak?z rework) - (9:28) 123 BPM
More Visions - (7:21) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Back in February, Makez made the move from Heist Recordings to Let's Play House, bringing with him the Elevation EP, which we dubbed his "strongest EP to date". This timely follow-up for the Brooklyn-based imprint is equally strong. He begins by combining gently tropical drums, kaleidoscopic synths and languid melodic refrains on mid-tempo number 'Blue Island', before upping the tempo and reaching for rubbery disco bass on the equally picturesque 'Red Island'. Title track 'Levitation' is a glorious chunk of Afro-funk/deep house fusion, 'More Vision' is a dense and hallucinatory slab of feverish house hypnotism, and 'If We Were Children (Makez Rework)' is a bouncy disco-house number full of cut-glass strings and jammed-out electric piano riffs.
LPH 077
20 Nov 20
Deep House
from $1.49
Melting - (7:30) 124 BPM
Elevation - (5:15) 113 BPM
One 4 The Dreamers - (6:39) 118 BPM
Merlot (feat Alternate Tone Adjustment) - (4:05) 116 BPM
Merlot (feat Alternative Tone Adjustment - Basement dub) - (6:33) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Having previously operated exclusively on Heist Recordings, Makez has decided to mix things up. "Elevation" marks the producer's first outing on long-running Brooklyn imprint Let's Play House; what's more, it could well be his strongest EP to date. He begins in confident fashion via the starry but bumpin' deep house positivity of "Melting" - all sustained electric piano chords, slap-bass, glassy-eyed pads and whispered vocal samples - before exploring even more melodic and dreamy territory on "Elevation". The headline attraction though is probably Tone Adjustment collaboration "Merlot", which is available in two distinctive forms. The original mix sees the pair smother swinging jazz-house beats and squelchy jazz-funk bass in excitable piano solos, while the accompanying "Basement Dub" is a piano-laden exercise in muscular late night bump.
LPH 072
28 Feb 20
Deep House
from $1.49
The Round Up Pt 6
Fouk - "Need My Space" (Dam Swindle remix) - (7:42) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Perdu - "Sacramento" (Makez remix) - (6:43) 122 BPM
Demuir - "The 3nity Returneth" (Fouk remix) - (5:37) 126 BPM
Dam Swindle - "Music For Clubs" (feat Lorenz Rhode - Perdu's Culture mix) - (7:21) 114 BPM
Makez - "Random Visits" (Demuir's Playboy edit) - (5:52) 126 BPM
Review: As is now traditional, Heist Recordings has kick-started a new year by asking their artists to remix each other. Boss men Detroit Swindle set the tone with a gorgeously positive, synth-heavy remix of Fouk's "Need My Space" before Makez re-imagines Perdu's "Sacramento" as an acid bass-propelled bounce through melodious deep house pastures and Fouk adds a little loose-limbed swing and dirty bass pressure to Demuir's percussive and warming "The 3nity Returneth". Perdu reaches for the psychedelic acid lines and squelchy synth-bass on a Latin-tinged remake of Detroit Swindle's Lorenz Rhode collaboration "Music For Clubs", while Demuir beefs up Makez's breezy and melodious "Random Visits".
27 Jan 20
Deep House
from $1.49
Different Planets EP
Different Planets (original mix) - (6:39) 121 BPM
Different Planets (Bobby Analog remix) - (6:41) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Random Visits - (5:42) 121 BPM
Cosmic Symphony - (7:57) 121 BPM
Review: Heist Recordings latest offering is a significant one, not just because it's rather good, but also due to the duo who made it: confident debutants Makez. The pair proves their mettle from the off, enveloping a low-slung disco house groove in rich deep house chords, dreamy pads and Latin style vocal chants on superb opener "Different Planets". Bobby Analog delivers an ear-pleasing, funk-fuelled classic house rework of that cut before the pair returns with the sparkling synth melodies, chunky disco bass and rolling drums of "Random Visits". Arguably best of all, though, is the drifting intergalactic warmth of "Cosmic Symphony", a loose and swinging deep house affair whose sustained chords seem to stretch out into infinity (and beyond).
16 Sep 19
Deep House
from $1.49


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