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Ladyboy EP
08 Jun 18
Ladyboy - (3:19) 107 BPM
Make It - (3:28) 107 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hyggeling - (3:18) 80 BPM
Go Back - (2:42) 107 BPM
Ladyboy (BSN Posse remix) - (3:41) 80 BPM
from $1.95
Review: Malou Morkeberg has been seriously impressing us with his recent batch of releases, allowing us to have a fresh and innovative view on both bass music and what can be done with percussion. After a slew of debut releases, he's (unsurprisingly) been snapped up by Modern Ruin, rolling through with five powerful dancefloor bruisers, and a whole load of low frequencies to blow through your chest. Although the construction of these jue pieces is similar to UK two-step in aesthetic, M?rkeberg's sound feels more akin to the US dynasty, such as on "Ladyboy" and "Make It", the latter being a classic, tooled-up, codeine-laden footwork killer. Similarly, "Hyggeling" morphs its intricate drums over tuned-down vocal samples, while "Go Back" goes for a darker, dubbier approach, and BSN Posse's remix of "Ladyboy" injects a further layer of deep-minded ambience to the already spaced-out original.
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