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Bring Me Down
SS 065
27 Jan 17
Deep House
Alton Miller - "Bring Me Down" - (9:27) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Theo Parrish - "Bring Me Down SS Translation" - (9:30) 123 BPM
from $1.90
Review: Given the talent involved - Motor City deep house legend Alton Miller, with the similarly storied Theo Parrish on remix duties - this has "buy on sight" written all over it. Musically, it's as good as you'd expect. Miller's original version of "Bring Me Down", featuring the sauntering, soulful vocals of Maurissa Rose, is amongst the best things he's done of late; a sinewy, sensual deep house epic blessed with starry electronics, rolling beats, sweeping synths and rich bass. Parrish's similarly stretched-out translation is similarly sublime, fixing elements of Miller's fine original version to swinging, jazz-flecked beats, jammed-out Rhodes lines and typically dusty textures. Basically, it's as good as you'd expect, and then some. Don't sleep.
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