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SILK 020
20 Mar 12
Horns - (8:30)
Time Of Love - (11:14)
Free Of Life - (10:31)
Bells - (6:49)
from $6.43
Review: Having garnered much praise for his recent Ital output, Daniel Martin-McCormick brings his production partnership Mi Ami over to 100% Silk for some more of that teasing, house-informed-but-not-dictated goodness. Mi Ami come on like a drawn out live jam of deepest house, as vocals and effects feed into an endless hypnotic loop of drum machines and live bass. The tracks require lengthy running times to cover all that noodling ground, so live is the feeling on these tracks. While it's an enjoyable prospect while coursing through your headphones, you can only imagine what the effect in a physical setting would be.
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