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Over Under
05 Apr 13
High Freedom - (7:44)
Over & Under (with BadboE) - (4:33) Biggest-selling track on this release
Ryder Classic - (7:42) 127 BPM
Turtle Love - (7:29)
from $1.91
Review: Last seen lurking on the label's cracking Pump Up The Funk collection, Devellis returns with his first full EP in a long, long time. Littered with samples and very cool grooves, the whole EP is a doozy but here's a few more details in case you're undecided; "High Freedom" is a summer-stunned block rocker with more sneaky hip-hop vox than a Compton recording booth. "Over & Under", meanwhile, takes a more laid back jazzier approach with a rap that doesn't sound too far away from Method Man. "Ryder Classic" takes us to a more authentic early 70s funk club and makes us swing until we're dazzled and dizzy while "Turtle Love" blends the Beasties with Daft Punk and whole series of lush horns. Ace.
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