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Mike Pears

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Dubwise EP
Blueprint - (9:33) 170 BPM
Dubwise - (7:47) 176 BPM Hot
Looking To The Future - (8:22) 59 BPM
Groove Creator - (10:00) 58 BPM
Played by: Johnny B
Review: Strap yourselves in, bass bin enthusiasts, because Danny C & Mike Pears have unearthed a sonic relic guaranteed to rattle your fillings and warp your sense of time. This "Dubwise EP" on DSCI4 isn't your average four-tracker. It's a time capsule packed with four previously unreleased tracks from 1997, that have been patiently hibernating on DAT tapes for a quarter of a century. "Blueprint" kicks things off with a low-end rumble that'll rattle your windows, while "Dubwise" throws down a dubby echo chamber that'll have you bobbing your head like a malfunctioning bobblehead. "Looking to the Future" is a future that thankfully arrived (albeit a bit late), with its shimmering synths and frenetic energy. But the real diamond in the rough here is "Groove Creator" - a track so infectious it's like sonic bubble wrap - you just gotta pop it. Timeless skill wrapped in a delightfully retro aesthetic here.
 from $1.89
DSCI 4045
14 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
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