Release Title
Som Sakrifis
PAN 37
02 Apr 13
Sakrifis - (6:52)
Lapli Tero - (8:14) Biggest-selling track on this release
Liberig Min - (17:00)
from $1.97
Review: PAN is a label which has grown to staggering heights over the last year, winning over music aficionados with its inherent diversity and sheer unpredictability thanks to the mind of the label boss Bill Kouligas. We have a new name in the form of the Greek chamber music trio Mohammad, who provide an excellent addition to an increasingly stunning back catalogue of noise, power-electronics, techno and everything in between. Mohammad has thus far appeared on Barcelona's Antifrost label, and for their PAN debut Som Sakrifis, the trio have prepared something rather special across the record's three long form drone pieces: "Sakrifis" is a droned-out, grey-scaled expedition into guitar feedback and scuffling semi-percussion shots and whilst "Lapli Tero" coats itself in a considerably less tame surrounding, the concept remains similar and equally as detached from reality "Liberig Min" contains more field recordings and its seventeen-minute duration is a compelling display of sounds and sonic collage created by the trio's cello, contrabass and oscillators.
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