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Funk Machines
TF 26
20 May 13
DJ Axe - "Funky Jam" - (3:55)
DJ Axe - "Bush Tucker" - (3:40) 151 BPM
DJ Axe - "Totally Fried" - (3:30) Biggest-selling track on this release
Morlack - "Happy Hip Hop" - (4:42)
Morlack - "Summer Lover" - (4:42)
Morlack - "Suspicious" - (4:40)
from $1.92
Review: Two of the nu-funk scene's leading lights go toe-to-toe on this sizzling six-tracker from Tru Funk's Polish party HQ. Axe goes deep on a less-is-more ethos; "Funky Jam" builds with confidence, holding the full House Of Pain rap back to the very last moment. "Bush Tucker" is deeper again with a warped wonk to the groove while "Totally Fried" ends Axe's trio with some very cool use of a talkbox and a well known numerical chant from J Kwon. Morlack, meanwhile, develops his electro boogie rep; "Happy Hip Hop" bubbles with a rich synth bassline, "Summer Lover" radiates sunshine vibes via the medium of slap bass and cheeky Vanilla Ice vocal stabs while "Suspicious" wouldn't have gone amiss on a Paula Abdul record. Unashamedly 80s. Unashamedly funky, too...
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