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Ghetto Grooves Vol 1
421120 13
21 Jan 13
Funk You Very Much - "59th Street Groove" - (5:22) Biggest-selling track on this release
Big Bang Breaks - "B Boy Flip Trick" - (3:45) 149 BPM
Mr Mezdup - "Owner Of A Funky Heart" - (4:38) 126 BPM
Wasted On Wax - "Love Her Rasp" - (3:41)
from $1.89
Review: There's something a little bit silly about this beefy mash-up extravaganza from Actual Sounds. Take lead cut "59th Street Groove", for example. Built around a ribcage-rattling wobble bassline and snappy breakbeats, it twice breaks down to reveal an extended Simon & Garfunkel sample. Really. It does work, mind. Elsewhere, you'll find a crunchy fusion of wobble-heavy hip-hop and funk-rock licks (Big Bang Breaks' "B Boy Flip Trick"), while Mr Mezdup sticks ten tons of TNT up the backside of Yes's party standard "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Wasted On Wax draw proceedings to the close with a heavy breakbeat tweak of Prince's oh-so-Balearic singalong "Raspberry Beret".
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