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Muddycotton Escobedo

Guitar Trip - (7:24) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Red Light District (part 1) - (6:14) 115 BPM
Red Light District (part 2) - (4:57) 105 BPM
Trippin Two - (8:35) 76 BPM
Review: Disco's always been a broad church, but in the modern era it's getting even broader. Here, Eddie Bunker - a Mexican producer who's based in the UK - helps push the envelope even further, teaming up with the brilliantly named Muddycotton Escobedo on an EP that's one-part chugging cosmic disco to one-part psychedelia/space rock. For straight-up disco fans, 'Red Light District (Part 1)' is the place to head: 'Guitar Trip', 'Trippin Two' and 'Red Light District (Part 2)' are as much about plangent, wailing six-strings as 4/4 kicks and cowbells. The end results of this unlikely fusion, though, are really quite spectacular.
RW 110
26 Apr 21
from $1.49


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