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Orchestra Baobab

Orchestra Baobab - "Sibou Odia" - (6:38) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: LEGO EDIT
Review: We can't praise the Sterns Edits series enough. While the concept is simple - London producer Ben Gomori tweaks cuts from the vast vaults of world music label and distributor Sterns Music - the resultant re-edits are rarely anything less than inspired. On this seventh installment, Gomori initially turns his attention to "Denya" from Djessou Mory Kante's 2014 album "River Strings - Maninka Guitar". Gomori's version is breezy but club-focused, layering Kante's evocative lead guitar and smooth fretless bass atop a gently bouncy Afro-house groove. Arguably even better is his jaunty, life-affirming revision of Senegalese Afro-Cuban band Orchestra Baobab's brilliant but hard to find gem "Sibou Odia", which sees him make merry with punchy horns, glistening guitars and infectious rhythms.
22 Nov 19
from $1.50
Clarence Reid - "Living Together Is Keeping Us Apart" - (3:20) 107 BPM
Rim - "Funky Drummer" - (4:57) 103 BPM
The Emotions - "I Like It" (45 version) - (2:33) 108 BPM
The Wild Magnolias - "Ho Na Nae" - (5:17) 105 BPM
Clarence Reid - "If It Was Good Enough For Daddy" - (3:05) 105 BPM
Willie Bobo - "Gotta Hustle On" - (3:22) 129 BPM
SB 9808
12 Feb 16
from $1.50
The Soul Investigators - "Soul Investigators Theme" - (2:37) 101 BPM
Phil Flowers - "God S Creation 2 An Move" - (4:35) 103 BPM
Super Lemon - "Soul Songs" - (6:36) 100 BPM
Lester Lewis - "Light My Fire" - (3:43) 105 BPM
Sweet Soul Bros - "Have A Lick" - (2:57) 105 BPM
Sweet Soul Bros - "Have A Lick" - (3:00) 108 BPM
Dennis Bryant - "Soul Man" - (3:11) 101 BPM
The Soul Searchers - "Blowout" - (6:10) 108 BPM
John Lee & Gerry Brown - "Funky Row" - (3:30) 105 BPM
11 Jul 18
from $1.50
Orchestra Baobab - "Sibou Odia" (Ben Gomori edit) - (6:38) 125 BPM
Review: In 2017, Ben Gomori teamed up with Sterns Music, a legendary London retailer and distributor specialising in African and Brazilian music, to launch the 'Sterns Edits' EP series, in which Gomori beefs up forgotten nuggets from the Sterns back catalogue for contemporary dancefloors. Now, three years down the line, the best of the series so far gets repackaged in album form, resulting in a collection that will suit Afro-house floors down to the ground. Check it even if you're NOT normally a great lover of African grooves, though - there's a slinky, infectious energy to cuts like 'Sigi Sele' that's hard to resist.
14 Feb 20
from $1.50


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