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Plasma X

Plasma X

Paris’s based Plasma X (Hugo Billionnet) has been making and playing music for a decade. Hailing from a quiet suburb on the outskirts of the city, he graduated as an architect and learnt to play with stratigraphic layers both in terms of space and music. His main purpose is to take his audience on a journey of introspection and emotion.

One foot into jungle and early-’90s techno, the other in ambient and lo-fi house, the music blends lush synth pads, ethereal melodies, and pulsating rhythms to create cohesive and immersive sonic landscapes. Overall, Plasma X creates music that transcends traditional genres. He approaches music with a narrative perspective that evokes memories and distorts the abstraction of electronic music from a storytelling point of view.
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Ecco EP
Quake - (3:59) 126 BPM
Poly - (4:05) 131 BPM
Ecco - (5:19) 123 BPM
Atlanta - (4:31) 128 BPM Hot
Played by: RSS Disco
Review: Four cuts here that will suit those who like their deep house on the more electronic and prog-leaning side. Opener 'Quake' marries chanted Afro kiddy vox to sparkling, cascading synths and some seriously big, squelchy bass, 'Poly' is twitchy, intricate and light on its feet and makes good use of that classic "give yourself to me" vocal sample, 'Ecco' itself starts out in near-ambient territory and develops into a slow-moving, cinematic affair with bags of space in the production, while finally 'Atlanta' is a moody, eyes-down shuffler built for warm-up or very late play.
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MIR 28
12 Jul 24
Deep House
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