Mista Funkmaster - (5:00) 111 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Ok folks, it's a new Bomb Strikes release, you should all know the drill by now. Yep, it's all about party friendly breaks and mash-ups here, so leave your arty pretensions at the door, thank you very much. Here we have two self-professed 'funkmasters', Prosper and the suggestively titled Stabfinger hooking up for three sizzling jams. The title track mixes brassy big beat and daisy age rap, whilst "Don't Hold Back" is pure hands-in-the-air poppy electro funk before "Baby Baby Please" wraps it all up nicely with an infectious fusion of electro-swing, rap and cumbia beats.
14 Oct 16
from $1.49
Dopeness (feat Imagine This & Jui) - (4:12) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Pay For Bass - (4:55) 114 BPM
Review: Another Bomb Strikes from the Prosper & Stabfinger duo, a phrase that works both on a theoretical level as well as a practical one. In short, thispair of breakbeat mashers are back with their inimitable style of groovy electro reworks. "Dopeness", the title tune, features Imagine This & Jui on the vocals, and it really is a perfect example of the best possible sort of modern boogie - phat bass lines over soulful vocals and kick ass disco beats. "Pay For Bass" is more of the same excellence, all thick beats and party-ready bumps, while "You're Wonderful" sounds like a trip back to the late 80s, a sound wrapped in an unmistakable early hip-hop flair, rewired and anted-up for maximum dancefloor effect and seamless DJ use. SLICK.
14 Apr 17
from $1.49
Get Your Body Groovin' (feat Georges Perin) - (4:14) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dopeness (Beatvandals remix) - (5:30) 118 BPM
Get Your Body Groovin' (Club dub) - (4:46) 115 BPM
Review: Bomb Strikes regulars Prosper & Stabfinger, an on-off duo consisting of French hip-hop veteran Romain 'Prosper' Coolen and Italy's Nicolas 'Stabfinger' Atlan, deliver a three-track EP of 'new old' funk that'll get 'em doing what the title says for sure! 'Get Your Body Groovin' recalls the likes of Cameo, Zapp and early Prince, and sports a full male vocal from Georges Perrin, some impressive four-string work and plenty of early 80s squelch, while the accompanying Club Dub strips out most of the vocal and lets the horns shine through a little more. The Beatvandals Remix of 'Dopeness', with cut-up rap vox and funk guitar chops, completes a very floor-friendly package.
10 May 19
from $1.49
Stir It Up Sister (feat K MI & KDS) - (4:24) 110 BPM
Review: The Bomb Strikes imprint has been on a serious tear across the breadth of 2019, with this latest offering from Prosper and Stabfinger being the most recent in a line of hard hitting releases. We kick this one off with a look at the stripped back title track 'Take R Time', which combines the energetic vocal layers of Too Many T's with a crispy, bass heavy arrangement to concoct a real party starter. Next up, K MI & KDS join the party with bouncy rhythms and constantly evolving drum arrangements of 'Stir It Up Sister' before we finish up with the funk-infused disco blends of 'Boogie Bugi'.
25 Oct 19
from $1.49
Fire In Me (feat Georges Perin) - (5:16) 118 BPM
Review: Here we see funk heavyweights Prosper and Stabfinger return on the super impressive Bomb Strikes imprint for a highly flammable three track project, jam packed spicy rhythms and smooth vocal appearances. We begin with the title track 'Fire In Me' which features an explosive lead vocal from Georges Perin before diving into the more breakbeat inspired flavours of 'Drive By Pony' alongside Ashley Slater. We then wrap the project up tidily with the hip hop arrangements of 'Get Out Of My Life' which features fantastic additional work from the likes of Ashley Slater, The Pride & Tha Groovy Basterds, all cherry picking soulful vocal snippets.
25 May 18
from $1.49
Featurecast - "Funky Introduction" - (0:33) 116 BPM
The Wiseguys - "One For The Ladies" - (6:19) 116 BPM
Dynamo Productions - "Get It Together" (Fort Knox Five remix) - (5:45) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Smoove - "Return Of The Beats" - (3:51) 110 BPM
Marc Hype & Jim Dunlop - "The Antique Anthem" - (3:51) 112 BPM
Uncle Mic Nitro - "Back To Basics" (feat Chrome, Curoc & Ced Gee - Featurecast remix) - (4:09) 113 BPM
Featurecast & Aldo Vanucci - "Blue Grassed Devil" - (4:22) 113 BPM
All Good Funk Alliance - "Weakness Of A Trade" - (3:24) 110 BPM
Beatvandals & A. Skillz - "Funky Sounds" - (3:52) 117 BPM
Featurecast - "Ain't My Style" (Featurecast Funk mix) - (3:56) 115 BPM
Tim Love Lee - "Super Rappin No. 5" - (5:57) 118 BPM
Featurecast - "What You Want" (feat Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless & Ill Legit) - (3:42) 113 BPM
Deadly Avenger - "Live At The Capri" - (5:56) 110 BPM
Various - "Funk N' Beats, Vol. 3" (Featurecast DJ mix) - (48:26) 115 BPM
Review: Featurecast flexes hard into the crates right here: digging deep over 20 years of party breaks, he's put together the definitive journey of funk with the refreshing devil may care attitude we've come to expect. His selection excavations are here for all the benefit from... The Wiseguys's lesser-spotted jam "One For The Ladies", Lack Of Afro's horn-melting "The Outsider", Max Sedgley's sugar-sweet "Happy", Flevans' Afrofunk shake-up "12 Apostles" and Featurecast and Aldo Vanucci's 2008 hoe-down stomper "Blue Grassed Devil" are just some are just some of the floor-matured classics amid the 25 cuts on offer here. And that's before we even get to awesome mix. Don't dillydally on this one.
05 May 17
from $1.08
Ali B - "Music Saves Me" (feat Baby Bam - Beatvandals Club dub) - (4:16) 115 BPM
Ninjula - "Take My Hand" - (3:05) 115 BPM
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Get Your Body Groovin'" (feat Georges Perin) - (4:14) 115 BPM
Review: Bomb Strikes, the UK hip-hop/funk/soul/breaks label headed up by Mooqee & Beatvandals, celebrated their 15th birthday in 2019 with a fantastic compilation album, and to further celebrate the success of the label in 2019 they're releasing another compilation featuring 15 of their best cuts from the past 12 months. What's most impressive is the variety on offer, ranging from straight-up hip-hop from Alexander Norman Prosper & Stabfinger, to party breaks from Ali B and Krafty Kuts, to 'new old' soul from Flevans, to the fairly self-explanatory 'Disco Weapon' and 'Mirror Ballin'' (by Shaka Loves You and X-Ray Ted, respectively. Tons of fun for festive season funkateers of all ages!
20 Dec 19
from $1.49
Lance Ferguson - "Joyous" - (4:23) 110 BPM
Izo FitzRoy - "I Want Magic" (Dimitri From Paris vs Cotonete 12" version) - (7:12) 115 BPM
Situation - "What Is Going On?" (Andromeda Orchestra remix) - (5:03) 115 BPM
AOTOA - "Paradise" - (5:04) 116 BPM
Shaka Loves You - "Disco Weapon" - (6:12) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
S3A - "Clarence J Boddicker" - (5:37) 117 BPM
Hotmood - "Make It Slow" - (6:38) 116 BPM
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Dopeness" (feat Imagine This - Beatvandals Club dub) - (5:26) 118 BPM
Doc Jam - "I Feel It" - (6:26) 118 BPM
Flevans - "Who's Got Me" (feat Laura Vane - Art Of Tones remix) - (3:41) 118 BPM
Birdee - "Body Move" (Roccoe's Bassy edit) - (6:15) 119 BPM
Flevans - "Disco Funkin' Vol 2" (continuous DJ mix) - (1:00:00) 119 BPM
Review: For the second volume in their ongoing "Disco Funkin" mix series, the Bomb Strikes crew has handed over the controls to former Tru Thoughts artists Flevans. While his DJ mix is naturally superb, it's the quality of the 23 unmixed, full-length tracks included in the package that makes the compilation a must-check. There are naturally a few recent disco-centric club hits present - see Lance Ferguson's terrific cover of Pleasure's "Joyous", Dimitri From Paris and Cotonete's remix of Izo FitzRoy's "I Want Magic" and Purple Disco Machine's warm and toasty revision of Kraak & Smaak's "Alone With You" - alongside lesser-known nu-disco, boogie and disco-funk treats from the likes of ATOA, Hotmood, Fouk, Michael The Lion and, of course, Flevans himself.
27 Sep 19
from $1.49
BadboE - "Get Your Boogie On" - (4:14) 110 BPM
The Funk Fury - "That's The Funk" - (3:57) 110 BPM
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Mista Funkmaster" - (5:00) 111 BPM
Rhythm Mode:D - "Flex With The Posse" - (4:05) 115 BPM
Pulp Fusion - "The Beat Inside My Soul" (DJ Maars remix) - (4:44) 115 BPM
Skeewiff - "Now I'm Living For Me" (Fort Knox Five remix) - (6:09) 117 BPM
Review: Oh Lord, the Bomb Strikes again! It's the fourth volume of the unbeatable Funk N' Beats, mixed and 'sexified' by the inimitable Fort Knox Five! The man has collected an impressive number of artists and tunes right here, featuring the likes of The Fundamentals, Basement Freaks, Kormac, BadBoE, and many more beat smiths who are utterly up for a proper showdown! If you're stuck for beats, holding out on bass, or have been missing a bit too much funkiness from your life, then hit that download button and get movin'...
09 Mar 18
from $1.49
Featurecast - "Listen To The Horns" - (2:39) 110 BPM
Phibes - "Came To Get Down" - (4:01) 110 BPM
Krafty Kuts - "Get So Ill" - (3:33) 110 BPM
Mooqee & HerbGrinder - "Sound Around Town" - (4:06) 110 BPM
Mr. No Hands - "Happy Now" - (5:26) 114 BPM
Mooqee & Pimpsoul - "Keep Pounding" (original mix) - (4:14) 113 BPM
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Mista Funkmaster" - (5:00) 111 BPM
Beatvandals & A.Skillz - "Sunshine" - (4:40) 113 BPM
Stereo Shiftaz - "Come On Bounce" - (3:54) 110 BPM
Dubra - "Keep It Going" - (3:01) 110 BPM
Ninjula - "Take My Hand" - (3:05) 115 BPM
Rory Lyons & Utah Saints - "I Got 5 On It" (Pimpsoul Funk remix) - (3:16) 115 BPM
Various - "Bombstrikes: 15 Years" (Mooqee & Beatvandals continuous mix) - (1:05:33) 110 BPM
Review: Fun loving Party Breaks and Beats label Bomb Strikes serve up a retrospective collection curated by label bosses Mooqee and Beatvandals. With 31 full-length cuts plus a one-hour DJ mix, there's no faulting the VFM as we move through breaks, funk, hip-hop and the occasional gnarlier nugget. Standouts include Andy Cooper & The Allergies' rework of Run DMC's 'Mary Mary' and Beatvandals & A Skilz's 2007 cut 'Sunshine', which mashes up Roy Ayers and Indeep. But the one we keeping back to is Mooqee's 'Supacat Police' (2006), which makes devastating, ragga-fied use of chunks from a certain KRS-One classic that we won't insult your intelligence by naming!
14 Jun 19
from $1.49


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