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ENK 020
18 Apr 16
Bladderdash - (3:17) 105 BPM
Neall - (5:14) 150 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gaxtth - (3:49) 140 BPM
Deadlock - (2:24) 100 BPM
from $1.95
Review: As its name suggests, Quartemont College is a collaboration between four artists - Chevel, Evn, Mudwise and Von Tesla. Teachers is the follow-up to last year's Students, and follows an abstract, experimental approach. "Bladderdash" is led by blips, bleeps and beats cut to shreds and re-assembled. "Neall" follows in a similar vein, although the percussion is glitchy and there is some semblance of a groove thanks to its intermittent pulses. However, the project's more rewarding side focuses on a melodic approach; "Gaxxth" and "Deadlock" are full of dreamy, cotton wool textures, interspersed only sporadically by the kind of spiky abstraction that dominated the first two tracks.
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