Armando Letico - "Stone Town" - (8:44) 98 BPM
Review: 3000 Grad stands for an organic style of modern electronic music, and their label is one of the many projects of the 3000Grad artist collective from Mecklenburg - in the scenic north of Germany. What began as an underground party operation in 1997 has developed into 3000Grad Records (plus its sister label Acker Records), a booking agency, the annual 3000Grad Festival, as well as various indoor events. And that's what you'll hear on this compilation: one big journey as a series of shimmering bits and pieces. The rhythms and melodies of One World - One Future reflect what made their hearts flutter during these past months: 14 tracks that breathe life into your dancing feet as a DJ mix, and that send fantasies soaring to unknown heights as single tunes. Includes recent hits from the label such as Five P's "Atlantis", Kyrill & Redford's "Mondeou" and Renga Weh's "Rumor" (Green Lake Project remix).
08 Feb 19
Minimal/Tech House
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