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Du Mali
505537 3529769
28 Jul 17
Yayoroba - (6:05) 89 BPM
Porry - (11:34) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
N'ne Diarabila - (7:52) 111 BPM
Dintal - (8:13) 92 BPM
from $1.93
Review: When it comes to rare Afro reissues no one comes close to the Africa Seven label. Here they out do themselves again, presenting the third long player by iconic Malian music hero Sorry Bamba. This guy has been making innovative records for five decades, fusing traditional Malian music with the county's post-colonial contemporary vibes along the way. This particular record came out 38 years ago through the Parisian Sonafric outlet. As per usual with African Seven releases, this album has been extensively restored and re-mastered to 'a spectral analysis level'. Also in the pipeline are re-issues of Bamba's first and second albums too. We really are spoiled!
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