When You Gonna Learn - (9:48) 134 BPM
When You Gonna Learn (Spencer Parker's Workdub) - (6:29) 133 BPM
When You Gonna Learn (Mella Dee mix) - (6:24) 134 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Spencer Parker makes a rare appearance outside of his Work Them label with this hard-hitting EP. Issued on Mella Dee's label, the release starts with the title track's jagged piano stabs, firing percussion and a gurgling acid line. It's the fastest, most intense track that Parker has produced to date and is a sure-fire peak time bomb. Parker's own 'Workdub' isn't quite as heavy, with the Work Them boss focusing on a dub-heavy bass and relentless snares. The same can't be said for Mella Dee's take; dropping doom-laden vocals and a rising siren riff, the arrangement is effortlessly filtered in and out of a buzz-saw bass.
WM 009
21 Jun 19
from $1.49
You're Under My Control Now (radio Slave remix) - (6:55) 130 BPM
You're Under My Control Now (Fadi Mohem remix) - (6:14) 135 BPM
You're Under My Control Now (Truncate's 'Mind Control remix) - (4:46) 135 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
You're Under My Control Now (P.Leone & radio Slave remix) - (6:25) 135 BPM
You're Under My Control Now - (8:48) 135 BPM
Review: Originally released on Parker's 2018 Dance Music long player, "You're Under..." now appears on Rekids in remixed format. Fadi Mohem's take is a shimmering, dubbed out affair, led by churning chords, while Truncate's version sits at the other end of the techno spectrum. Led by a niggling organ riff and cavernous kicks, it's an expertly executed slab of peak time techno. Label owner Radio Slave contributes two versions; working with P.Leone, they deliver a solid, linear groove, replete with pitch bent vocals and ominous riffs. When he flies solo, Radio Slave chooses a radically different route, with a pulsating groove and shrieking vocal samples prevailing.
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "The Whistle Song" (Re-Directed) - (7:57) 126 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle)" (Director's Cut Signature mix) - (9:21) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "Baby Wants To Ride" (feat Jamie Principle - Re-Directed) - (10:11) 126 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Inaya Day - "Let's Stay Home" (A Director's Cut Classic Club mix) - (7:45) 116 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "I'll Take You There (feat. Jamie Principle)" (Moplen remix) - (7:23) 125 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "I'll Take You There" (feat Jamie Principle - Director's cut Classic Signature mix) - (7:50) 125 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" (feat B Slade - DJ Meme's mix Of Epic Proportions) - (8:10) 130 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut - "Get Over U" (feat B Slade - Director's Cut mix - Sami Dee edit) - (6:19) 126 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper - "Let Yourself Go" (feat Sybil - A Director's Cut Master) - (8:38) 124 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Eric Kupper/Peyton - "Beautiful" (Director's Cut Classic mix) - (7:31) 126 BPM
Frankie Knuckles/Director's Cut/Kenny Summit/Eric Kupper/Yasmeen - "Loving You" - (6:48) 124 BPM
Ashford & Simpson - "Bourgie Bourgie" (A Director's cut Exclusive) - (8:30) 125 BPM
Hardsoul - "Back Together" (feat Ron Carroll - Director's Cut Classic Club mix) - (8:36) 125 BPM
The Layabouts/Portia Monique - "Bring Me Joy" (Director's cut remix) - (7:40) 124 BPM
Spencer Parker/Dan Beaumont - "The Look" (Director's cut Signature mix) - (8:00) 122 BPM
Candi Staton - "Hallelujah Anyway" (Director's cut Signature Praise) - (8:49) 124 BPM
Joey Negro/The Sunburst Band - "The Secret Life Of Us" (feat Donna Gardier/Diane Charlemagne - Directors cut Signature mix) - (7:51) 124 BPM
Marko Militano - "Good People" (Director's cut Signature mix) - (7:07) 124 BPM
Human Life - "In It Together" (Director's cut Signature Togetherness) - (7:17) 128 BPM
Artful/Ridney/Terri Walker - "Missing You" (Eric Kupper's 'Director's cut Tribute To FK' mix) - (7:09) 124 BPM
Lou Rawls - "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" (Frankie Knuckles/Kenny Summit & Eric Kupper remix) - (7:40) 120 BPM
Soulful Session/Lynn Lockamy - "Hostile Takeover" (Director's cut remix) - (8:02) 126 BPM
Dbow - "Get Involved" (Director's Cut Classic House mix) - (7:33) 125 BPM
Paul Johnson - "Better Than This" (Director's cut Classic Soul mix) - (7:08) 120 BPM
Martina Topley Bird/Warpaint/Mark Lanegan - "Crystalised" (Director's Cut Signature mix) - (7:03) 120 BPM
Vintage Lounge Orchestra - "Dreams" (Director's cut Classic mix) - (6:56) 122 BPM
Marshall Jefferson/Curtis McClain - "The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)" (Director's Cut Retro Signature mix) - (8:55) 125 BPM
Eric Kupper - "The Director's Cut Collection" (continuous mix) - (1:25:37) 124 BPM
28 Jun 19
Deep House
from $1.49


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