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Funk Butter Volume 3
L.R.S - "Make Me Feel" - (5:06) 128 BPM Hot
Ben Jamin - "Sweet Lovin" - (4:40) 60 BPM
Roast Beatz - "Old School" - (4:23) 63 BPM
SuckaSide - "Hearty Party" - (3:46) 104 BPM
Review: Four slices of phat-assed contemporary funk make up this latest offering from the Cuttin' It Fine camp. L.R.S's strutty 'Make Me Feel' kicks things off with its heavily reverbed female vocal and ker-razy, 60s-sounding instrumental breaks, after which Ben Jamin brings more soulful, boogie-style vibes on 'Sweet Lovin'. Roast Beatz then make great use of cheeky bites from both Hall & Oates and the Detroit Emeralds on aptly-named cut-up 'Old School', before Suckaside play us out with the most authentically 70s-sounding track on the whole EP, the chant-vocalled, Fatback-esque 'Hearty Party'. An EP that'll get 'em moving for sure.
 from $1.89
CIF 52
07 Jun 24
Giving Up
Giving Up (feat Kurnel MC - original mix) - (3:14) 90 BPM Hot
Giving Up (feat Kurnel MC - BadboE remix) - (4:16) 100 BPM
Giving Up (original mix - instrumental) - (3:14) 90 BPM
Giving Up (BadboE remix - instrumental) - (4:16) 100 BPM
Giving Up (feat Kurnel MC - original mix - acapella) - (2:33) 90 BPM
Review: As always with the Breakbeat Paradise team, they look to push out the boundaries of originality even further, welcoming Suckaside inside for a dizzying new single entitled 'Giving Up', featuring the wicked vocal prowess of Kurnel MC. The original version is a perfect hip hop roller, combining a euphoric chorus block with some seriously underground lyricism, with the instrumental being topped with regal string lines and big, boom-bapping drum lines to match. The project also comes complete with an up-tempo overhaul from BaeboE, who adds a few extra layers of rhythm to the party, alongside instrumental versions of both and the acapella cut, making this a must grab!
 from $1.89
BBP 207
06 May 22
Toxic Funk Presents Boots Of Paradise
Jayl Funk - "Keep On Bumpin" - (3:54) 110 BPM
Crash Party - "The Juice (Grunt Dream)" - (3:48) 152 BPM
Towlie DJ - "Brick Bounce" - (3:51) 55 BPM
Boydex - "B-Boy Stance" - (4:14) 58 BPM
Mako & Mr. Bristow - "Uptight Boss" (Skank edit) - (3:04) 154 BPM
BadboE - "Poor Folkes" (Party edit) - (4:08) 153 BPM
Suckaside - "Hard To Love" - (3:40) 143 BPM
Aliens In Denmark - "Chatty Tramp" - (3:36) 113 BPM
Mr Bristow - "Why I'm Near" - (3:15) 115 BPM
LROY - "Ice Cream" - (3:56) 155 BPM
The Breakbeat Junkie - "Jungle Boogie" (Refixed) - (4:02) 108 BPM Hot
Morlack - "Fall In Love With Me" - (6:47) 58 BPM
Pecoe - "Champion" - (3:55) 116 BPM
Review: It's difficult to envisage a Breakbeat Paradise drop that doesn't feature a serious tonne of quality, with this latest collection of 13 powerful creations making up the 'Boots Of Paradise' collection. The project takes a very central theme of reigniting hip hop vocals with dancefloor-ready reworks, from the classic Biggie sampling of Crash Party's 'The Juice' to the old school slicing of 'Ice Cream' from LROY and Aliens In Denmark's 'Chatty Tramp'. Even with this pretty solid central theme, the project has a lot of variation involved, from the sharpened drum punches and modernized synth slides of 'Brick Bounce' by Towlie DJ, to the more 4x4 influenced grooves of Morlack's 'Fall In Love With Me'. Our standout highlight for the whole drop would have to be Pecoe's 'Champion', which balances crunchy drums with well designed vocal sampling, which also makes it a perfect final entry.
 from $1.89
BBP 197
24 Sep 21
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