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The Beneficiaries

Metallic Stars - (11:21) 125 BPM
People - (13:59) 101 BPM
Star Children Of Orion - (4:47) 119 BPM
When The Sun Loves You Back - (4:36) 123 BPM
The X - (14:09) 125 BPM
The Crystal City Is Alive - (4:47) 84 BPM
Review: Fusing radical freeform techno and ambient percussion with poetry, electro-charged bass mechanics and earthly sound design, Jeff Mills, Eddie Fowlkes and poet Jessica Care are The Beneficiaries. Drawing inspiration from Detroit's rich musical heritage, present and future, The Crystal City Is Alive sees Care lace her spoken word rhetoric through Mills and Fowlkes' ambient and experimental techno compositions. With woozy rhodes, three-dimensional bass and spacious percussion dominating the album's extended numbers like "The X" and "People", you'll find more classical sci-fi Mill's themes in tracks like album opener "Metallic Stars". Dubby techno takes shape furthermore in the title-track with rhythmic spoken word shining through its low frequencies and sci-fi tension alongside some classic instrumental Detroit spacescapes in "When The Sun Loves You Back". Can you feel it.
AX 087DG
24 Jul 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
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