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30 May 11
Communicate - (6:54) 88 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Communicate (Permanent Vacations Hypnotoad remix) - (7:35) 116 BPM
Communicate (Alphabet City remix) - (6:42) 113 BPM
Communicate (Das Volt Communique remix) - (5:16) 120 BPM
Communicate (Mis Communication Version by Brennan Green) - (8:15) 100 BPM
from $1.91
Review: Given the sheer number of British artists releasing on International Feel, we're beginning to think that a free trip to Punta Del Este is offered as part of any record deal. The latest to potentially be soaking up the rays on the South Atlantic coast of Uruguay are The Mythical Beasts aka Felix Dickinson and Toby Tobias. If either of these names needs an introduction then back to those disco night classes with you! As The Mythical Beasts, Dickinson and Tobias present an altogether more lackadaisical sound, with "Communicate" fully channelling the sound of 80s Dutch icon Jan Hammer. This wouldn't be an Intl. Feel twelve without some fine accompanying remixes and we are suitably stocked with a variety of takes from Permanent Vacation, Alphabet City and Das Volt. The Munich duo lead the way with a tight tropical disco take that ups the pace and focuses on a particularly introspective xylophone melody whilst Alphabet City demonstrates the recent Under The Shade twelve was no fluke with a chunky yet glistening electro funk reimagination. Our personal favourite though is the spooked out Giallo disco take from Late Night Audio's Das Volt, although the digi-only Brennan Green remix is a bit special too!
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