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The New Morning

Riddim Of Inari (extended mix) - (4:48) 102 BPM
Mi C'Yaan - (3:15) 103 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
When Will You Come Down? - (3:56) 110 BPM
Picayune - (3:10) 100 BPM
Cricket (Part II) - (3:03) 108 BPM
Ancient Nomads - (4:04) 95 BPM
Review: For the second Riddims EP, collating the music of The New Morning, the label highlights further how a group based around the southern Germany Afro-Cosmic scene created a melange of music, a sound, that stepped wide of the house and techno movement then sweeping Europe.

In Global Rhythm Records, friends and producers, DJ Otti and Jay Pee, alongside DJ Thilo and DJ Fred, represented Munich "Westside", running parties and across just 11 self distributed releases, carved their own eclectic niche that were being played by the likes of scene DJs Stefan Egger and Enne.

Slowed afro-percussion, Brazilian flavours, elements of ethno folk, flighty wood instruments, trance overtures, shamanic voices and more are pieced together via heavy sample use in an early hip hop mastermix style.

Again with no track lasting much over 4 minutes, these musical vignettes are perfect tools for the eclectic DJ. Covering uplifting - almost Balearic grooves - to deeper mind-inducing spellbinds and to darker corners of trippy psychedelic invocation, this is The New Morning experience.
ERC 090
06 Mar 20
from $1.48
Capueira - (2:58) 108 BPM
Cricket Island (Tribal mix) - (4:23) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
In Japan - (5:24) 111 BPM
Jay's Rhama - (2:12) 102 BPM
In Harmony - (4:31) 105 BPM
Infinite Chant - (4:24) 95 BPM
Played by: LEGO EDIT
Review: The 1990s Afro-Cosmic scene, highlighting on Munich's The New Morning project, is the focus of an in depth reissue, collected across 3 six-track EPs.

As the influence and cult of Baldelli's Cosmic sound spread out across Italy from the late 1970s, the music expanded, mixing new wave, African, funk, electro, space rock, Brazilian, jazz and dub, all delivered in a freestyle playing that became Afro.

Adding percussion, samples and effects, the music spread north to Austria and Southern Germany, where DJs, producers, labels and parties flourished. In 1994, DJ Otti and Jay Pee started Global Rhythm Records and with friends DJ Thilo and DJ Fred released 1O EPs and 1 LP over 4 years.

The 3 EPs select the best of this output, including unreleased tracks, mixing a love of funk, disco, hip hop and house with syncopated analogue beats and live percussion. The 90-110 bpm sample heavy tracks, often running for only 3 to 4 minutes, showcase their eclectic sound collage.

More than DJ tools, the EPs were warmly received by aficionados and clubbers alike, becoming mainstays at the afro-tribal gatherings taking place throughout the scene. Secret plays for taste-making DJs since, their scarcity and value have increased considerably, bringing a new appreciation of their Afro-Funky sound.
ERC 089
23 Dec 19
from $1.48


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