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The Sunshine Disco Club

Carefully Crafted - (6:53) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Get Your Boogie - (5:50) 119 BPM
No One Can Like I Do - (6:48) 121 BPM
Sweet Stuff Memories - (8:06) 118 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Softly Infusion" - (6:14) 116 BPM
Review: Siberia's Alexandr Chebankov, AKA Sunner Soul, covers quite a range of contemporary disco ground across a mere five tracks here. The first two, 'Carefully Crafted' and 'Get Your Boogie', come from the more funk-fuelled end of the nu-disco spectrum, with phat-ass b-lines and, on the latter, chanted vox and wukka-wukking geetars. 'No One Can Like I Do' then takes us into Hed Kandi-esque disco-house territory, whlle 'Sweet Stuff Memories' and 'Softly Infusion' itself (the latter credited to The Sunshine Disco Club) are slightly deeper cuts that'll go down well wherever soulful house and broken beat/nu-jazz are played.
VMR 083
09 Nov 20
from $1.49
Sunner Soul - "Skyline Boulevard" - (6:20) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Bright Chords" - (7:27) 119 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Insurance Policy" - (6:22) 123 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Space Jam" - (3:05) 103 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "System Mode" - (7:07) 118 BPM
Review: Despite hailing from the frozen wilds of Siberia, Sunner Soul has always offered up music - be it re-edits, unlicensed reworks or original productions - that tends towards the warm, sunny and summery. He's at it again here, heading up a shared EP with the mysterious Sunshine Disco Club (most likely another alias of the same producer) that bristles with smiling positivity from start to finish. Of his three cuts, we're particularly enjoying the life-affirming piano solos and jazzy good-time grooves of "Skyline Boulevard" and the heady disco release of "Insurance Policy", where effects-laden orchestration clusters around a fizzing, hot-to-trot groove. The Sunshine Disco Club then takes over with the sumptuous, soft-touch 80s soul/synth-wave goodness of "Space Jam", before skipping through piano-house/80s electrofunk fusion on the rather fine "System Mode".
VMR 078
04 May 20
from $1.49
Banana Lover - "Love You" (Intro To Release) - (2:43) 72 BPM
Banana Lover - "Mr Radio" - (5:56) 140 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Love You Anyway" - (5:15) 91 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Pleasure Boat" - (3:47) 117 BPM
Banana Lover - "Favorite Thriller" - (3:35) 102 BPM
Review: Russian producer Sunner Soul has forged a reputation as one of the more reliable sources of slinky, sensual, slo-mo grooves. Here, he expands the repertoire of his reliable Vintage Music label by snapping up a couple of similarly minded producers and laying down an EP so laidback and silky that it's virtually horizontal. His quietly soulful chugger "Love You Anyway" stands out, but there's plenty more to enjoy - not least the starburst disco-boogie rush of The Sunshine Disco Club's "The Pleasure Boat". Banana Lover provides a trio of eyes-closed, super slow groovers, of which the blissful "Favorite Thriller" is arguably the pick.
07 Mar 13
from $1.49
Sunner Soul - "Burning On The Dancefloor" - (6:36) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Pump The Boogie" - (5:53) 118 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Sea Creatures" - (7:15) 108 BPM
Sunner Soul Feat. Kirton - "Your Love" - (6:03) 117 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Electronic Romance" - (5:31) 118 BPM
Review: Vintage Music, helmed by Russian re-editor, remixer and producer Sunner Soul, has proved to be one of the more reliable edit-focused imprints over the last few years, delivering tidily tooled-up reworks that are rarely less than impeccably produced. We can confirm that the label's standards remain high on its latest missive, an expansive set headed up by Sunner Soul himself. He begins by turning a 1982 Gwen McRae heater into a bouncy chunk of boogie-house warmth ("Burning On The Dancefloor"), before successfully tweaking a soulful electrofunk workout ("Pump Up The Boogie") and a jazz-funk flavoured summery treat ("Sea Creatures"). Elsewhere, he joins forces with Kirton to adjust an '80s soul dancefloor smash ("Your Love"), while The Sunshine Disco Club weighs in with the rubbery synth-funk bliss of "Electronic Romance".
VMR 081
07 Sep 20
from $1.49
Sunner Soul - "What Are You Waiting For" (original mix) - (4:56) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Ultrafunk Orchestra" (original mix) - (6:32) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Ready To Pump" (original mix) - (5:31) 116 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Sweet Journey (Synth Jam)" - (3:22) 110 BPM
Review: Traditionally, Sunner Soul's loopy, loved-up disco, soul and boogie revisions have tended towards the slow and sensual. This time round, though, the Vintage Music boss is targeting peak-time dancefloors, starting with the chunky, bass-heavy disco-house dustiness of "What Are You Waiting For". He also serves up a mid-tempo chunk of disco-sampling, sub-heavy deep house wooziness (the ace "Ready To Pump") and a rolling, 110 BPM chunk of orchestral disco chunkiness ("Ultrafunk Orchestra"). The EP also includes a tasty bonus in the shape of The Sunshine Disco Club's "Sweet Journey (Synth Jam)", where warm pianos and winding, D-Train style synth solos rise above a dusty, spaced-out groove.
VMR 067
01 Feb 19
from $1.49
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Streetlight" - (3:57) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "The Dream Bird" - (4:05) 110 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Renaissance Hotel" - (4:17) 108 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Day After Day" - (4:14) 100 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Anytime To Funk" - (3:40) 116 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Morning Exercise" (bonus track) - (1:36) 112 BPM
Review: Hot on the heels of last month's label sampler, Siberian disco fantasist Alexander Chebankov delivers a new selection of songs from his stable. Chebankov himself, under his Sunner Soul alias, is one of the two artists featured; delivering the tight filtered funk of "The Dream Bird", the laid back cosmic jam "Day After Day" and the sweaty cowbell workout that is "Anytime To Funk". The Sunlight Disco Band step up to handle the other three tunes here: the light and breezy, almost French touch-esque "Streetlight", the looped exoticism of "Renaissance Hotel" and the quirky 80s-style party romp "Morning Exercise".
VMR 022
01 Apr 13
from $1.49
Space Jam - (3:05) 103 BPM
Sweet Journey (synth jam) - (3:22) 110 BPM
Streetlight - (3:57) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Softly Infusion (extended mix) - (6:14) 116 BPM
Morning Exercise - (1:36) 112 BPM
System Mode - (7:07) 118 BPM
Pleasure Boat - (3:47) 117 BPM
Renaissance Hotel - (4:17) 108 BPM
Electronic Romance - (5:31) 118 BPM
Review: With seemingly no online presence, exactly who's behind The Sunshine Disco Club isn't clear, but on this EP he/she/they serve up nine cuts coming mostly from the synthier, more spangly-sparkly end of the nu-disco spectrum - the album wouldn't have sounded out of place on Nang, for instance. 'Space Jam' brings the 80s soundtrack vibes, 'Sweet Journey (Synth Jam)' is aptly subtitled, 'Morning Exercise' has a nagging Euro-style synth hook, while cuts like 'Pleasure Boat' and 'Electronic Romance' take us into straight-up boogie territory. There's perhaps no clear standout but the EP, which approaches album length, is definitely one to check all the same.
VMR 085
18 Jan 21
from $1.49
Ryno - "Dream" (original mix) - (5:07) 128 BPM
Cosmocomics - "Make My Love Brighter" (original mix) - (4:34) 119 BPM
Matush & Luccio B - "1995" (dub mix) - (5:15) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
TMGROOVE - "Sunny" (original mix) - (3:34) 122 BPM
Brown Vox - "Yes Yes!" (original mix) - (3:46) 127 BPM
Mercer - "Lemonade" (The Magician Italo '85' remix) - (5:42) 124 BPM
Imanol - "Everybody" (original mix) - (7:26) 120 BPM
Hard Bang - "La La La" (original mix) - (4:00) 110 BPM
Atiye - "We Got That La" (Disco dub mix) - (4:19) 123 BPM
Walter Gardini - "Vocoder" (original mix) - (5:21) 124 BPM
Pimlican - "Temptation" (feat Josie - original mix) - (3:58) 124 BPM
Amy G - "What Is Love" (Thomas Graham extended) - (4:27) 124 BPM
Wolf&White - "Shake It Off" (radio edit) - (2:47) 128 BPM
Lowe Aka User - "Palms Boulevard" (Donald Dust Scrambling In The Pan-Demic mix) - (7:40) 120 BPM
Norberto Acrisio aka Norbit Housemaster - "Can't Fake The Feeling" (club mix) - (4:53) 120 BPM
Dr House - "The Drive To Ibiza" (original mix) - (6:00) 130 BPM
Tito Torres - "Back To Groove" (original mix) - (5:39) 125 BPM
Tuffcub - "Disco Cop" (Studio 45 radio edit) - (2:35) 128 BPM
La Riff - "Jazzy Soul" (original mix) - (6:55) 123 BPM
Masques III - "Make Me Dance" (original mix) - (4:49) 125 BPM
Soul Central - "What I'm Gonna Do" (raw Disco mix) - (6:22) 120 BPM
Househeadz - "Disco Rushin" (original mix) - (6:35) 124 BPM
Sexgadget - "Exciting" (radio edit) - (3:03) 126 BPM
Brrak - "Cryin'" (original mix) - (6:12) 125 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Space Jam" (original mix) - (3:05) 103 BPM
19 Feb 21
from $1.49
Sunner Soul - "Song For You" - (5:56) 120 BPM
You Attract Me - (3:06) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Summertime" - (6:30) 121 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Soul Liberty" - (5:32) 116 BPM
Letta M - "Normalize" (Sunner Soul edit) - (4:09) 98 BPM
Trombone & Roberto - "Coluna Do Meio" (Sunner Soul edit) - (6:46) 114 BPM
Sheriff - "Carefree Summer" - (3:49) 90 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Ready To Pump" - (5:31) 116 BPM
Sunner Soul - "About Our Love" - (5:20) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "What Are You Waiting For" - (4:56) 120 BPM
DJ June - "Night Visions" - (3:08) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Disco Orchestra" - (5:15) 121 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Someone But Not You" - (6:30) 123 BPM
Kid Goodman - "Nice & Slow" - (8:23) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Swindle Mode" - (5:23) 120 BPM
Lolita Kox - "I Think I Love U" - (3:58) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Happy People" - (5:43) 125 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "Baby" - (4:02) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Slow Down" - (5:08) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "West Side Harmony" - (5:13) 118 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Morning Exercise" - (1:36) 112 BPM
Review: Via his Vintage Music imprint, Sunner Soul man Alexandr Chebankov keeps serving up the hits. Here he gathers together another bumper selection of seductive sunshine slow jams and dancefloor-ready goodtime grooves to soundtrack your summer. Naturally, there are plenty of his warm, sample-heavy productions and re-edits present (our favourites include the jazzy disco rush of "Summertime", his gentle and groovy rework of much-loved Letta Mbulu Balearic fave "Normalizo" and the bumpin', bass-heavy disco house bustle of "Disco Orchestra"), alongside similarly impressive outings from Kid Goodman (the sublime '80s house revision "Nice and Slow"), Lolita Knox (a tooled-up flip of a Cheryl Lynn anthem) and the Sunshine Disco Club (the Balearic dancefloor breeze of "Morning Exercise").
VMR 070
01 Jul 19
from $1.49
Symbol Skrip - "Where You Are" - (4:14) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Streetlight" - (3:57) 119 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "You Attract Me" - (3:06) 115 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Morning Exercise" - (1:36) 112 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "Baby" - (4:02) 120 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Pleasure Boat" - (3:47) 117 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "I Just" - (4:50) 120 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Renaissance Hotel" - (4:17) 108 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "Ready To Fly" - (4:31) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Disco Action" - (4:35) 115 BPM
Played by: Sunner Soul
Review: Vintage Music, Siberia-based producer Sunner Soul's disco and house-leaning imprint, continues to impress with tracks that blur the boundaries between re-edits and original production. This first label compilation - exclusive to Junodownload - does an excellent job in outlining his party-friendly vision, gathering together both heard and unheard productions from himself, Symbol Skrip and The Sunshine Disco Club (his joint project with Banana Lover). Highlights are plentiful, from the surging electrofunk-meets-French Touch of "Baby" (a cut-up of an old D-Train classic) and uncomplicated sweetness of Sunner Soul's own "Disco Action", to the delicious Jimmy Ross revisionism of Banana Lovers' "Pleasure Boat" and the disco-flecked deep house bliss of Symbol Skrip's "You Attract Me".
VMR 031
15 Oct 14
from $1.49


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