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Those Guys From Athens

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Be What You Wanna Be EP
Be What You Wanna Be - (5:36) 123 BPM
That's What I've Got To Do - (5:14) 123 BPM
Wish You Were Here With Me - (4:54) 118 BPM Hot
Feelin' - (4:50) 115 BPM
Review: B2 Recordings keeps it deep once more with a new EP of cuddly and cosy house grooves from Those Guys From Athens. 'Be What You Wanna Be' is a perfectly humid and balmy opener for a summer's evening dance under a fading sun, then 'That's What I've Got To Do' picks up the pace with some floored melodies and disco swing. There is a familiar lazy funk bassline to 'Wish You Were Here With Me' as well as a well-treated classic vocal sample from Bill Withers to make this one a real heart melter. 'Feelin' is a more hefty and heavy house sound that will enliven any warm-up.
 from $1.89
B2RW 002
07 Jun 24
Deep House
Katakana Edits Vol 131
Hello There - (4:27) 105 BPM Hot
Off The Ground - (5:41) 110 BPM
Thelma - (4:35) 103 BPM
Review: Has any re-edit imprint ever released more reworks than Katakana Edits? Certainly, we can't think of any. In the wrong hands such productivity would impact on the quality of the label's output, but Katakana keep delivering gems even as they nudge past 130 EP releases - as Those Guys From Athens' new EP proves. They start in fine fashion by turning a dusty disco-funk number into a lolloping chunk of locked-in, head-nodding mid-tempo goodness on 'Hello There' - think bouncy beats, weighty bass, addictive guitar licks, lazy horns and luscious vocals - before subtly tooling up an urgent, peak-time-ready disco workout on 'Off The Ground'. To round things off, they add their own trademark beats and filter effects to an early-to-mid-80s disco number (complete with attractive synth sounds) from what sounds like Thelma Houston.
 from $1.89
KE 9131
10 Feb 23
Fall In Love In Outer Space (The Reworks Pt 1)
Prime Time Band & Turbotito - "Fall In Love In Outer Space" (Turbotito rework) - (5:25) 96 BPM Hot
Prime Time Band & Those Guys From Athens - "Fall In Love In Outer Space" (Those Guys From Athens rework) - (4:28) 100 BPM
Review: Prime Time Band's 'Fall In Love In Outer Space' is one of the undoubted highlights of the latest Too Slow To Disco compilation - a quirky, 1985 curiosity that blends AOR, soft rock and spacey, synth-laden disco. Here the track is given the remix treatment by Too Slow To Disco Edits regulars Turbito and Those Guys From Athens. The former provides rework number one, adding even more layers of tactile electronics and echoing effects to the obscure outfit's sumptuous, soft-touch vocals and instrumentation. It's pleasingly dubbed-out, all told, and with a BPM of a touch over 96 is a guaranteed slow-dance treat. Those Guys From Athens continue on a similarly dubby theme while beefing up the beats and reaching for filter effects. The results are arguably even more dancefloor ready.
 from $1.89
07 Oct 22
Too Slow To Disco Edits 10: Those Guys From Athens
Those Guys From Athens & Pauli Carman - "Burnin' Up" - (5:34) 86 BPM Hot
She - (4:03) 92 BPM
So Nice - (5:45) 96 BPM
Human - (3:18) 98 BPM
Review: Given the quality of their contribution to the label's Yacht Disco Edits 4 EP, it's little surprise to see Those Guys From Athens (AKA Greek duo DJ Snatch and Blacksoul) at the controls on this tenth instalment of the Too Slow To Disco Edits series. Predictably, they've delivered the goods. They first join forces with Pauli Carman on 'Burnin' Up', a head-nodding and toe-tapping chunk of glassy-eyed, soft-focus disco-soul full of rubbery bass guitar, soft-touch electric piano and simmering strings, before offering their version of another tactile, soulful gem on 'She'. They up the tempo a little and reach for the filter effects on orchestra sporting AOR disco treat 'So Nice', while the EP also offers another chance to savour their admired yacht disco edit 'Human'.
 from $1.89
02 Sep 22
Perfect Pitch Volume 2
Frankee More - "It's Walter" - (3:44) 90 BPM
Stephen Richards - "Cool Down" (Bully Boy Refix) - (6:46) 106 BPM
Vibes4YourSoul - "Dance All Night" - (5:38) 95 BPM
Those Guys From Athens - "Feel The Beat" - (5:15) 105 BPM
Pete Le Freq - "City Livin'" - (5:44) 106 BPM
DJ Laurel - "Consistency" - (4:30) 105 BPM
JR Dynamite - "Keep On Moving" - (5:10) 108 BPM
Ferdinand DeBeaufort - "Rita" - (6:19) 114 BPM Hot
DJ Steef & Mr Bard - "Prove My Love" - (5:49) 112 BPM
SanFranDisko - "Trouble" - (5:35) 123 BPM
Flevans - "Take Your Time" (Disco Revision) - (5:12) 119 BPM
Bully Boy - "Looks Like Love" (Refix) - (5:41) 121 BPM
Sons Of Ecstacy - "You 2" - (5:11) 119 BPM
Review: Act of Sedition's latest expansive collection of re-edits and reworks, Perfect Pitch, is subtitled 'loose grooves for lazy days' and that's an apt description of the pleasingly warming, afternoon-ready soul, yacht rock and disco revisions on show. The vibe is mostly head-nodding rather than arms aloft, but that's no bad thing. You'll find plenty of playable fare amongst the 13 tracks on show, with our picks including the slow-motion disco-funk of Vibes4YourSoul's 'Dance All Night', Pete Le Freq's tasteful rework of Stevie Wonder classic 'Living For The City', the sun-drenched, loop-powered soul shuffle of Frankee More's 'It's Walter' and the percussion-laden South American disco-reggae madness of 'Rita' by Ferdinand DeBeaufort.
 from $1.89
AOSD 006
14 Feb 22
Too Slow To Disco Edits 07: Yacht Disco
HOLDTight - "Be My Love 2 Nite" - (5:33) 100 BPM Hot
Delfonic - "Let's Go Disco" - (4:56) 99 BPM
Jack Tennis - "Jorge's Pipa" - (6:32) 107 BPM
Those Guys From Athens - "4 Your Love" - (4:34) 86 BPM
Review: If warming, glassy-eyed midtempo disco niceness is your thing, we'd heartily recommend this languid, sun-drenched edits offering from the Too Slow To Disco camp. It's packed to the rafters with toasty, afternoon-ready fare that's arguably best listened to while decked out in boat shoes, pastel-coloured shorts and a stripy t-shirt. HOLDTight steps up first with the head-nodding, saucer-eyed shuffle of future yacht disco classic 'Be My Love 2Nite', before Delfonic offers up a fine rearrangement of an obscure, breathy and seductive disco gem full of prominent Moog synth sounds, jaunty pianos and whispered vocals. 'Jorge's Pipa' by Jack Tennis is a fine, floor-friendly tweak of a disco-era Brazilian gem, while Those Guys From Athens' '4 Your Love' is a seductive disco slow jam straight from the top shelf.
 from $1.89
12 Nov 21
Livin' Fat
Livin' Fat (original mix) - (6:06) 122 BPM
 from $1.89
LIT 034
27 Nov 20
Deep House
Love Will Fix It Vol 1
DJ Mark Brickman - "Love Will Fix It" (feat Venessa Jackson) - (6:26) 122 BPM Hot
Natasha Kitty Katt & Danny Kane - "Feel It Inside" - (6:02) 120 BPM
Risk Assessment - "Bad Times" (Dr Packer remix) - (6:30) 120 BPM
Sean Scanlan - "Daydreaming" (feat Elysha West - Yam Who? & Jaegerossa remix) - (6:45) 122 BPM
Rony Breaker - "Change" (feat Brian Lucas) - (6:47) 120 BPM
Tommy Glasses - "Savage" - (4:56) 118 BPM
Powder Monkeys - "Beautiful Animal" (Birdee remix) - (5:54) 122 BPM
Massiande - "Dancing Stuff" (I Love The Way) - (5:50) 122 BPM
Da Lukas - "Groove On" - (7:39) 119 BPM
Musta - "I Like Dance" - (5:59) 119 BPM
Doctorsoul - "Sing It" - (6:32) 112 BPM
Andre Espeut - "Call Me" (Qwestlife London Lockdown remix) - (6:56) 120 BPM
Change Request - "Keep The Fire Burning" (feat Glass Slipper - Chevals remix) - (8:13) 122 BPM
Sam Shelley - "Groove It" (feat Goux - Rocoe Remux) - (6:05) 122 BPM
Situation - "Take Me Or Leave Me" (feat Mia Coke - Yam Who? remix) - (7:17) 121 BPM
Cool 45 - "Get What I Want" - (5:39) 120 BPM
Mavalo - "Keep On Dancin'" - (6:47) 124 BPM
Those Guys From Athens - "Romancing" - (6:06) 123 BPM
HP Vince - "Get Up Get Down" - (5:33) 118 BPM
Review: Sadly we fear more than love may be needed to fix 2020, but those plucky Midnight Rioters are on hand to give it a go anyway, as they serve up a 19-track compilation of disco, nu-boogie, disco-house and soulful house grooves, with the emphasis firmly on dancefloor thrills and belt-along vocals. Some of tracks are re-edits (Musta's 'I Like Dance', for instance, reworks Cheryl Lynn's classic 'Got To Be Real'), some are original productions; all are built with slinky hips and dancing feet in mind, and with cuts from the likes of Situation, Andre Espeut and Natasha Katt, not to mention Rony Breaker's soulful anthem-of-the-moment 'Change', disco dollies will be more than satisfied.
 from $1.89
07 Aug 20
Disco Made Me Do It Vol 3
DJ Mark Brickman - "Again & Again" - (6:46) 121 BPM Hot
Luisen - "Push Through" (feat Venessa Jackson - Yam Who? remix) - (8:35) 122 BPM
Massiande - "Dancing Stuff (I Love The Way)" (Moodena remix) - (6:41) 122 BPM
Risk Assessment - "You Must Be The Girl" - (5:53) 120 BPM
Michael Gray - "Voyage" - (5:37) 120 BPM
Brwn Luxxry - "Mr DJ Please" - (5:50) 122 BPM
Chevals - "Thank You For The Ride" - (6:56) 114 BPM
Phil Jaimes - "My Sensitivity (Gets In The Way)" (feat Amma - Yam Who? extended vocal mix) - (5:55) 119 BPM
Casa Blanco - "Funk & Dub With You" (Redux Inc edit) - (6:42) 118 BPM
Those Guys From Athens - "Love Explosion" - (7:36) 118 BPM
Sean Scanlan - "Sunrays" (feat Toni Sea - Yam Who? & Jaegerossa Main vocal remix) - (6:18) 123 BPM
Marshall/Kid Shibuya - "Got Ya Money" - (4:36) 126 BPM
Da Lukas - "Talking Players" - (6:29) 120 BPM
Ladies On Mars - "Got Me" - (8:20) 124 BPM
HP Edits - "Do What U Feel" - (7:28) 120 BPM
Woody Bianchi/Pietro Nicosia - "Holding On" - (6:10) 122 BPM
HP Vince - "Copacabana" - (7:13) 122 BPM
Krewcial - "Just Go On" - (6:09) 126 BPM
C Da Afro - "Feel Alright" - (6:04) 124 BPM
Chewy Rubs - "Hammered" - (7:31) 120 BPM
Soul Avengerz - "Love Slide" - (6:47) 120 BPM
Din Jay - "Into My Life" (feat Richelle Hicks - Yam Who? remix) - (6:30) 121 BPM
Chas Bronz - "I Need More" (feat April Piderman/Jesse Allen) - (6:05) 117 BPM
Goldiva - "Strangers Tonight" (feat Sulene Fleming) - (6:36) 124 BPM
Review: When it comes to celebratory, life-affirming musical positivity, you can't beat Midnight Riot's ongoing "Disco Made Me Do It" compilation series, which gathers together a mixture of re-edits, reworks and original productions from the label's vast roster of artists. At 24 tracks deep it's a bit of an epic, though we can happily confirm that the quality threshold remains impressively high throughout. Our current favourites include the Redux Inc re-edit of Casa Blanco's P-funk flavoured hip-wiggler, "Funk & Dub With You", the rushing, piano-powered house bounce of "Got Me" by Ladies on Mars, label boss Yam Who's sparkling nu-boogie revision of Phil Jaimes' "My Sensitivity" and the deep, groovy '80s soul flex of Chevals' "Thank You For The Ride".
 from $1.89
01 May 20
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