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Str8 Jugglin
11 Aug 14
Str8 Jugglin - (5:37) 62 BPM
Eros Dance - (5:14) 61 BPM
All Nite - (5:04) 120 BPM
All Nite (DJ Q remix) - (6:17) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.92
Review: DJ Q and DJ Haus return to collaborate once again, and boy has it been worth the wait. Featuring three tracks and one remix from Q himself, this is an emphatic celebration of all things house, all things garage and all things party. The title track pays homage to Mr Edwards with sweet and sassy vocal splicing over a straight-up garage 4/4 rhythm. Further on we get all early '90s with a mischievous compressed organ riff on "Eros. Dance" while "All Nite" looks towards mid '90s UKG when the speed garage blueprint was only just being wire-framed. Q closes the curtains with the darkest jam of the set; LFO-style basslines, a mirroring waspy riff and busted up amens buried deep in the mix.... It represents everything that's great about rave and garage's purest rudiments.
Love Keeps Changing
26 Aug 13
Love Keeps Changing - (5:44) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bang Dis - (5:09) 123 BPM
Go! - (5:25) 124 BPM
I Got The Love - (5:53) 125 BPM
from $1.92
Review: Given that Trumpet & Badman is the result of studio sessions between bassline legend DJ Q and Unknown To The Unknown boss DJ Haus, you'd expect Love Keeps Changing to be tons of fun... and, of course, sound like the product of two producers obsessed with classic US garage. Given that Q has reportedly said that the EP was designed to be jam packed with "sexy summer stuff to vibe out with loads of booze and women", you'd have to say they've hit the spot. Think big beats, bigger basslines, synth saxophones, pitched-up vocal samples and plenty of floor-friendly silliness. Oh, and our pick is organ-and-sax roller "I Got The Love", but all four tracks are pretty hot.
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