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08 May 17
Funky/Club House
Cracked - (6:11) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Evil Vibe - (7:13) 120 BPM
from $1.92
Played by: Vhyce
Review: Its all covert operations at South Street HQ with the mysterious fledgingly label following up their debut release with this stealth-bomb from the equally shady Yaki Incipient. Unabashed house music is the name of the game here with the slammin' "Cracked" leading the charge. Think tumbing four to the floor beats with the kick turned up to 11 and filtered and tweaked disco-house samples layered on top. Elsewhere "Evil Vibe" keeps with the formula but stretches the action out over seven minutes, with slightly atonal disco samples frolicking above thumping drums like shimmering unicorns. Ace.
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