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Youn-Gun - "Walk Like A Champ" - (3:38) 104 BPM
Sneak-E Pete & Gordo Cabeza - "Bangerz N' Goulash" - (4:26) 139 BPM
Imagine This - "Could You Be Push Forward (Kaypod remix)" - (3:59) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
PHIBES - "Follow Me" - (4:44) 87 BPM
Review: It's been a while since Irish party slappers Dirty Dubster delivered a ragga package but here we find them making up for lost time with four rock steady heaters. No genre unturned, each cut reps ragga's broadest reaches: "Walk Like A Champ" swings low with a guttural dancehall feel, "Bangerz N' Goulash" tips a nod at a Diplo classic over a salubrious digidub groove while "Follow Me" shreds up on a high energy D&B flex. For most, though, the key cut will be KayPod's Marley-mashing "Could You Be Push Forward". Could this be loved? Yes siree.
DDD 052
11 Jan 16
from $1.49


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