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As a project, it's almost difficult to work out where to start with this one, being so jam packed with high energy grimey flavour from such a vast array of sources. The title track 'E Numbers' features potent vocal inputs from the legendary voices of NoLay, Dizmack and President T, with the gritty flows of Jammz, Marger & Grim Sickers giving us the weight on 'Till I'm Rich'. We then move into the stacked versions of 'Dads & Mums' which include multiple different vocal editions from Roachee and Killa P, along with different Chimpo refixes and of course the original instrumental version. This one is an interesting listen for sure!
We have been waiting on a full Drone EP for quite a while, now with serious impressive support growing day to day. He touches down here on the futuristic giants at Coyote for four tracks of pure grimey weight, starting off with the stuttered moogy bass stabs and airy atmospherics of 'Narroways'. Next we dip into the lethal reese leads and percussive prowess of the title track 'Light Speed', followed by 'Probiscus' which stacks otherworldly atmospherics and pulsating sub rolls by the plenty. Finally we finish this one up on 'Fangz', an unpredictable yet mechanical sounding stepper, focussing on its trapstyle arrangement for energy.
As a label project, it's always a pleasure to see the eatmybeat collective put out new material, with their record being so packed full of absolute gems. They join forces with the 140 through ball specialist Muttley who allows his Commissioner EP to receive a set of high profile remixes. We first look at TMSV's triplet driven rework of 'No Time', which packs a serious punch, alongside Hypho's magnificently freaky rethink of 'Commissioner'. We then finish up in a blissful explosion of sound with Kromestar's "We Are Done" remix of 'Over' taking centre stage. This one is truly magnificent, from the subtle eski melodies to the pounding subs and expansive atmospheric prowess.
After solidifying his name in the dubstep scene, DJ Madd has been on a roll with the drums in recent times, a trend he certainly continues here as he again teams up with Roots & Future for two tracks of pure fire. We kick off with a storming original as the subtle, yet substantial composition of 'Watch Forward' comes into view, which steams forward with some extreme sub pressure and crispy drum processing. We are also given a junglisit's dream as Greazus steps forward on remix duty, bringing a bag of seriously crispy unpredictable drum work to the project.
Wah Wah? Woah Woah more like... Scrimshire & Dom Servini's evergreen funk/soul imprint digs deep into its vaults and recruits a whole rollcall of talented names for this massive remix stack. Highlights include pretty much every version on here but if you're a person on the move and time, to you, is money then you might want to invest all your stocks and shares on The Reflex's percussion chugging piano slapping twist of Henri Pierre Noel's "Funky Spider Dance", Books slinky uptempo twist on Dele Sosimi's Afrofunk gem "I Don't Care" and Steve Cobby's warm-as-toast twist of Soothsayers' "Dis & Dat". And that's not even scratching the surface. Look at the names on here; this sums up all of Wah Wah's musical strengths to their max. Essential.
What a year it has been for FooR, who are set to blow the world of British bass music into the stratosphere here as they unveil their monumental 'FooR Years' project, jam packed with goodies from start to finish. We kick off this one with the euphoric piano melodies and and violent bass throws of 'Take It Higher', before wading into the dark, mystic basslines and nostalgic vocal layers of 'In My Soul'. Next, we explore 'Over & Over', an incredibly vibey roller alongside Gid Sedgwick, before rounding up with the electroshocker synth leads and drum punch combos of 'I Will Wait'. There really appears to be no slowing the FooR rampage any time soon.
It's only right to expect the unexpected when opening up a brand new Lamont project, and where better to find it than on the infamous 81UK imprint. We begin our journey into the unknown with a trippy percussive showdown in 'Humans', before the retro glitches and grooves of 'XIX' take the reigns. Next up we slide into the grimey title track which goes by the name of 'Detached', focussing on tight rolling drum beats and wailing synth delays. Finally we dip into 'Dope', another catchy funky infused glitchfest, perfect for sending the dance into an absolute daze.
For this one we didn't know what to expect, as four of the most unpredictable producers across underground bass music join forces across a four track epic, courtesy of 3024. Let's look at Yak's seismic roller 'Lucid Nightmare' first, which uses digitally edited kick drum pressure and funky drum stacks to kick us off perfectly. Next we explore the unpredictable rhythms of 'Bensalem Owls' from Balta, which is followed sweetly by Martyn's experimental masterpiece, entitled 'Everything Is New'. We finish up with Juniper's acidic glitch fusion in 'Constellations In You', putting the finishing touches on a super creative selection, bound to open a few eyes.
There have been next to no disappointing drops from the team at Jelly Bean Farm throughout the course of 2018, giving them the opportunity to end the year with a bang as they bring together this five track arrangement from Krotone. The vibrant delay display in 'System Check' and quirky rhythmic movement of 'Talk To Me' get this one off to a flyer, with title track 'Bubbles' giving us a secondary dose of smooth creativity to follow. Next up, we have a gritty roller in 'Club Scene', which again uses vibrant percussion as a centerpiece, before finishing up the running with a belting breaks design in 'Til 5'. Groovy stuff indeed!
Legendary UK DJ Krafty Kuts makes his return to releasing here courtesy of Westwood Recordings for his long awaited 'Fresh Ingredients' EP, stuffed to the brim with groovy electronic energy, We notice from the start that long term affiliate Dynamite MC plays a heavy part on this project, providing the perfect vocal lift on 'Impact', 'Light It Up', 'Fearless' and 'Ain't No Doubt alongside 'Spell'. For us the stand out recordings on this project have to include the future trap stylings of 'Rollin', along with the super smooth funk grooves of 'Horizon' and the unpredictable drum smashes of 'Talk To Me'. This a project that ticks all of the boxes for us!
We were very excited to get involved with this one as Numbers bring together this top draw seven track masterclass from Perko, showcasing just how versatile he can be as a producer. We explore the weird and wonderful throughout, with tracks such as a 'Water Memory', 'Polly' and 'Grace' giving us epicly soundscaped backdrops, whilst 'Rounded' and 'What Otters' provide us with a more rhythmic base, still being packed full of harmonic energy. The subtle 4x4

drum beats of 'Songbirds' then gives us a very unique sense of urgency, with the creamy arpeggiators of 'Sky Host' soothing us over. Very creative stuff indeed!
Following up great ones by Marco Lazovic, AFAMoo and ASOK, Sweden's DJ Different steps up to the Lobster family's main label with an EP that the label best describes itself as traversing the 'Orion Nebula to the very edges of the Oort Cloud'. From the evocative sci-fi ambient of "Fast Forward To The Outer Rim" and the zeitgeist of early '90s rave/hardcore on "Angels" and similarly on the pitched-down junglisms of "Real" - featuring the unmistakable vocals of a certain well known pop diva. It all ends smoothly with the soulful and emotive deep house of "Memories Of The Old World" that is the soundtrack to a perfect comedown.
Deep, menacing and forward-thinking are the names of the game here. KRSLD lands on Glome Sound with Tanker, an experimental garage and breaks release that combines the movement-orienated sound of two-step with the rhtythm of breaks music, the nonchalance of halftime and the depth of something a little more sinister. 'Dred' is full of, well, dread - tidal soundscapes ripple past in celestial fashion as spacious drums fill in the gaps. The title track is also outstanding, its rippling percussion and continuous suspense make it a joyous listen to and a thumping kick drum underpins a wider sense of impending doom. Very, very cool.
We were very excited to see Throwing Snow return for another full length project, and being courtesy of Houndstooth, we knew from the jump that we were in for a treat. As an LP, 'Loma' is a fantastic listen, with the spacy synth tones of 'TrA?(C)bucher' and 'V' giving us some high energy sauce to begin with. The dynamic percussive rolls of 'Vulpine' and 'Minotaurs' also add something really special to this release, with the future house-inspired composition of 'Myriad' providing us with the perfect middle ground. This is definitely one we would recommend listening to across a long play.
Monkeytown Germany have gained a real reputation to go with their out of the box thinking in regards to their release catalogue, and it's safe to say that this latest helping from Siriusmo keeps that trend rolling. Alongside a glitch infused skit by the name of 'Zeit', we are given four original creations on this new project, with 'Superfx' forming into a futuristic techno march and 'Ego' being a swinging ball of unpredictability. To follow these up, we dip into the computerized funky grooves of 'Kirin' before finishing of this very vibrant project with a look at 'Dur Zu Moll', which uses pingy dancehall style kick patterns to inject a real sense of energy from the off, amidst yet more euphoric tones.
We were very hungry for another Chow Down seving, and how happy we were to see this brand new four track creation from Grizzle land in the store. We kick off with the explosive purple flavours and electric synthesis of 'Plasma', which combines grimey vocal slices and euphoric melodies to create something magical. Following this we have some more tasty ideas across the stripped back structure of 'Loosed' and the smooth, slightly slower harmonies of the title track 'Quinine'. We then finish up in real style across the stunning soundscapes and synth designs of 'Gauntlet', pushing the boat out even further into the wave genre.
KROTONE - Bubbles (Jelly Bean Farm) - exclusive 07-12-2018
DJ MADD - Watch Forward (Roots & Future)
MUTTLEY - Commissioner (Remixes) (eatmybeat) - exclusive 14-12-2018
RHI - Night Driving (Ivy Lab Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
LAMONT - Detached (81 UK)
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