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Shiny Things is next up on Vancouver based Aufect, run by the duo Greazus. He comes from dirty places on the west coast (Nelson B.C. to be precise) but with good taste - these hyphy but paced, futuristic but deeply rooted psychedelic sounds are delightfully hype at any hour. From the bass driven future beat of "Eat Money" and the deep dubstep of "Freeze", there's more variety in the form of the alien drum & bass mutation "Harambe" and the seething low end assault of "Ringing". Altogether proving that there really is something about that killer B.C. bud after all!
Nu-dubstep spcialist Durkham Audio returns to Durkle Disco with some grimey disco-leaning vibes that blend just about all of the UK's best and more cut-throat sounds. "Masta Blastah" is a dirty, broken arrangement of hefty bass, stripped-back percussion, and bashment vocals, served to you on one fat groove! There's remixes, too, with Caski, Bromley and Mani Festo all dropping their own, bass-heavy, reinterpretations. Killah style!
Electronic dance music by its own definition is constantly evolving and finding pockets of innovation. This brand new EP from Bad Zu is the perfect showcase for one of those pockets as his funky breakbeat hybrid riddims take centre stage. The rhythmic genius is evident, be it upon the powerful bass notation and lethal percussion of 'HSTLING', or the unpredictable chops of 'RRRRTAAAAAAA!!!'. The EP rounds of very well with the samba inspired super grooves of '99 PRBLMS', allowing the project the run full circle before ceasing, excellent work!
If it's footwork and hard-ass house you're after, then Maddjazz will surely knock your teeth out with this latest bunch of absolute killers on the dutty Top Billin imprint! The dude's back with some proper fire, kicking off with the raved-out bleeps and digi sounds of "Back To Basics", followed by some nasty, true-school 303 acid that is sounding PHAT on our speakers! "Lose Your Mind" strips it back to a more industrial slew of melodies, while "Time 2 Go To Work" slaps down some cold-ass techno beats for the warehouse spots. BIG TIP!
We are always excited to explore the deeper side of tech-inspired dance music, and with this EP, J Albert has done just that. Straight from the off on 'Designer Life' we are treated to delicious soundscaping, amidst subtle percussive inputs and sweeping atmospherics. The same can be said for 'Desperate Riddim' which takes similar ideals down a more breakbeat route. The title track 'Envy Turned Curiosity' arrives next which embraces a more syncopated drum flavour, whilst the 808 rolls of 'Money Between Friends' provides the perfect plateau to round the project off in style.
As ever, creativity is rife within the grime scene currently, and this new abstract selection of compositions from Sikiw shows just how innovative it can get. The whole EP just screams originality, from the funky infused woody percussion of 'Lasers' to the the unpredictable lo-fi percussive breaks of 'Stacks' and the dubstep infused arrangement of 'Speak'. The EP rounds off nicely with the more uptempo junglist vibes of Onderground, complete with scatty breaks and pulsating sub notation.
If you are interested in the future of sound design, look no further than this industrial creation from Blypken entitled 'Hylemorph'. This one a twisted ball of distorted madness and precisely layered vocal samples, culminating in a fascinating final result. The transition between rapid fire overpowering drum work and eerie spacious textures makes this one really stand out as a piece of electronic soundscaping.
Sim Hutchins has quickly rised in the ranks, going from No Pain In Pop to taking the controls on Local Action with his debut LP, Clubeighteen2thirty. This is no easy ride through the placid realms of electronica, however, as Hutchins lays down some insanely provocative drum machine rhythms and broken loops of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the continuity between tracks like "Baby You're A Drug" and "Her Lazer Lout Eyes" is clearly audible even though they represent two different moods. The vision, the sound, and the style is invariably visible, though, making this a stand-out album for us. Both for this week, and probably for this year. Keep your ears peeled...
If you're looking for space age UKG, look no further as Christian Jay joins forces with the Idle Hands imprint for a very impressive two tracker. We kick off with the futuristic acid infused composition of 'Del's Kicks' which works magnificently crafted bubbly percussion into a breakbeat like drum pattern coupled with crunchy moogs. On the flip we hear the lo-fi garage theming of 'Katalox' which pulls together sci-fi fx into percussive patterns alongside skippy grooves and subtle subs for a fantastic final product.
As a selection of eclectic listening materials, Patryk Cannon has delivered a crate of gold dust with his latest LP project. Be it the luscious electronic soundscaping on tracks such as 'Mareznia' and 'Machines In Rain' or the chilled out drum maneuvers of 'Waves and Fractals', this EP really is a lesson in productive creativity. Favourites include the almost burial-like atmospheric arrangement of 'Full Of Flowers' and of course the stunning percussive movement of 'The Birds'. This is definitely one we would recommend to all for casual listening.
This was a very exciting release to crop up in store as Thread Imprint employ the highly sought after services of TAH for an awesome three track selection. To start 'I Get Down' is a juke-like collection of dark rolling drums and carefully sliced vocal clippings sprinkled elegantly. Following this we have the more tribal influenced sounds of 'Work Dat' before wrapping up the EP with the spacious 808 triplet led design of 'GetDeez'. Creativity is etched throughout, topped with oodles of bass heavy finesse.
PATRYK CANNON - Family Movies Waves & Friends (Father & Son Records & Tapes) - exclusive 30-04-2018
BLYPKEN - Hylemorph (Feelings)
LOSSY - Gated Soul EP (Boot Cycle Audio)
TAH - Wallflower (Thread Imprint)
SIKIW - Kiwiluminatie V6 (Rebooth Recordings)
BAD ZU - 99 PRBLMS (Through My Speakers)
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