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It's been a brief moment since we featured an R&S release, so we were thrilled so sit down and get stuck into this brand new three track project from The Maghreban. The title track 'Monster VIP' is a chunky breaksy hybrid, pulling together luscious synthetic textures, spacey arrangements and choppy drum samples. Following this we step into Batu's intuitive redesign of 'Eddies', a glitchy juke masterclass, full of vibes and high energy. We finish off the project with an original piece by the name of 'Carpet Bombing', a scattered funky-like expanse, drawing energy from the unpredictable percussive movements and spacious drum selections.
1Forty set up here to continue their exceptional run during throughout 2018 by bringing together an exciting collection of artists for the second edition of their 'Funky & Garage' season. Having been previously premiered on the new Threethousand website, we see Killjoy and Smokey 'Bubblin B' lead the way with the super groovy 'Voices In My Head' alongside Shantie and the old school pulse rolls of 'Where's Larry'. We also get gifted a breaksy funky fusion as 9TRANE and Arridim team up on 'Plazma', whilst Cardinal Sound round off an awesome selection with 'Ayy', a carnival special set to turn any dance to a bruckout.
The Keysound massive make a highly anticipated return on this one as they unveil this five tracks selection from no other than Otik. We begin with the hypnotic composition of 'Top Ten', which sends trippy arpeggiators out to lead a choppy bass heavy charge. Next up the quirky sub rolls of 'True Level' followed by 'Latex' which works together some incredibly creative uses of space and reverb. Finally we have the spacey garage roller known as 'Notion'' before landing firmly on Blackdown's super techy rerun of 'Top Ten', rounding off the EP perfectly.
In a crowded dubstep and grime scene, there really is something that stands out about the consistency of Zha's White Peach imprint, who have struck gold again here with an expertly crafted four track masterclass from Hebbe. We begin with the soothing aquatic melodies and hypnotic sub pressure of the title track '3 Tabs' before landing on the darkened structure and haunting overtones of 'Appropriation'. Next we step into the super wingy excitement of 'IPA' which is driven by grizzly lead bass textures, before finishing up the EP with the nostalgic lfo movements and dubwise drum creations of 'Post Modern Dub'.
Returning from the highly well received release of 'Self' the Om Unit wave continues as Cosmic Bridge put together an official remix selection, spanning a range of styles and adding some cool additional depth to the project post release. To begin the party, DBridge gets to work on his official modification of 'What I Can Be', working it into an unpredictable tech expanse before SKRS revamp Passages into a progressive roller with their 'Batta&Bruise' VIP. Next up, Sorrow gets into his zone giving Rider Shafique's exceptional vocal performance on 'Normal' a crystallised stepper rework, before O$VMV$M finishes up the project with an extremely atmospheric overhaul of 'Tahatan'.
Throwing Snow make an absolutely inspired return here as they present two absolute stompers on this incredibly vibrant project. We begin with the percussive genius of 'Vulpine', which channels eruptive Amazonian percussion into serious rhythmic power. On the flip side we are gifted another gem in 'V'. This one is a synth driven soundscaping masterclass, expressing incredible emotive patterns and stunning sound design. Truly enjoyable work from Throwing Snow on this one!
Simon Shreeve's imprint serves up a killer split release that ripples with barely restrained menace. First up is label regular Overlook, with "Former Self", a spooky stepper that builds and builds to a darkly hypnotic high. Shreeve himself dons his M?nic pseudonym for the low-slung broken beats and clanging metallic percussion of "Stampede". He also teams up with Jan Grebenstein for "Cutting The Ties That Bind", a drawn out industrial jam. Remaining in this general field is Pessimist, who has released on Blackest Ever Black and Creme Organization. He delivers the death march dirge of "Indigo", which brings this wonderfully eerie release to a close.
Majora aka Daniel Evans-Jones is back on the unbeatable 877 imprint with a new bag of hybrid dance killahs, primed and ready for the modern ear! "Salt No Vinegar" is a bizarre groove that barely contains its wavy synths with broken bursts of drums and percussion, while "Loose Like" ups the tempo with a burst of distorted low frequencies and militant percussion stabs, leaving Drum Thing to remix "Salt No Vinegar" into a much smoother, more polished kind of tech-house burner.
Here we are thrilled to see Bristol's own bass maverick: Lurka return to local label and trendsetters: Timedance for a swampy two track drop. We begin the journey on 'Heat Mover', an extremely vibrant composition, channeling extraterrestrial energy across rolling drum lines and powerful yet subtle sub routines. Following this we tread into the more funky inspired rhythms and industrial percussive chops of 'Battery', a crunchy mover, weaving it's unique energy with serious precision.
After some killer cassette and vinyl action for the Jheri Tracks label, along with plenty of appearances on some collaborative releases, our boy Bastiengoat lands on the fine-ass Moveltraxx label with some of his tuned-up bass and footwork. "Give Me What You Need" is like Rashad on speed, stopping and starting the percussion with a dicey improvisation, whereas "I Can Tell" spins the beats in favour of some heart-breaking r&b vocals for the lovers. "Imma Dog" is another beast altogether, adopting a hard-edged hip-hop mentality with a gangsta style, and "Open Wide" adds a sci-fi layer to the equation, dropping fire left, right and centre. Killah business!
After a run of really well received original releases, J Shadow returns again with another highly experimental journey into future tech on this explosive two track selection courtesy of Car Crash Set. We begin by taking a look at the robotic expanses of the highly intuitive 'Hypnagogia', which weaves electronic creations together with stuttered industrial drum styles and unpredictable percussive stutters. On the flip side we are gifted 'IOK-1', a more breaksy driven composition, bringing some additional flavour, combining bleeps and blips with grinding moogy sub work in a really expansive composition.
Having been previously released on 12" format, we were thrilled to see Strict Face's legendary 'Rain Cuts' project finally make Its way onto our JunoDownload shelves, courtesy of Blacklink Sound. The introduction in 'Rainfall' sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the project, through smooth synth harmonics and subtle textures, before 'Promises' arrives with some beefy drum patterns and shimmering designs. To follow 'White Rovers' hits home with some fantastic Asian inspired melody work, whilst "The Calm" returns to silky soundscaping. Finally, 'Honour Avenue' strikes heavy with sliding grime flavours before 'Think It Thru' rounds the project off with a dashing of total finesse.
As ever with releases from the Shanti Planti imprint, we expected to hear the weird, wild and wonderful. It's safe to say we weren't disappointed as we kick off the latest SUB.CONSCIOUS episode with the experimental dubstyle one drops of 'Qualia', which features excellent vocal work from Piscean. Next up we have the unpredictable bass twists of 'Empassist', the highly swung out sub workings of 'Neural Plastic' and the neuro half time grooves of 'Spiritual Bypass'. We finish up the project with more wonderful oddities in 'Words & Music', which leads us on to three top notch remixes. Firstly we hear Subroot work 'Qualia' into an aquatic dubstep roller, whilst Omnico sends 'Neural Plastic' down a hypnotic rabbit hole. Finally Bloop completely overhauls 'Spiritual Bypass' into a reesey half time stomper, rounding off a solid body of work!
For his new album, we were excited to see what Wylie Cable would bring to the table, being known to bring a multitude of genres to projects in the past. It's safe to say that 'Buried At Sea' as an LP project really covers all basis, from the tearout hip hop stylings of 'Karate Chop' to the more soundscape driven textures of 'Oh My Night'. For us there are some clear highlights to this one, which include the expansive arpeggiators and demonic harmonies of 'Kitten', along with the super eerie arrangements of 'The Cave Dweller & The Sea Fairer' which features some incredible vocal work Laura Darlington.
Launched in 2017 with a free compilation and a cheeky limited 12, new London label Off-Switch Audio hit Junodownload with their inaugural digital single from London new gen bass sculptor Nuboid: "Rezonate". Resonating with serious feels, the original is loaded with space and emotion as we glide through a wavy, halftime soundscape that's rich in pads and minor keys. Remix-wise label mates Six Sunsets add a thundering grime beat to the mix while Sam ULG flips the cathedral mode with a towering piece of sad theatre that's reminiscent of Joker at his deepest and most sensitive.
OM UNIT - Self - The Remixes (Cosmic Bridge)
NUBOID/SIX SUNSETS/SAM ULG - Off-Switch Audio 001 (Off-Switch Audio) - exclusive 24-09-2018
KONA - Destination (Immoral Music)
WYLIE CABLE - Buried At Sea (Dome Of Doom)
OTIK - Top Ten EP (Keysound)
SHALT - Seraphim (Astral Plane Recordings)
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