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The Brighton based 'Jalapeno' imprint has been the life and soul of the party for the last few years now, with recent releases continuing to impress, injecting some serious soul into the south coast. This time around they bring forward The Allergies for a vibrant two track EP, kicking off with 'Can't Keep Working This Hard'. As a composition, it's funk-o-meter is unrivalled, pulling in deliciously crunchy grooves with some top draw vocal work. On the flip, Andy Cooper joins the jamboree with some smooth rap vocals layered over the rawcus composition of 'Run It Back', bringing together top draw basslines and classic drum design
The Raw Tactics discography has always been an impressive one, and the catalogue has just been improved again with the release of this brand new new three track project from Fork & Knife. Here we have been treated to a sumptuous slice of techno intertwined with bass themes, as the title track combines glitched out arpeggios with rolling drum work and distorted 808 subs, resulting in a really groovy overall composition. On the flip side we are then treated to some more creative energy with 'Canyon'. This is a grimey stinger, incorporating beautiful organic woodwind motifs with scattered drum punches, lively bird sounds and explosive horn stabs, for a really well thought out arrangement. This is definitely an EP with a wide range of sounds, perfect for numerous DJ's to slide into the mix.
The Breakbeat Paradise Recordings catalogue is an impressive one, boasting some of the most sought after releases in and around the breakbeat scene. That catalogue has just been improved yet again by the ever-impressive sounds of Morlack, who returns with his brand new 5 track project. We kick off with the depthy funk melody sampling and gritty reeses of 'Keep That Funk' before drawing for the vocal fidget combos on 'Be Bumpin Fresh' and 'Ghetto Girls'. Next up the more stripped back skippy arrangements of 'DayO', before finishing up the EP with 'Lets Get It (part 2)', which utilizes some fantastic patois vocal sampling with exhilarating horn riffs and smooth percussive patterns.
As breakbeat's progression continues to enhance, we take a closer look at this corner of a two track drop from Row-Ex, courtesy of Spektra. Known for his production prowess, he demonstrates some serious compositional skills on 'Hands To Up', using scattered synth patterns to emulate the rhythms and movements of a scratch DJ in full flow, with some really cool results. On the flip, 'Keep Dancing' is an additional slab of electro flavour, pulling together hardcore drum rolls and acidic lead bass synths to conjure up some nostalgic grooves.
The Hot Cakes rampage continues here as they employ the services of Future Flex for an explosive new single by the name of 'Power Moves'. It proves to be pure rave dynamite as colourful electronic synth leads smash away above crisply processed 4x4 kick snare combos whilst being drizzled with expertly timed vocal slices and expansive horn bridges. This one also comes complete with a VIP mix, twisting the track up yet another level.
The funk invasion into electronic dance music has been a thing of beauty, the Glitch Hop Community making a prime example of that here on Mastaryte's new three track selection. We begin with the jazzy riffs and choppy drum patterns of 'Squibly Bop' before heading on a growling bassy adventure amidst the piping horns of 'Funksplotation'. We then finish the EP up with the crunchy drum design and ultra melodic piano riffs of 'Cruisy Dooby' which rounds everything off in some serious style.
It seems as if there is no stopping the fire that LW Recordings have lit as they put together yet another heavyweight compilation, this time featuring 25 absolute stormers from some of the waviest faces in the scene. Stylistically, the LP ranges quite drastically from neurotic breakbeat rhythms and hardstyle bassline to more chilled out UKG themes and unusual 2 steppy flavours. For us the immediate highlights are quite obvious, those being Gosize's euphoric breakbeat adventure in the emotive chords and perfectly crafted breaks of 'Take Me To Heaven', along with Nadine's dancefloor heavy rework of 'Riff' by Nubass. A special mention has to also go to TBFM & Chilllito for their incredibly smooth 'Did You Really Care' creation.
Electro infused bass heavy goodness? Yes please! For this selection Grand C steps up alongside the Adapted imprint for a four track wash out, pulling together some seriously cool musical themes and sound design. We begin with the stuttered bass chops of 'Guacamole' before hitting up the more subtle, acidic synth sounds on 'Job Centre Jive'. Next up, 'Network' which is fuelled by growling bass sounds, grinding away in the lower frequencies before finishing up on 'Swish' featuring an amazing vocal performance from James Lyons. Great stuff!
Elektroshok are at it again alongside long term label favourite: The Brainkiller, who returns to the release roster for his brand new single 'Wisdom'. A wash of dark atmospherics run riot around the heavily structured introduction, before descending into a dubstep infused electro meltdown come the drop. Stuttering bass leads writhe away whilst subtle melodies roll into play from the rest of the instrumentation, generating something very cool indeed.
For this brand new feature length Album project, B.O.S.E readies his wits and sharpens his productive spears, making ready for a scintillating spectacle as 14 tracks of electro fire come to fruition. The constant themes of the album are that of 80's synth pop, with electronic synth machines playing out drums and melodies on 'Planet Miami', 'Miami Got The Bass' and 'Bass Is The Place To Rock The Place'. There is also a constant breaksy theme running riot, as 'Bass In Your Mutha Fuckin' Face' and 'Hip Shakin' Bass'. The album screams retro electro, with our highlights being the hardcore rolls of the title track 'Evolution' and of course the vibrant arrangements of 'Miami ABC's'.
GRAND C - Beats, Bass & Bangers (Adapted)
THE ALLERGIES - Can't Keep Working This Hard / Run It Back (Jalapeno)
B.O.S.E. - Evolution (NuYork Disco)
ROW-EX - Hands To Up (Spektra)
THE BRAINKILLER - Wisdom (Elektroshok)
NEXUS 23 - Synth Knobs And Boomsticks (Battery Park Studio)
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