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Empty warehouses and white vinyl artwork instil an old-school vibe in this release from literally the very start. You can almost smell the 90s rave dancefloor when you look at the artwork, which is certainly a good thing and rusty jungle vibes abound from start to finish. The opening rave piano on 'Paranoid Flashbacks' quickly devolves into a rising mash of drum hits and repetitive but solid synth work, whilst 'Cloud Formations' has a stripped back percussive feel that sits perfectly alongside it's low-frequency warmth. It's the roughness, the lack of precision and the don't-care attitude that makes this release good, so if you're looking for 2018-esque brightness then it might not be for you -it's for the proper heads.
Grab your air horns and accordions, polish your gun fingers and get ready to swing your finest pantaloons as The Electric Swing Circus cook up a hip-plitting remix EP from their sophomore album It Flew By. All styles and sounds: Featurecast tears us all a new one with a jump up D&B workout, Wolfgang Lohr casts a jacking silky house spell, Jamie Berry brings a little two-steppy bump to proceedings while SpekrFreks provide the all essential glitch jam. Last but not least Document close the show with a slippery sci fi D&B stepper. All bases covered.
VARIOUS/FEATURECAST - Bass Funk Vol 4 (Bomb Strikes)
JOHNNYPLUSE - Soundboy Killa (Bulabeats)
MAFIA KISS - Sick (Punks)
SMOKING TAPES - Blood Moon (Avocaudio)
DETACH - Fury Remixed (Toast & Jam)
BUBBLE COUPLE - Old Skool EP (Distorsion)
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