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Breakbeat Paradise have been on a serious spree of late, dropping regular releases with major quality behind them. This trend continues as they put together this self titled project from Lack Jemmon, consisting of four heaters. We begin with the catchy piano slices and vocal pinches of 'Who's Serious', before landing on the super breaksy drum lines of 'The Party Riddim'. Next up, 'Would You?!', with some more catchy vocal work and groovy rhythms before we finish up the project with a super electro rework entitled 'Olly's Heartbeat'. As a project, this one boasts some serious creativity, excellent work!
The exciting sounds of new label "BodyisDouble" debut their first release on the imprint and bring in the production prowess of "Body Double" for a very interesting set of niche originals. We begin our journey into the unknown with the title track 'TDK', which uses a unique set of vocal delays layered over sharp breakbeat drums to cause an instant ruckus. This is followed by the futuristic UKG flavours of the more experimental 'Infinite Hookups', before we switch to lo-fi mode on the darker sub rolls and chilling textures of 'Run'. As a project this one has a lot of originality to offer, across a wide genre range, making it a must listen for any dance music fanatic.
For this one, we welcome back the super expressive electro stylings of Washington's Fort Knoxx for a wavy new single, this time moving in alongside Vancouver based New Zealander: K+Lab. Both parties get to work setting down some funk driven flavours as 'Jinglin' Janglin' takes shape, lead by Baby Bam's catchy vocal hooks and enticing guitar riffs, surrounded in a sea of colourful harmonies and subtle bass pressure. This release also comes complete with an official instrumental version, so there is fun for all the family.
Hot Cakes are back and ready to join the party as they here employ an energetic collaboration between Martin Flex and Rico Tubbs by the name of 'Jumpin'. Through smooth chord progressions leading to expansive breaksy drops, we unearth something very special as reesey tones and sharp rhythms provide the perfect base for Feral Is Kinky to run wild with a hyped vocal appearances. This release also comes with an official remix from underground legend Deekline, who sends it to the breakbeat workshop for an incredible rework, driven by shimmering leads and expertly crafted breaks.
We were very happy to see the legendary Bomb Strikes imprint make their return to releasing after a brief break away, returning to the fray with this fabulously groovy number from The Niceguys. The EP begins with 'That Ass', a smooth funkadelic jam session, featuring scattered vocal slices, exciting keyboard riffs and of course some wicked drum work. We are also gifted the more 4x4 infused sounds of 'Valley Hacienda', a soulful bag of harmonies, working wonders between the spaces in the 4x4 rhythms. A very pleasing project to say the least!
It seems that the tireless souls heading up Punks are at it again as they bring back the legendary Plump DJs for a top draw remix project, featuring two very exciting overhauls of the well received 'Lose Your Mind'. We begin the party with the irresistible sounds of Tru Fonix who send the track to the neurotic blender, rearming it with sharp shuffled bass stabs and lively drum expressions. On the flip we are introduced to a breaksy masterpiece as Beatslappaz get to work with an explosive recreation, focussing on sublow triplets and pulsating sub work. Both of these are set to do some serious damage!
BODY DOUBLE - TDK (Believe France) - exclusive 28-09-2018
PLUMP DJS - Lose Your Mind (Remixes) (Punks)
DIRTY TERRAIN - Harmony (Spektra)
ALGORITHMIC FUNK - Check This Out (Beat By Brain)
ENERTIA-SOUND - Lutron/Electrostatic (Kiosek)
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