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Punks continue their exceptional run of releases in 2018 with this breaksy banquet from Bombo Rosa. As a composition, 'Rochina' is a darkened rhythmic experiment, layering crunchy percussive lines and atmospheric pitch bends together alongside pounding sub patterns and emotive horns, generating a demonic vibe destined to derail any dance. Punks continue to impress and have to be seen as one of the most impressive bass music labels of 2018 so far!
Seven releases deep might seem like an odd moment in a label's history for a 'best of' set, but when the party vibes are as strong as this and the summer's creeping up like a sleazy charmer, we're not going to complain! Each cut hits the dancing feet with rapid reference rifle fire with highlights chopping and popping from every direction: do the windmill to the iconic loopy vocal and classic breaks of Breakerz Allstarz "Doin Ruin", chisel up those gun fingers for Bluntskull's ragga-powered "Gun Gospel" and get ready to lose your trousers as you swing to Cris Crucial's "Anything Funky". Tuck in, it's feasting season.
Provocative funk soul from man like Stickybuds as he unveils his debut album Take A Stand. Fatter than corporate pay-off, heavier than a dodgy expense account, funkier than the toxic smell of corruption, it's a sax-blasting bomb coated in the gutsy gravelly tones Richard Kim that set the scene for a highly anticipated summer funk album from the unstoppable Canadian. Cash us outside...
For this one, the guys at Distorsion have pulled a rabbit out the hat by bringing together Yo Speed and Javo Scratch on a breakbeat epic entitled 'Classic'. This one has everything you want from a modern breakbeat composition, from the intense rhythmic patterns of the break-driven percussive movement, to the precisely sliced vocals and perfectly layered scratch FX. Great stuff from these two!
Leeds bass-boy Breaka comes through on the Holding Hands label with an irrefutably fiery blend of licked-up sonics and dubbed-out beats that perfectly encapsulate all the right things regarding UK bass. In detail, "Rory's Theme" is a slo-mo jungle experiment with a wonderful array of aqueous atmospherics, while "Puffer Jackets" breaks out more of a groove thanks to its quasi 4/4 beat, and the Desert Sound Colony remix ends on a gentle deep house tip that will carry you far out into space. Lovely stuff.
Chapter 24 made the move into album territory with the release of French composer Anton Dhouran's The Myth Of Tarae. Now they commission remixers to deliver fresh interpretations of his contemplative piano sound. Konvex & The Shadow's version of "Myth" is a storming electro house groove, while on Italian producer Olderic's version, a subtle minimal rhythm underpins Ed Begley's glorious falsetto tones. Third Son, who has released on Cajual and Stil Vor Talent, turns the original into a pumping techno track, albeit one that is full of emotive break downs, while the label has had the good sense to include the dreamy, laid back original version.
Alex Clubbers makes his return to the Break-Box imprint with a pair of exclusive remixes, packed with weighty goodness. To begin, we hear Shockillaz get to work recreating the vibrant breakbeat arrangement of 'Xperience', whilst Detach gets stuck into his electro-inspired overhaul of 'Mission Planet', complete with exciting synth melodies and tight drum processing
For this extended project, Under Influence returns to Criminal Tribe with a stack of highly energised remixes from the likes of Krizzz, Lloyd The Barber, Izotope and more. For us the real standout tracks on the compilation are Furst Lowlett's scatty, indie inspired overhaul of 'Big Mean Woman' along with The Crime Synth's heavyweight breaksy rework of 'Restless Dance' which draws acidic influences and smashes them together with potent drum work.
Almost a year has passed since do-no-wrong break-splicer Daze Prism last appeared on Elektroshok. Over that time he's released an album on Project Allout and a slew of white hot EPs on the likes of Hot Cakes, Four40 and Southpoint. Now back on the Spanish imprint, he's hurtling at us head-on with two more rampant break outs. "Lonely Souls" surges with heads-down slinkiness and a surging vocal that adds the perfect amount of feels. Meanwhile "Thief" gets all classic Botchit with rasping waspy basslines, breaks so spliced and diced they'd make Detboi blush and a very cheeky vocal sample. Now we're in paradise...
Strong sounds, strong sentiments, Strongbass: Spektra's Spanish sizzler ain't messing around here. Following the riotous "WTF" and the sweary "F**k Off" late last year he returns with two more hip-wriggling floor-shakers. "Monster" builds and builds with pneumatic beats and a killer rap vocal while "Monster" continues Strongbass's love for potty talk with another sweary swashbuckler. Monster by name, monstrous by nature...
Fast-rising Spanish duo Los Pastores build on the more broken tones they've been exploring on labels such as Roush and Deeperfect with a debut on Miami-based Mr Nice Guy imprint. Each cut taking us back to the source in their own inimitable stripped-back style, "Seed Of Black" takes us back to Shut Up & Dance's early work, "Cocktelator" is a ball-busting block party jammer while "Stroller Up" fizzes with wild breaks and spins with acid like Dust-era Chems. Comparisons don't get much better than that.
Soundfield are back with one of their star men Selalexan, as he drops his latest 80's inspired single 'Pascua'. Fresh off his 'Red Rowan' album, Selaxexan brings together electronic guitar melodies and smooth drum work to create a really nostalgic piece of work.
Miau is back on the prowl. His wallet is fat, and so are his beats. With a swinging four-four clawing away at the dance, a bassline that purrs and an overall groove that's so dirty it will make you want to lick yourself clean, it's another sure fire moment from the Space Pizza's man of mystery. Guaranteed to get your dancefloor feline good.
For this one Retropolis makes a welcomed reappearance on Octotrax for his new single 'Replayed'. This one is laced with breaksy energy, based around well sliced vocal samples, powerful lead drums and catchy synth leads, all driving the composition forward. This is definitely one for the big rooms come summer!
STICKYBUDS - Crooked Politicians (Westwood Recordings)
DAZE PRISM - Lonely Souls EP (Elektroshok)
VARIOUS - Banquet's Best (Breakerz Banquet) - exclusive 31/12/2030
MIAU - Fat Wallet (Space Pizza)
STRONGBASS - Monster (Spektra)
LOS PASTORES - Seed Of Break EP (Mr Nice Guy)
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