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Oh Lord, the Bomb Strikes again! It's the fourth volume of the unbeatable Funk N' Beats, mixed and 'sexified' by the inimitable Fort Knox Five! The man has collected an impressive number of artists and tunes right here, featuring the likes of The Fundamentals, Basement Freaks, Kormac, BadBoE, and many more beat smiths who are utterly up for a proper showdown! If you're stuck for beats, holding out on bass, or have been missing a bit too much funkiness from your life, then hit that download button and get movin'...
Man of the moment Daze Prism returns to the steadily smouldering breaks / UKG champions Articulate with a spacebound stepper that's not dissimilar to the world of Koma & Bones or Ils 13 years ago. Poignant vocals, an elastic bassline and a cool sense of comiscity; this kicks with serious emotion. Remix highlights include Nixon's grittier switch-fest and Nuaura's monster riff twist. Take us back...
If you're looking for a funky time look no further than this fantastic new LP from Laptop Funkers entitled 'Feel The Goodness'. Our highlights right from the off have to include 'Soul Power' which is an amalgamation of tight breakbeat rhythms and powerful bass lines, topped with shiny melodies and vocal snippets. Other notable features are the punchy drum arrangements and scratch melodies of 'I Can Keep It Going', the electro-swing synthesis of 'Incredible Funk' and of course the disco infused melodies of the title track 'Feel The Goodness'.
As ever, Punks have raised the bar with their latest release alongside the ever-ready Plump DJs. This two tracker is jam packed with groovy rhythms and interesting arrangements, kicking off with 'Let's Bounce'. This one is jam packed with grinding reesey sub bass textures and electro drum arrangement, all bubbling up together into a juicy cocktail. On the flip side we have the syncopated sorcery of 'Fired Up' which boasts an innovative use of call and response between vocal slices and acid-like synth design.
Tunas so big they'll send you into trouter space! Fish is back with a game of two halves: "The Boroughs" is classic ravey breaks with shades of Prodigy to the distorted bass and some mule-kicking sample-craft lurking deep in the mix. "Get It" takes us to the other side of Fish's pond with a rampant steppy bassline riot peppered with sassy MC bars. Kriller.
Breaks is yet again on the tip of everyone's tongues as the genre becomes more and more synchronised with modern bass music. This one from Lego Edit entitled 'Fonky Guitar' however ploughs directly back into the roots of breakbeat, bringing together expertly treated soul vocals with groovy guitar licks and of course a slick drum pattern. This one also comes complete with an instrumental edit!
The Canoe label comes to life with some rough and ready cuts for the wilder kind of dance, courtesy of Nyra's gritty studio approach. Having previously been found on the likes of Never Learnt, Elastic Dreams and more besides, there's no doubt the plucky producer has experience in the field, and the diversity of the styles on CANOE 001 is testament to that. "D.a.t" is a stripped down machine workout that keeps things punchy and urgent throughout. "Save Lite" meanwhile is a wound-up, bleepy techno number with soul, and then "Rexperiance" aims for the rave jugular with a stab-tastic lead and some crunchy breaks.
The unyielding force of Punks continuous its killing spree as they return with a brand new bag of official remixes for Donkong's classic "Animals". First up Karol Tip steps forward with his clean vocal chop heavy edit, complete with tight percussive patterns to match. Next up Aurbs steps up with a more funky inspired overhaul, focussing on bouncy snare arrangements and samba-esque rhythms. Finally Green Ketchup ties the EP together with his fidget rethink. This one packs a real punch as multiple heavyweight bass synths lay waste amidst vibrant 4x4 movements.
Within the UK's bass music circle Barely Royal, Negativ and Bunnie have all been making serious waves, cementing themselves as some of the scene's most exciting names. They combine on this powerhouse track named "Eclipse" to great effect. There is a underlying neuro theme as reesey synths slither away around super crispy drum selection and intense 4x4 rhythms. This one is a real pleasure to hear featured on a set list. Great stuff!
Johnnypluse is winning more than just our hearts recently, with the savvy breakbeat craftsman coming through with all sorts of tropical influences in his beats. This latest LP for Bulla Beats, DJs Need Weapons, is a masterful collection of tools which go beyond the minimum requirements of four-to-the-floor. The opening "The Incredible Dub", for example, is a lovely piece of tropical discotheque, while others like "90s Vibe" go for a Detroit vibe recalling greats such as Derrick May and Juan Atkins. "Bland Land" is another favourite of ours, mashing up tough hardcore rhythms with deep house's sensibility, and that is precisely what will always keep JOhnnpluse alive and present across our charts. The dude knows how to lay down truth, and he can clearly speak more than one language. 10/10.
The creativity within breakbeat music is at an all time high as the genre continuously collides with the rise of UK bass music. For this release we hear Bradley Drop get busy alongside the Dogeatdog platform for EDM inspired single entitled "Bring That Back". This track has to be credited for it's incredibly creative synth design, as well as its catchy rolling rhythms, vocal slicing and weighty sub-bass textures. This is a track you could slide into a variety of set lists, making it extremely malleable as a single release.
For this one, DJ Breeze steps forward upon the Base Industry imprint for a euphoric breaksy bass bonanza. Straight from the off we are introducing to big room synthesizers operating epic chord patterns and crispy drum arrangements. From here we descend into scatty heaven with breakbeat rhythms slither beneath a clicky synth lead. This is definitely one for the dancers.
After a brief absence, SOL steps up onto the X5 Dubs imprint for a vibrant two track project, encompassing classic UKG vibes crossed with futuristic UK Bass themes. We kick off with the more modernized sounds of "Maniac" which is a 4x4 behemoth, complete with powerful drum design and lethal bass processing. We are also treated to "Drop That Skin Beat" which delves into classic garage ideals with it's pulsating subs and super syncopated percussive arrangements. This is a great EP to showcase SOL's artistic versatility.
LAPTOP FUNKERS - Feel The Goodness (Breakbeat Paradise) - exclusive 13-12-2018
FISH - The Boroughs (Hot Cakes Bass) - exclusive 26-03-2018
LEGO EDIT - Fonky Guitar (Lego Edit) - exclusive 01-1-2030
THE MICRONAUT - Contrast (Freude Am Tanzen Germany)
BUSHBABY - Force (Maraki)
JOHNNYPLUSE - DJs Need Weapons (Bulabeats) - exclusive 26-03-2018
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