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Born in Johannesburg and growing up in Doncaster, Skinny Pelembe poses a quadruple threat - he produces, plays guitar, sings and MCs, tapping into a unique, influence-weaving sound. Having recently signed to Brownswood Recordings, announced via new track 'I'll Be On Your Mind' - a deep down and blunted urban joint, Skinny Pelembe's first single proper for the London imprint is "Spit / Swallow" which is a serving of hazy and psychedelic hip-hop featuring Pelembe's lovely vocal work. Also of mention is "Toy Shooter" with its rapid fire kicks, trippy choir-like samples and buzzy synths galore making for yet another impressive trip.
Two years ago, following the release of their acclaimed Colour Theory album, Submotion Orchestra decided to part company with Ninja Tune offshoot Counter Records. The upheaval seems to have had little effect on the Leeds collective's creativity, because Kites, their fifth full length, is every bit as sumptuous and soulful as their previous albums. In truth, there's little deviation from their usual script - think fragile, folksy soul vocals, gentle jazz instrumentation and beats and basslines inspired by hip-hop, dubstep and trip-hop - but that's not meant as a criticism; few acts are capable as making music as beguiling and atmospheric as Submotion Orchestra.
The Jalapeno Chilli series are coming out left, right and centre, leading us to think that these mad peeps have access to a bottomless pit of bouncy edits, ready and armed for the dancefloor. Much like the previous chapter, Volume 3 of the series features endless blends of boogie-flavoured dance anthems that know how to bring the FUNK on over to the ballroom. The likes of Lindo Man, Parker, Ambassadeurs, Kraak & Smaak, and the whole rest of the crew deliver some fine-ass party vibes that sure as hell know how to break those beats.
K15 - Sunbeams (Eglo)
VARIOUS - Freestyle 4 Funk 6 (Timewarp) - exclusive 29-01-2030
MENAGERIE - The Arrow Of Time (Freestyle)
SPACE CAPTAIN - Hours/Cells (Tru Thoughts)
RENEGADES OF JAZZ - Moyo Zaidi (Agogo)
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