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Melbourne's funk synthesist Harvey Sutherland returns with his first full release since last year's album; two stone cold slabs of jazz spanning his full majestic range. "Amethyst" makes up for lost time with its firing freeform horns cascading in layers over the relentless energy. "I Can See" is a much dreamier affair with brushed drums and hurricane atmospheres... Elements that are perfectly amplified in Rings Around Saturn's deep soulful D&B mix. The perfect package.
Time for a Chinese hug by way of Marseilles as Chinese Man unleashes his 2017 album to a whole troupe of French talent (and beyond) for an almighty 17 track remix opus spanning every style from wave to D&B. Highlights ping across the spectrum; Chapelier Fou brings a dreamy IDM subtlety to "Wolf", Matteo lays down a Bonobo style cinematic stampede on "Modern Slave", Sly adds a little cosmic ballad touch to "Stone Cold", Poirer whips up a mystic storm on "Malad"... And that's just the start of the hug. Dig deep.
Brighton vibe conjurer Footshooter returns to our collections with this exceptional Yam debut. More mini album than EP, "Technicolour Nights" is an exceptional piece of work that fuses a whole gamut of styles that work just as well at home as they do in the dance. Running like a hazy trip from start to finish, highlights include the subtle rolling breaks fluttering beneath the provocative spoken word of And Is Phi on "Mars", the rippled wah wahs and stately momentum of "Juan's Stairwell" and the slo-n-low shuffles and dreamy strums of the finale "Our Love". Sublime... Sleep on this and you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.
With this fine EP, Neue Grafik becomes the latest 21st century broken beat starlet to be championed by West London's legendary CoOp crew, whose noughties parties at the Velvet Rooms and Plastic People effectively defined the style. Fittingly, Grafik's take on the jazz-fired style owes much to his predecessors. Opener "I Miss Something" is the kind of jazz-funk tinged shuffler that Dego and Kaidi Tatham do so well, while warm, wozzy and bass-heavy cut "Bed Stuy's Mood" inhibits the same sonic space as the drowsy 4/4 fare that used to slip out on labels like Laws of Motion and Sirkus. Both are accompanied by more club-centric revisions, with Danvers' loose-limbed take on "Bed Stuy's Mood" and the rolling, bleeping NameBrandSound remix of "I Miss Something" standing out.
The sound of Afro-funk is alive and well, as this four-track EP from DJ Moy ably and amply demonstrates! 'L'Afrikano' opens proceedings, a heady cocktail of Afro, funk, Balearic and house influences. 'Superfunk' is more in classic 70s funk mode and could have been lifted straight from a blaxploitation soundtrack with its fat, squelchy bass, vocal shouts and twittering flutes, 'Afrojazz' does such a good job of describing itself in a single word that's there's probably no need to say much more except "listen to it, cos it's great!" and finally there's 'The Dance Floor', a deep percussion and woodwind groove for the dancers.
French electro-swing act act Houpert aka Minimatic is back on Tour Effifel - home to his bootlegs and remixes of psychedelic, healing, funk and and easy listening. We have a good felling that you will really dig his new Fin De Siecle EP . From the low slung groove of "Skankin' Jive", "Joe's Break" with its nu-swing breaks and the chilled-out and dreamy beats of "Trapeze" - electro really is the new swing!
DOCTOR JAZZ'S UNIVERSAL REMEDY - Best Of (Young Society Germany)
HARVEY SUTHERLAND - Amethyst/I Can See (Clarity Recordings)
DJ CENTER/SLY5THAVE feat THALMA DE FREITAS - Paradise (Push The Fader)
HAZE CITY - Excursions 2 (Casse)
LTF - Jazz Echo (Content Label)
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