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A foundational members of acts like Bugz In The Attic and 2000Black, our man Kaidi Tatham's been chopping up broken beats - and putting the back together - since the late 90's. He's a pillar of the UK sound, and if you're on a Dego tip then you'd have surely come across this man. Tatham returns to First Word with this new EP, Hard Times, and the title track itself is a joyous swing of cosmic jazz for the dance - all boogied-out on the bass. "I See What You See" is where we get into 2000Black territories, with a swinging percussion dominating groove basslines and wavy harmonies; "Super Lion" veers closer to the house corner, whereas "We All Breathe The Same Air" finishes off with a deep, body-tonic soul instrumental with a curbside manner. Lovely, of course.
It seems that there is no end to the brilliance of the Jalapeno output with yet another classic now being released from Ephemerals. This original recording is smooth all over, with the relaxed vocal melodies layering themselves pleasingly over vibrantly orchestrated horn harmonies and drum grooves in an almost Chance The Rapper style of intentional looseness. This one comes complete with a bag of great remixes, including a trippy Asta Hiroki rework of the instrumental backing. Top stuff again from both the Ephemerals and Jalapeno brands!
German duo Slackwax team up with renowned singer and song writer Anne Leyne for a fantastic new soulful ballad entitled 'One Of A Kind.' This one is jam packed with everything, from uplifting string melodies to emotive piano arrangements to heartwarming vocal choruses. All of these elements of topped off with Leyne's angelic vocal presence, adding a glistening layer of perfecting atop a perfect composition. Great stuff!
LACK OF AFRO feat WAX & HERBAL T - Back In Business (LOA)
MAKO & MR BRISTOW - Stank Soul Edits Vol 3 (Resense) - exclusive 31-2-2018
VARIOUS/NORMAN JAY MBE - Mister Good Times (Sunday Best)
VARIOUS - Heavenly Sweetness - 10 Years Of Transcendent Sound
DIESLER feat AFRIKA FUENTES - Red Light (A Little Something Recordings)
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