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Alex Lemar

Alex Lemar

August Charts
2 Aug 2011
After two years of practice, Alex Lemar finally arrived at the electronic music style House. In following years, he invested a lot of time and energy in perfecting his mixing skills.
In 2008, he was offered the opportunity to support the Austrian labels ‘elmart’ and ‘HouseArt’ as assistant. Alex took the opportunity to get an insight into the DJ, label and recording business. First DJ gigs as opening act at various events followed.
In 2009, Alex Lemar convinced several club owners through his performance on stage and was offered jobs as resident DJ. Moreover, he immersed himself in the music production and produced his first track.
In 2010, he produced a remix with HouseArt producer Joaquin Phunk for Karl S's track 'Time Bomb', which is released on 'Groove Gut Germany'. Furthermore, Alex remixed the 'Geist EP' by Tom Barkley and Joaquin Phunk, which is out on HouseArt.
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Back (6:06) 126 BPM
From release: FHM EP
10 Jul 11
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.48

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