Reviewed this week
It's disco, Jim, but not as we know it. On his two original cuts here, 'Ascension' itself and 'Vendetta', Andrem - whose previous work has graced Roam, Nein and other labels - blends disco and progressive house/melodic techno influences in a way you'd never think was even possible, with 'Ascension' an uptempo, peaktime-friendly affair and 'Vendetta' more of a druggy, slo-mo chugger. 'Ascension' re-rubs from Rigopolar and DaWad emphasise the track's electronic elements, with DaWad also introducing a hint of Eastern flava, while Teniente Castillo gives 'Vendetta' a space rock twist and Roe Deers take it towards Orb-ish territory.
Grab a cold beer, whip off your shoes and head down to the shore: Bordello a Parigi's brilliant "Riviera Disco" series is turning ten with an expansive collection of cuts guaranteed to get you dancing on the shore shirtless. There's naturally a retro-futurist feel throughout, with all 11 tracks making use of the chugging arpeggio style basslines and colourful, mid-'80s synthesizer melodies of Italo-disco. Highlights come thick and fast, from the jaunty melodies and Bobby 'O' Orlando grooves of Daniel Monaco & Don Voyage's "Tropical Disaster" to the bold, spacey melodies and effortlessly joyous vibe of Bijou's "Hotsy Totsy (Instrumental Mix)". Also worth checking is the tongue-in-cheek vocal brilliance of Salta and Roma's 1984 style tweak of Flagio M's "I Want Your Love".