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Morgan King is a bit of a UK legend. Having first come though in the late 80s, he was on everyone's radar, including greats like Depeche Mode. He has never gone away, and his spirit is still firmly felt in the music that's being made today. This new LP, Grains & Grams is more liberatory compared to his previous output, with the producer going beyond the more predictable synthwave jams being replicated today. The mood is, indeed, somber and pensive, but King's voice is an uplifting affair, touching down on the speakers with the confidence and vision of an artist who was around during the height of the UK electronic scene.
After releasing the intergalactic journey into synthesizers titled Space Control back in 2012, the Parisian duo Theremynt went on to release a successful stream of EPs, including Robotique de L'Amour and Vampiros Discos: a tribute to Brazilian filmmaker Ze do Caixao. Remixes coming from the likes of David Carretta, Acid Washed and Club Bizarre were playlisted by scene DJs such as Marvin & Guy and Ivan Smagghe. Now Yann and Eva are striking back with their second LP. .It's a record that sees them changing their colour palette and mood, but one that's still haunted by ghosts that lurk within their synthesizers and drum machines. The 10 tracks still exhibit Peel's ever shifting vocal style and Yann's sophisticated arrangements. The Parallels EP oscillates between ballad and dancefloor, landing between cosmic disco influences, Krautrock and other progressive techno sounds.