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Sci-Fi Chronicles (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
This powerful cinematic collection will appeal to producers of synthwave, synth pop, electronica, ambient, cinematic scores and documentaries alike
29 Feb 20
Contemporary Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A magical sonic journey inspired by artists such as Apparat, Jamie xx, Moderat, Trentemoller, Atoms For Peace and M83
03 Feb 17
Techno Modulaire (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Collection of punchy underpinning bass, authentic evolving analogue sequences, synthesized drums and percussive klings & klangs
13 Jul 18
Detroit Electro 2025 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Pack mysteriously delivered to the 5Pin Media studio by a wide-eyed professor in a silver DeLorean mumbling something about incredible electronic music from the future...
15 Dec 17
Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV)
Airbuzz Recordings present a stylish synthwave pack with a touch of space disco
AIRS 005
22 Mar 17
Retrotronica (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Poly-synths, nostalgia-driven chord progressions, lush pads, iconic bass and beat loops
22 Feb 21
Retrotronica 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Second installment delivers ten nostalgia-driven song starting kits for synthwave and synthpop productions
18 May 21
Compact Series: Digital Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
200+ MB of retro-infused nostalgic chord and pad progressions, analogue bass loops and MIDI files
BSCS 001
11 Jan 18
Outrun Drive (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Retro analogue synths, neon chord progressions, vintage drums, shimmering pads, nostalgic leads and guitars
18 Dec 19
Synthwave 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
750 MB of pure old school bass loops, nostalgic chord & lead sounds, stripped analog beats, melodic synths, atmospheric pads, percussion & top loops, FX Loops and MIDI files
B-S 2
04 Jul 19
Vintage Synthpop (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
900 MB+ of expansive and nostalgia-driven sounds for synthwave and synth pop productions
22 Apr 22
Synthpop Song Starters (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Drawing inspiration from late 80s electronica, retro synths and tape machines, Synthpop Song Starters delivers modern song starting kits soaked with nostalgia driven sounds
27 Sep 22
Neon City (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A synth-heavy collection of beats capturing a futuristic and chill sound
09 Aug 22
Odyssey Synthwave (Sample Pac WAV/MIDI)
This pack will give you an instant 80s feel injected with a modern twist
BOS 0206
14 Nov 22
Retrowave: VHS Pop (Sample Pack WAV)
A faux-nostalgic collection of sounds inspired by a fusion of tripped-out vapourwave and the distinct DIY lofi vibes that can be found in the many corners of today's popular music
08 Jan 21
Monolith: Retro Electronic (Sample Pack WAV)
An exploration into electronic music and classic subtractive synthesis practices
24 Dec 20
Future Arcade: 8-BIT (Sample Pack WAV)
Retro nostalgia fused with modern four to the floor rhythms
08 May 20
Holograms - Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV)
A deep dive into modern synthwave & vaporwave music washed with a skewed sense of nostalgia and a surrealist connection with the sounds of yesterday
22 Oct 21
Interstellar Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV)
A cosmic collection of loop and one -hot samples that will take you on a journey through unexplored sonic territories
17 Mar 23
Hazy Lo-Fi Vaporwave (Sample Pack WAV)
A nostalgic selection of three bitesize vaporwave jams packed full of saturated synth chords, punchy drums and retro bass
11 Aug 23
Patchworx 91: Retro Tech (Sample Pack Serum Presets)
A subversive collection of collection of 80s electronic inspired presets for Xfer Records softsynth Serum
07 Apr 17
Indie Electronic (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
A mixture of rock guitars, trap drums, analog synthesizers and interesting melodies
18 Apr 17
Retro Dance Music (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
The time machine is activated! Synthpop, electro pop, new wave, synthwave and other beautiful styles of the 80s and 90s
12 Dec 16
Witch House Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/VSTi Presets)
Samples filled with truly deep darkness - be prepared to stare into the abyss until the abyss stares back at you!
22 Feb 24
Widescreen Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
A soul-stirring library of cinematic loops and one shot ideas for chilled-out productions of all kinds from one third of Aquasky
09 Jun 18
Synthie Dance (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A pack of synthwave/Italo disco/nu disco fusion style featuring 10 themes including WAV and MIDI files
DDL 148
29 Jan 19
Retrowave Presets (Sample Pack KORG/MIDI)
74 superb preset sounds for synthwave & synthpop productions
DDL 150
27 Feb 19
1980s Style Loops Vol 5 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Twenty themes with WAV loops and MIDI files of beats, basses, chords & melodies
DD 134
12 Sep 18
80s Themes (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Inspirational starting points for all kinds of synthpop, synthwave and retrowave productions
DDL 177
16 Mar 20
Weird Beauty 8 (Sample Pack WAV)
DDL return with their cassic Weird Beauty series which is based on experimental loops categorized in rhythmic and tonal files
DDL 170
06 Dec 19
1980s Synth Pop (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
10 more radical 80s synthpop construction kits featuing drum, bass, chord, and melody loops plus MIDI files
DDL 168
08 Nov 19
Synthpop Diva (Sample Pack DIVA Presets)
102 superb DIVA presets from the 1980s era for your synthpop or nu-disco creations
DDL 161
30 Jul 19
Synthwave Ableton Multi Template (Sample Pack LIVE)
An Ableton Live template to create synthwave songs with ease
DDL 166
07 Oct 19
Synthwave Neon Drums (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
350 unusual synthwave drum one-shots plus an Ableton Live set to program them
DDL 141
24 Oct 18
80s Synth Pop Ballads 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Fifteen royalty-free themes with WAV & MIDI loops all in the key of Am
DDL 154
24 Apr 19
Synthwave Loops (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
An awesome synthwave loops collection featuring 800 MB of rhythmic and harmonic content
DDL 157
07 Jun 19
Cinematic Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV/Serum Presets)
Samples & presets featuring subtle ambiance & dramatic soaring swells
08 Nov 19
Oriental Synths (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
An innovative bundle that marries edgy synth textures with exotic Middle Eastern flavours
18 Jul 16
NEON (Sample Pack WAV)
A fresh and electrifying selection of synthwave & retrowave loops and one-shots inspired by the spirit of retrofuturism, science fiction and cyberpunk
15 Feb 19
Deep Melodic Exotics 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Expect loads of texture and weird progressions ready to get your creative juices going
ES 032
08 Jul 19
Synthwave Delight (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/VSTi Presets)
A collection of sounds to evoke retro, futuristic or a combination of both in your compositions
17 Jan 20
Savage Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A perfect combination of modern synth sounds and old-school 80s vibes
20 May 22
CyberGrime (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
Step into the neon lit universe of CyberGrime, a cutting-edge sample pack that unleashes retro-futurism in every beat
15 Sep 23
Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Massive Presets)
Collection of super-tight and retro sounds for electronica, synth pop and dark wave
04 Apr 16
Lenny Dee - Neon Drive (Sample Pack WAV)
Lenny Dee is back with another supercharged collection for synthwave
09 Jun 23
Massive X Synthwave (Sample Pack Massive Presets/MIDI/WAV)
Loads of synth goodness: heavy synths, arps, bass synths and other sounds geared up for this underground style of electronic music
20 Sep 19
80s Synth Funk (Sample Pack WAV)
A trip down memory lane with the sounds of labels like West End, Prelude and Sal Soul Recordings
07 Aug 20
Future Retro Wave: The Next Episode (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
Share your own storyline illuminated by neon lighting,so cold and yet so bright...
29 Mar 19
Vocal Wave (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
A vocal pack that will become an essential tool for your creativity and production
30 Apr 21
Stranger Themes 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Second collection of powerful samples recorded on classic analog synths
23 Nov 18
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