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Species: Dance Breed (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Versatile sound set of house music samples in the form of five construction kits with an additional drum hits folder with tempo info included
29 Nov 11
Beach House Pop (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Multi-track construction kits for the purpose of producing pop style tracks using drums, percussion, gated synths, keys & more with a bonus one shot folder
07 Dec 11
Pop Innovation 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Second of the series with five construction kits with multi-track content taking influence from some of the brightest stars in the pop world
18 Feb 14
Pop Awards Vol 5 (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits that showcase multi-track pop content including drums, keys, bass, synths, fx & strings in royalty free files
02 Sep 11
Pop Modern Hits (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/REX)
10 pop construction kits featuring synths, strings, bass, drums, guitars & keys with key & tempo tags
06 Jul 11
EDM: Pop & Dance (Sample Pack WAV)
Nine construction kits & nine vocal samples for pop and dance productions
31 Aug 13
Fam In Da Club 3 (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits inspired by some of the biggest stars in the club/pop game featuring drums, pop bass, nasty synths and more
12 May 13
Pop Innovation (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits with multi-track content taking influence from some of the brightest stars in the pop world
11 Nov 13
Pop Music Synthetich Drum Loops (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Over 350 loops for pop producers looking for synthetic drum sounds. These loops are recorded at 85BPM in wav & rex formatted material
GLP 053
19 Jan 12
Ultimate Dance Vol 1 (Sample Pack MIDI)
30 holiday tunes in MIDI format perfect for producing commercial dance and house
16 Jun 13
Big Room Dance Chords (Sample Pack MIDI)
25 midi dance melodies for producing dance, trance & euro dance
22 Jul 12
Euro Dance & House Chords (Sample Pack MIDI)
50 dance MIDI files with catchy progressions and radio-ready melodic hooks
05 Dec 13
Acoustic Pop Vol 01 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Volume one in this series of pop construction kits with MIDI files & two contrasting sections per kit for added variety in 24 bit wav format
28 Jul 11
Euro Dance Hall (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
10 euro dance hall construction kits with midi files including bass lines, drum loops at 130BPM, plucks & leads in wav format
20 Mar 12
Big Room Dance Chords Vol 3 (Sample Pack MIDI)
25 MIDI dance melodies for producing dance, trance, euro dance and hands up house
02 Jun 13
Euro Pop Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Six construction kits featuring synth leads, basslines, piano melodies, plucks and pads
19 Aug 13
Trance Melody Vol 6 (Sample Pack WAV/REX/MIDI)
Volume 6 in this series explores trance music through 10 construction kits featuring 54 ACIDized WAV, 54 REX2 loops & 40 MIDI samples
12 Sep 13
EBM: Electronic Body Music Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX/FLP)
20 construction kits taking inspiration from the euro dance & house scene with 80 ACIDized WAV, 80 REX2 files & 60 MIDI samples
04 Oct 13
Summer Dance Party Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/REX/AIFF/MIDI/FLP)
Third of the series with 6 construction kits in WAV, REX and MIDI formats suitable for all house and dance genres
01 Jun 14
90s Dance Party (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Collection of 33 loops of 90s Dance & House loops
26 Jun 14
50 Backround MIDI Arpeggios (sample Pack MIDI)
07 Nov 13
RnB Dance Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
5 construction kits feature in this the second volume of rnb sounds including bass lines, synth leads, pads & fx with one shot samples & midi files included
19 Jul 12
RnB Dance Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Volume three in the series of r&b construction kits that are ready for vocal performances
11 Aug 12
RnB Dance Vol 4 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Fourth instalment in series combining smooth RnB progressions with high energy, club-shaking sounds
26 Oct 12
Euro House Vol 4 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Volume four in the series of producer packs for house music creators featuring 5 construction kits with dual versions of loops for added diversity & including one shots & midi files
22 May 12
Country EDM Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five more Avicii-style construction kits packed with acoustic guitar licks, massive drum sections, high-energy synths, harmonica and more
26 Nov 14
Swedish Pop Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Fifth of the series with five pop, dance & Swedish house infused construction kits full of catchy progressions and radio-ready melodic hooks
13 Mar 14
RnB Dance Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five more construction kits combining smooth RnB progressions with the high energy club sounds of today's charts
16 Nov 12
Euro House Vol 1 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
A multi-format construction kit sample library for the production of European house music which features five complete kits with MIDI files, dry/wet versions & one shot samples
24 Oct 11
Euro House Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Second in the series of producer loops presenting five euro style construction kits
24 Nov 11
Pop Guitars Vol 2 (Sample Pack ACID/MIDI/REX/WAV)
Second of the series with versatile guitar loops recorded in LA & mixed & mastered by Simon Rudd of The Fliptones.
19 Dec 13
European Pop Vocals Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX/Refill/Apple)
Second release in this series of vocal-driven pop construction Kit products with five powerful arrangements featuring a variety of drum and instrument loops, including acoustic drums & percussion, bass, acoustic guitar & more
15 Mar 16
Euro House Vol 6 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Volume 6 of this Euro house music production pack presents 5 construction kits with additional MIDI files for the creation of radio friendly house music
24 Aug 12
Euro House Vol 5 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
Five construction kits inspired by house sounds from Europe feature in part five of the series.
30 Jun 12
Euro House Vol 3 (Sample Pack ACID/WAV/MIDI/REX)
The third outing for this set of euro house sounds in five construction kits containing A&B sections to add variety as well as MIDI loops
19 Dec 11
MIDI & Patches: Future Main Room Vol 2 (Sample Pack MIDI/Sysex Patches)
Second of the series with Sylenth1 presets and MIDI construction kits designed for producers of pop, house, electro, trance
09 Dec 13
Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 190 synth loops in five construction kits delivering the future sound of global dance pop music
19 Mar 13
Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 6 (Sample Pack WAV)
Eight construction kits featuring 640 MB of heavily twisted and modulated synth loops
20 Jun 13
Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 140 heavily modulated & twisted synth & bass loops, organised into eight construction kits for creating the future sound of global pop/dance music
25 Apr 13
Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 4 (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 160 loops in 24-bit quality, grouped as 10 Construction Kits
03 May 13
Summer Pop Hit Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Five construction kits featuring vocals & MIDI files recorded by a professional session vocalist
20 Jun 14
Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 5 (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 140 twisted & heavily modulated loops, organised into ten construction kits
15 May 13
Pop Stiletto Stunnas Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Second volume of pop music loops including leads & gated sounds in 24 bit wav & rex formats
28 Jul 12
Pop Energy (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A set of electro pop loops in the form of five construction kits in wav & rex format
13 Aug 12
Pop That (Sample Pack MIDI/WAV)
First installment of this new electronic pop construction kits series with radio-ready samples and sounds.
18 Dec 14
Pop Monster Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Pop sounds claws out of volume one of the series with a nest of arps, leads & gated sounds with 5 construction kits including separate parts with key & tempo information
05 Sep 11
Give Me 90s Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/FLP)
The 90's gets a second coming for the second time with these sound sets featuring 10 construction kits with 24 bit wav & flp formatted files
12 Sep 11
Top 10 Pop Hits Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/FLP)
An exploration of pop sounds with 10 construction kits with flp & MIDI files including tracked out parts with key & tempo info included
08 Aug 11
Give Me 90s Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/FLP)
The sounds of the 90's are faithfully presented in there retro glory with 10 construction kits filled with separate parts inspired by Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men with a bonus hits folder, MIDI files as well as wav & flp formats
22 Aug 11
Pop Culture (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Katy Perry, P!nk, Bruno Mars & Far East Movement provide the inspiration for these construction kits that include synths, strings, bass & more in wav & rex format
16 May 11
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