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There are many dubstep labels who have had a very productive 2018. One of these without a doubt is Artikal Music, who have excelled in their release schedule, dropping banger after banger. This latest drop from Ternion Sound makes no exception as we kick off with the mammoth title track 'Parasite 6', which stomps forward with a bag of energy, drawn from it's super powerful synth design. We get swampy next on 'Loonz', which combines dubwise delays with punchy production, before hitting the unpredictable percussive grooves of 'The Chamber'. Finally, we finish up the selection with the glitch-driven stylings of 'Nicky P', filled to the brim with electronic energy and delightful groove pockets.
Wheel & Deal are set to continue their impressive year here as they invite in the punchy production stylings of Dayzero for an official three track project, stuffed to the brim with organic dubstep goodness. The title track 'Dagger 3' is a stripped back glitch driven piece of magnificence, initially led by an offkey synth arpeggiation above scatty rolls and lethal sub shivers. Following this, we have 'The Lord Boy', which boasts it's perfect mix of glitchy lead melodics in a call and respond with tasty LFO movements. We finish up on 'Dinosaur Age', which combines stomping brass leads with subtle 808 stabs for a super shocker showdown, polishing off an exciting bag of originals.
What a year the guys at Infernal Sounds are having eh? This release serves as a testament to the momentum the team's release roster has build up as 'Origin' lets us explore the deepest and darkest corners of the dubstep phenomenon. We are blessed with a top draw line up, with original recordings coming from the likes of DE-TU, Perverse, Saule and many more heavyweight faces. For us, one of the standouts has to come with Von D's return, on the laid back LFO rolls and glitchy chord stabs of 'Finis Gloriae Mundi'. Other highlights include stepper's favourite Sepia with his two potent originals in 'Remember' and 'Awaken', along with Karnage's smooth collaboration with Rider Shafique on 'Realise'.
During dubstep's original rise to notoriety, there were few producers who came to the table with as much originality as Silkie, who's smooth, soulful productions around the 140 area catapulted him into an instant fan favourite. We are therefore super excited to see him return here, courtesy of Pretty Weird, for two tracks of pure fire. The title track 'Don't DJ For Free' is a marching masterpiece, driven forward by bubbling LFO leads and punchy drum riffs, not forgetting some crispy cowbell action. On the flip we are blessed with 'Rhythm Junkie', another stomping creation comprised of smooth sub harmonics and dazzling soundscaping.
Within UK dance music's expansive circles, there are few who have offered as much as Scuba over the years, who here returns to his beloved Hotflush household for a stunning new project by the name of 'In Retrograde'. This project sees him traverse a complete spectrum of electronic music, with a half time dubstep feel being the central yarn in its tapestry. From the distorted utterings of 'Buzzsaw' and funky inspired flavours of 'Gyroscope' to the more soundscape led compositions of 'Entrospect' and 'Ants', this project boasts a wealth of musical expertise, showcasing a depth of dubstep influences and offshoots.
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