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Understandably, we were very excited to see Belgian dubstep heavyweight Zygos announce his brand new 'Sudd EP' on CueLine. This EP traverses the swampiest realms of 140, with the title track channeling extremely techy percussive rolls and detuned drums amidst a rage of grizzly subs. We then hear the gritty bass synthesis of 'Tapered' growling away alongside slowly expanding string ensembles, whilst the 4x4 drum arrangements of 'Laicism' proceed to reek havoc. The EP is rounded of with a fantastic remix of 'Sudd' from DPRTNDRP, who strips back the composition and reassmbles it into a volcanic spectacle
It's always exciting to see new music from Radikal Guru hit the shelves. This release see's two classic works recreated in remix form none other than dubstep heavyweight DJ Madd and Melbourne's own bass maverick: Sekkleman. Madd steps up first with his gutter twist up of 'Back Off' featuring exhilarating vocals from the legendary Solo Banton. On the flip, Sekkleman builds an explosive steppers recreation of 'Raggamuffin Soldier', which of course features a lively vocal performance from Echo Ranks.
Duploc as a project have made a fantastic start to 2018, flinging out high profile steppers releases left right and centre. This time we see them team up with Minneapolis's own dubstep collective: Ternion Sound. This track entitled 'Verify Me' is a reesey warhead, built on spacey dubstyle drum foundations alongside haunting chime melodies and bulging 808 subs. This is definitely one for the dance!
There are no doubts that Foamplate has solidified himself as one of the new school leaders in Dubstep culture and releases such as this alongside the Plantpower imprint show just why he's rates to highly! To kick off 'Moose Fly' is a heavily swung jamboree of colourful bass oscillations crossed with choppy scattered drum selection. Alongside this the more straight arrangements of 'Nettle' are just as vibrant, focusing on a more stripped back, haunted approach to 140 music
It looks like the Crucial Audio collective have done it again as they roll out this Goliath two tracker from Hebbe. Straight from the off we are introduced to gargantuan wailing synth leads on 'Mad Hatter', similar to that of early Emalkay. Then it gets even more mental as the the shimmering atmospherics and clicky percussion of 'Galata' lead into incredibly catchy eastern inspired melodies. This one gets a 10/10 for certain.
Straight out of Sheffield, England, Dark Harmonics makes his return to the dubstep world with a top draw four tracker, courtesy of Bristol's own: Instigate Recordings. We kick off with the chilling atmospherics and grinding lead synths of the title track 'Training Day' which swings at will between bassy breakdowns and whirling bridges. Next up we have the uniquely crafted sounds and folding subs of 'Zentinal' followed by the the subtle icey melodics of 'Is This The End'. Finally we round off with this more experimental rhythms and beautiful vocal spacing of 'Shandy Bass' which really adds a whole new dimension to the EP.
If you're looking for tearout dubstep dynamite look no further. Rascal pulls out a riddim extravaganza across three tracks in collaboration with Sub Damage. The title track 'Raggatalk' is a built off sharp bass tones, sliding away amidst syncopated triplet drums. From here we move into the lethal synthesis and riding cymbals of 'Traktor Beam' which is designed to turn any dance to a zoo. Finally we have 'Kill Dem' which is reminiscent of early Coki with its grinding low end oscillators and powerful drum processing!
There is a real feeling of quality around the dubstep resurgence at the moment, and a big part of that is due to labels like Dank N Dirty Dubz who are making sure standards are being maintained. This gracious dubwise two tracker from Drew's Theory oozes class, as the reggae inspired instrumentation of 'Absolute' swim away on top of cavern of sunny tones. On the flip 'Shoreline, Hallandale' works with more sensual melodies, incorporating spacey synths and even an unexpected twist on a classic break sample for good measure.
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