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The Encrypted Audio camp have always held an extremely high standard a label project. This is a trend with most certainly continues in style as they bring in Manchester's dub specialist Hypho for a sumptuous four track bonanza. First we look at 'Guillotine' which brings aquatic rhythms together with 8 bit sound design for a exciting outing. Following this, 'Blazed' and 'Narrow' provide more of the same flavours with engulfing subs running riot amidst powerful drumlines. Finally, the unpredictable bass movements and shuffled chops of 'Rotten Milk' finish up the project with a bang, rounding off an impressive body of work.
In a crowded dubstep and grime scene, there really is something that stands out about the consistency of Zha's White Peach imprint, who have struck gold again here with an expertly crafted four track masterclass from Hebbe. We begin with the soothing aquatic melodies and hypnotic sub pressure of the title track '3 Tabs' before landing on the darkened structure and haunting overtones of 'Appropriation'. Next we step into the super wingy excitement of 'IPA' which is driven by grizzly lead bass textures, before finishing up the EP with the nostalgic lfo movements and dubwise drum creations of 'Post Modern Dub'.
Within the dubstep scene, Taiko has earned his rank as one of the modern front runners of the genre, consistently delivering innovative creations and enthralling compositions wherever he lays his hand. This EP via the guys at Subaltern sees four stunning tracks put forward, starting with the super swingy shuffling drums of 'Wings'. Following this we step into darker territory as 'Trenches' runs wild with sharp drumwork, urgent string themes and catchy synth lines in a call and respond fashion. It then gets even darker as 'The Raid' brings out more chilling string motifs before we finish up with the horn-like lead patterns of 'Mana Pool'.
The team at Circle Vision have set out and made a serious statement with this one, as their 'Various Visions' series returns for It's second helping with four fresh originals from four of the coldest in the dubstep scene right about now. We begin with D-Operation Drop who lands a heavyweight punch in 'Fried Chicken' before man of the minute: Zygos appears with a percussive heavy piledriver in 'BAtte noir'. Next up, Hebbe arrives on the scene with a haunted episode of bitcrushed leads and floating subs on 'Sixes & Sevens', before Mrshi sees the EP out in style with his triplet-driven scorcher 'Biter'.
As one of the real success stories off the last few years, Sepia makes a real statement on his latest EP, courtesy of the legendary UK dubstep imprint: Wheel & Deal UK. With four tracks on display, Sepia shows the full range of his expansive production arsenal, beginning with the soft, emotive chord textures of the title track 'Last Chance Saloon'. Next up we have a more dance floor ready design in 'Kira' which works super catchy breathy melodies together with highly syncopated drum maneuvers and lethal lowered sub bass movements. Following this we roll into a lethal collaboration with Koma by the name of 'Embalment', which works hypnotic chime like arpeggiations together with triplet drum creations whilst the final track strips everything back to pure bass and drum orientated bliss. Excellent work from one of our favourite dubstep designers.
For this one we step deeper into the realms of sublow dubstep as Lory Kong branches out to the Hatched imprint for a two-tracks shack out, showcasing his heavyweight stylings perfectly. We start off with the sumptuous sub bass processing and minimalistic drum placements of '100 Grit', a masterpiece in underground dubstep production. On the flip we are treated to the amphibious roller that is 'Supression', which is driven by its swampy bass tones and bird-like stabs, bringing a really unique type of energy to the mix.
For this one we see the celebrated Indigo Movement make their return to releasing after a run of extremely well received drops. For this project they bring in the explosive production stylings of Grawinkel who gets to work immediately, sewing stepper flavours and intense sub designs precisely throughout the title track 'Ollie'. On the flip we are given 'Constant', a refined collaboration with Ourman. The pair provide some major heat on this one, which is driven by it's unpredictable stabbing lead bass sounds and subtle breaksy interludes.
Launched in 2017 with a free compilation and a cheeky limited 12, new London label Off-Switch Audio hit Junodownload with their inaugural digital single from London new gen bass sculptor Nuboid: "Rezonate". Resonating with serious feels, the original is loaded with space and emotion as we glide through a wavy, halftime soundscape that's rich in pads and minor keys. Remix-wise label mates Six Sunsets add a thundering grime beat to the mix while Sam ULG flips the cathedral mode with a towering piece of sad theatre that's reminiscent of Joker at his deepest and most sensitive.
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