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Saturday 13 July 2024
Leper EP
Leper - (5:28) 140 BPM
Cash Out - (5:17) 135 BPM
Leper (Paige Julia remix) - (5:40) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
NFR 001
13 Jul 24
Friday 12 July 2024
Out Of The Grid / Come Down
Out Of The Grid - (5:15) 140 BPM
Come Down - (5:42) 140 BPM
Review: Whenever we see Kromestar land on his home imprint of Nebula Music, we know that the levels are about to be set super high, this time arriving with a charming pair of emotive rollers that give us exactly what we want from a Kromestar drop. First up, 'Out Of The Grid' gives us a sultry fusion of steadily writhing synthetic melodies, sat atop a bed of heavily syncopated drum shuffles and randomised delays, immediately transporting us somewhere very different. On the flip, 'Come Down' then inspires a more bouncy vibe, focussing on stripped back drum designs and swirling pad textures to see out this b-side with a band.
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12 Jul 24
On You - (4:09) 132 BPM
Says (feat D.velop) - (4:31) 130 BPM Hot
Go Fly (feat Oddkut) - (3:48) 140 BPM
Objekt (feat Censored The Audio) - (4:41) 140 BPM
Played by: NAZA
Review: Next up from the ever-ready Incurzion Audio, a vibrant new four track collection from the vibrant production stylings of TRAKA, who delivers something a little different across these uniquely designed originals. First up, the jittering rhythms and vocal chops of 'On You' set us off to a vibrant introduction laced with gnarly reeses, before 'Says' gives us a mind-melting fusion of breaksy drum lines and metallic synth grinds alongside D.velop. From here, Oddkut joins the party for some additional production work on 'Go Fly', a dithering sweep through individually designed percussion, with the system-busting sub punches of 'Objekt' alongside Censored The Audio gives us a vibrant closer to follow. Top work across the board!
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INC 066
12 Jul 24
Such A Deep Feeling
Such A Deep Feeling - (5:21) 124 BPM
Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness - (5:26) 138 BPM
Rainbows Folow The Storm - (4:53) 103 BPM
Hope Is The Heartbeat Of The Soul - (5:55) 122 BPM
 from $1.89
SFT 067
12 Jul 24
Like A Summer
Like A Summer - (4:53) 132 BPM
Like A Summer (dub) - (5:20) 132 BPM
Like A Summer (RITCHRD remix) - (8:06) 72 BPM
Like A Summer (Introspekt remix) - (5:52) 132 BPM
Like A Summer (BastienGOAT remix) - (7:06) 135 BPM
Like A Summer (Downtempo version) - (5:24) 133 BPM
 from $1.89
BL 003
12 Jul 24
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