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V's Edits - The Garage That V Built
O'Jeys - "The Stabbers" (V's rework) - (7:03) 122 BPM
Clapton - "Get Lost" (V's rework) - (4:58) 120 BPM
4 Pops - "Shadow Of Love" (V's Hallelujah edit) - (6:25) 120 BPM
Housetone - "Don't Leave Me" (V's edit) - (6:37) 119 BPM
Patman - "The Future" (V's Further Into edit) - (6:28) 120 BPM
RS - "Give Me Shelter" (V's Under Cover edit) - (7:10) 120 BPM
Piss Off & Honey! - "UGGI" (V's edit) - (7:26) 121 BPM
Genesus - "I Can't Dance" (V's Garage edit) - (6:08) 120 BPM
Is There Phillips? - "Love You Too" (V's Bass edit) - (6:16) 120 BPM
FUSE - "Starlit" (V's Overnight mix) - (7:40) 121 BPM
Nina's - "Back Home" (V's edit) - (6:25) 122 BPM
Lou Rauls - "Love Like Mine" (V's In Your Space edit) - (6:52) 120 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
VHR 088
04 Apr 24
DJ Deep - "What's Going On" - (6:13) 124 BPM Hot
Avision - "Hold No Groove" - (5:56) 128 BPM
Deetron - "Pulse" - (6:36) 140 BPM
Review: Next up on Laurent Garnier's label is a split release that explores the deeper end of house and techno. DJ Deep is up first with "What's Going On". Powered by raw, tribal beats and featuring lush pads, it sounds like the veteran house head's tribute to Joe Clausell's organic sound. Avision's "Hold No Groove" is also inspired by house music, but on this occasion, Chicago rather than New York is referenced. Combining a snaking bass with busy, layered percussion, the result is mesmerising. Deetron ups the tempo but maintains a deep sound on "Pulse", its musical but insistent rhythm recalls classic Kenny Larkin.
 from $1.89
QR D 081 TSM 24
22 Mar 24
Illusion - (3:08) 127 BPM
Illusion (extended) - (4:23) 127 BPM
Illusion (instrumental) - (3:07) 127 BPM
Illusion (acapella) - (3:08) 128 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
5021732 278241
11 Apr 24
Koltercamp : Best Bits
Be Real - (7:33) 125 BPM Hot
Get Sexy - (6:03) 128 BPM
Sunny Days - (6:25) 127 BPM
Duke - (6:20) 123 BPM
Nikita SISOV & Kolter - "Moscow Mule" - (9:15) 128 BPM
Let You Go - (6:41) 122 BPM
Review: As the title suggests, this quietly impressive compilation draws together the "best bits" of Johannes Kolter's KOLTERCAMP imprint, a digital-only label he's long used as a vehicle for his own productions. In some ways, it feels like an introduction to the Cologne artist's work - or one side of it, at least (he also has the more rugged KOLTRAX series and guest releases on other labels). Highlights include the Alicia Myers-sampling disco-house chunkiness of 'Be Real', the insanely funky, P-funk sampling US house bump of 'Get Sexy', the sun-splashed jazz-house deepness of 'Duke', the effortlessly soulful shuffle of 'Sunny Days' and the spacey deep house wonder that is 'Let You Go'. An impressive collection of Kolter cuts all told.
 from $1.89
09 Feb 24
DJ Kaos Jolly Jams
DJ Kaos - "World Turning" (Superpitcher remix - Part 1) - (2:42) 75 BPM
Split Secs - "I'M NOT LOSIN'" (Warehousin' mix) - (5:59) 117 BPM
DJ Kaos - "I Want To Be There" (Solomun remix) - (6:43) 120 BPM
Red Axes - "Promo Only" (original) - (8:13) 122 BPM Hot
Slaves Of Love - "Sake Of Nothing" (TK Disko's Apache dub) - (5:33) 120 BPM
Spring Break Edit - "Sold My Sylver" (Spring Break edit) - (10:21) 117 BPM
Tavish - "Raw Seduction" - (6:20) 120 BPM
Balearic Skip - "Mighty" - (8:16) 111 BPM
Ivo Del Prado - "This Is My House" - (8:34) 124 BPM
Claudio Coccoluto - "The Horse Running" - (6:21) 121 BPM
Richard From Milwaukee - "Clear Water" (Luke Solomons Unreleased Raw mix) - (9:00) 120 BPM
Danny Russell & Timothy Alexander - "Hoppers Rant" (Acid Track) - (5:09) 116 BPM
Review: Here's another must-check missive of lesser-known and hard-to-find material from DJ Kaos's Jolly Jams label, curated with love by the man himself. Over the course of 12 tidy tracks, we're treated to ambient lusciousness (Superpitcher remixing Kaos's own 'World Turning'), deliciously dubbed-out proto-house (the 'Warehousin' Mix' of Split Secs' 'I'm Not Losing'), mind-mangling psychedelic electronic disco-meets-acid house (Red Axes' 'Promo Only'), dub disco (Slaves of Love and Tavish, whose 'Raw Seduction' is genuinely superb), soaring disco edit action (Spring Break Edit), Sylvester pitched-down and blissed out (Balearic Skip), Kenny Hawkes-ish disco-not-disco eccentricity (Luke Solomon remixing Richard From Milwaukee) and ragging acid tracks (Danny Russell & Timothy Alexander).
 from $1.89
JJ 088
16 Feb 24
It Just Happened EP
It Just Happened - (6:33) 124 BPM
Crew Thing - (6:15) 125 BPM Hot
House Music Transcends - (6:21) 121 BPM
Review: Steve Bug and Cle, two titans of electronic music, reunite once again to deliver a mesmerizing EP titled "It Just Happened" on the illustrious Nu Groove Records. "It Just Happened" effortlessly embodies the essence of classic house music while infusing it with a contemporary flair. The title track sets the tone with its ethereal synths and hypnotic acid loops, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the underground house era while showcasing Bug and Cle's forward-thinking approach to production. "Crew Thing" further demonstrates Bug's prowess in crafting standout house tracks, pulsating with infectious energy that is bound to ignite dance floors worldwide. Meanwhile, "House Music Transcends" serves as a fitting conclusion to the EP, lifting listeners to euphoric heights with its uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms. With Bug's extensive 30+ year career and Cle's seasoned expertise, this EP promises to be nothing short of legendary.
 from $1.89
826194 652197
23 Feb 24
Higher Places
Work My Body - (6:13) 124 BPM Hot
Deep Inside Your Soul - (5:10) 127 BPM
Demuja & Kolter - "Bonzai" - (4:59) 127 BPM
The Piano Track - (4:24) 124 BPM
Review: The summer of rave has landed and Demuja is here with Higher Places, a producer found on imprints like Skylax Classic, Shall Not Fade, Freerange and more. For his Aus Music debut he brings back a familiar rave motif to a banging new rendition of drums in "Work My Body". Next is a deeper, liquid club cut that is "Deep Inside Your Soul" with its classic pano effect while Demuja pays house music homage with "That Piano Track" - obviously. Closing the EP is a collaborative number with Kolter called "Bonzai" that's peppered with a techier and minimal sound, let's say from that Higher Place.
 from $1.89
AUS 187
18 Aug 23
Spiritual Basslines
Spiritual Basslines (club mix) - (6:06) 121 BPM Hot
Eternity - (5:27) 124 BPM
Golf Cart Joyride - (5:29) 118 BPM
Olympiad - (5:19) 120 BPM
Spiritual Basslines (extended mix) - (7:56) 121 BPM
Golf Cart Joyride (radio mix) - (2:46) 118 BPM
Review: Fresh from delivering an EP of nostalgic 'Club Specials' on regular home Wolf Music Recordings, Frits Wentink returns to Clone's Royal Oak imprint for the first time since 2020. Title track 'Spiritual Basslines' - which is available in 'Club Mix' and 'Extended Mix' variations - follows a similar sonic template to the Amsterdam stalwart's most recent releases, adding classic deep house sounds to the kind of skippy, loose-limbed groove most often found on late '90s US garage releases. Highlights elsewhere across the EP include the vintage Nu Groove-influenced excellence of 'Eternity', the dub house meets-nu-disco shuffle of 'Golf Cart Joyride', and the deliciously deep, dusty and dubby shuffle of 'Olympiad'.
 from $1.89
05 Apr 24
Wan Poku Moro
Wan Poku Moro (radio Slave extended edit) - (9:54) 123 BPM Hot
Wan Poku Moro (Riva Starr 'Warehouse Love' remix) - (6:06) 126 BPM
Wan Poku Moro - (8:19) 123 BPM
 from $1.89
24 Nov 23
Madrugada EP
Madrugada - (5:12) 59 BPM
Funky Fever - (5:40) 58 BPM
Madrugada (Yuksek remix) - (5:22) 120 BPM Hot
Madrugada (dub) - (5:19) 118 BPM
Review: Throughout their decade-long career, Alma Negra has combined their love of disco and deep house with percussion, instrumentation and ideas excavated from African, Caribbean and tropical musical cultures. On this EP, they largely ditch the latter inspirations, instead delivering full-throttle revivalist disco sounds where the Basel-based band's organic instrumentation and vocals combine with colourful synth sounds and heady horns. The headline attraction is undoubtedly 'Madrugada', a warming and thickset, subtly deep house-influenced take on the turn-of-the-80s NYC downtown disco-not-disco sound. It comes backed with two revisions - an extra-percussive, dubbed-out Yuksek tweak and the band's own dub disco-goes-deep house 'Dub Mix' - and the riotous, party-starting brilliance of 'Funky Fever'.
 from $1.89
22 Mar 24
Feel So Right (Remixes)
Feel So Right (Seth Troxler remix) - (6:10) 125 BPM
Feel So Right (Nicole Moudaber remix) - (7:02) 128 BPM
Feel So Right (Tedd Patterson Club remix) - (7:31) 126 BPM
Feel So Right (Tedd Patterson's Feels Tight dub) - (4:36) 126 BPM
Feel So Right (DJ Deep remix) - (6:10) 126 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
091012 617065
18 Aug 23
Seascape EP
Take It There (feat Mr. V) - (8:09) 126 BPM Hot
Seascape - (6:08) 125 BPM
Close To U - (6:05) 125 BPM
Exotica - (6:41) 125 BPM
Review: French producer DJ Steaw dives deep into the world of house music with his debut release on the legendary Nu Groove label, the aptly titled "Seascape EP." This four-track journey explores the producer's signature sound - think driving basslines and warm, soulful vibes - while incorporating a range of influences that keep things fresh. The EP kicks off with "Take It There," a powerful track that sets the tone with its pulsating stabs and undeniable groove. The title track, "Seascape," offers a beautiful contrast, layering airy pads over dynamic percussion, creating a dreamlike atmosphere on the dance floor. "Close To U" and "Exotica" further showcase DJ Steaw's versatility. Both tracks maintain a recognizable, nostalgic feel, perfect for those who appreciate classic deep house with a modern twist. They're undeniably club-ready, yet possess a quality that's equally suited for home listening.
 from $1.89
826194 656690
22 Mar 24
Offshore Sunsets
Steve Cobby & Third Attempt - "B Human" - (5:02) 110 BPM Hot
Third Attempt - "Language Of The Heart" - (4:03) 106 BPM
Steve Cobby & Third Attempt - "Feeling Seen" - (4:18) 99 BPM
Review: The new EP, "Offshore Sunsets," by the collaborative effort of Steve Cobby (of Fila Brazilia fame) and Third Attempt washes over the listener like a warm, hazy summer evening. Released on Paper Recordings, this three-track offering is a delightful exploration of Balearic house, perfect for unwinding or soundtracking a laid-back gathering. The opening track, "B Human," sets the tone with its "rolling, hypnotic, spaced-out" vibe (as described by Paper Recordings). Floating minor keys, a walking bassline, and a gorgeously chugging guitar create a sun-drenched soundscape. This is Balearic bliss at its finest. Third Attempt takes the reins for the aptly titled "Language Of The Heart." This track leans into a more downtempo, a perfect offering for those late-night sessions or creating a chilled atmosphere. The duo reunites for the closing track, "Feeling Seen." This hazy, jazzy broken beat number brings the EP to a satisfying conclusion. Deep basslines intertwine with funky elements, showcasing the collaborative magic between Cobby and Third Attempt.
 from $1.89
PR 354
13 Mar 24
79.5 Remixes
79.5 & Malik Hendricks - "Feel Like Dancin'" (Malik Hendricks remix - extended version) - (5:24) 120 BPM
79.5 & JKriv - "Our Hearts Didn't Go That Way" (JKriv remix) - (5:10) 124 BPM
79.5 & Jubilee - "B.D.F.Q." (Jubilee remix) - (4:23) 135 BPM
Feel Like Dancin' (Generalisation dub) - (6:48) 100 BPM Hot
B.D.F.Q. (FSQ remix - extended version) - (7:41) 110 BPM
Review: NYC combo 79.5 are, like Midnight Magic and Escort before them, a live outfit whose trademark sound and output is shaped by the rich musical history of the city they call home. That superb sound was outlined on last year's eponymous debut album, tracks from which appear in remixed form on this must-check EP. There are two takes on previous single 'Feel Like Dancin': an extended deep house take by Malik Hendricks with added Afro-house percussion, and an impressive low-tempo chugger titled the 'Generalisation Dub'. 'B.D.F.Q' also comes in two contrasting variations: the spacey electro-meets-ghetto-house flex of the Jubilee Remix, and an extended version of FSQ's Midnight Magic style neo-disco interpretation. A percussive and joyous J Kriv house revision of 'Our Hearts Didn't Go That Way' completes a fine package.
 from $1.89
RNTD 105
12 Apr 24
Strings For Life EP
Strings For Life - (6:50) 122 BPM
School Daze - (5:52) 120 BPM Hot
Sophisticated Funk - (4:57) 120 BPM
Review: Oliver Dollar, a Berlin-based artist who first appeared on Rekids as a remixer in 2012, has returned to Radio Slave's label with his 'Strings for Life' EP. The EP's title track begins with rich and stirring strings that add soul to the track. The song is warm, euphoric, and built on a rocksteady disco groove, making it both familiar and classic. 'School Daze' is a loopy track with funky bass, jazzy chords, and timeless house drums topped off with a retro vocal sample. The EP's final track, 'Sophisticated Funk,' features an epic, emotive beatdown, and Dollar doubles down on the disco. Oliver Dollar brings a very different sound to Rekids with this EP, which is full of joyous and lush tunes.
 from $1.89
05 May 23
Mood Loops
Mood Loops - (4:40) 128 BPM
Pedro Would Dig This One - (5:07) 127 BPM
Brother - (3:18) 128 BPM
Gratitude - (4:29) 125 BPM Hot
Played by: Dam Swindle, Fouk
 from $1.89
29 Mar 24
Shammanatic EP
Shammanatic (original mix) - (7:13) 122 BPM
Atomic Flower (original mix) - (5:48) 90 BPM
Mush Mellow (original mix) - (6:44) 119 BPM
Shammanatic (Adari remix) - (9:28) 128 BPM
Atomic Flower (Sinai (IT) remix) - (6:46) 106 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
SHNG 236
12 Apr 24
Vault Sessions 2
Felica Williams - "The Time Is Now" (Old School mix) - (6:51) 122 BPM
Larry Heard - "Premonition Of Lost Love" (feat Ona King - Jordan & Kevin's Zanzibar dub) - (5:45) 124 BPM
Larry Heard - "Andromeda One" - (6:48) 123 BPM
Mr Fingers - "Mystery Of Love" (DJ Mel ReGentryfication) - (5:33) 124 BPM Hot
Review: Although the first instalment of Larry Heard's 'Vault Sessions' series of EPs featuring rare and hard-to-find material specifically showcased tracks he produced in 1988, there's no rigid concept behind this sequel - but plenty of must-have gems from the deep house legend's bulging archive. The EP opens with 'The Time Is Now (Old School Mix)', a Heard-produced Felicia Williams single of old that's typically deep and sensual, before the Chicagoan offers Jordan Fields and Kevin Elliot's Club Zanzibar New Jersey-inspired 1995 dub of 'Premonition of Love'. Elsewhere, 'Andromeda Dub' sees Heard meld deep house, dub and sci-fi synth sounds, while DJ Mel's revision of all-time-classic 'Mystery of Love' is a rolling, percussive treat.
 from $1.89
ML 2240
21 Jul 23
Disco Selections, Vol 2
Vigi - "Loving You" - (8:06) 120 BPM
Kousto - "Save My Soul" - (4:57) 123 BPM
Sauco - "Twisted Funk" - (7:31) 120 BPM Hot
Donny Rotten - "Her Way" - (5:58) 124 BPM
Review: Contemporary disco with the funk and soul in full effect is the order of the day on this V/A offering from Ravanelli Disco Club. Vigi's opening 'Loving You' comes from the more discofied end of the deep house and garage spectrum and should be a small-hours cert, after which comes Kousto's 'Save My Soul', which marries rolling tribal drums to a looped soulful male vocal, and as such should work on soul and soulful house floors alike. It's then time to get up, stand up as Sauco's aptly-titled 'Twisted Funk' takes us into struttier territory, before finally Donny Rotten brings the 70s-inspired nu-disco vibes with 'Her Way'.
 from $1.89
RDC 012
10 Mar 23
Run (Sofia Kourtesis Remix)
Quantic, Andreya Triana & Sofia Kourtesis - "Run Feat. Andreya Triana" (Sofia Kourtesis remix) - (5:18) 126 BPM Hot
Quantic & Andreya Triana - "Run" (feat Andreya Triana) - (3:43) 113 BPM
 from $1.89
11 Apr 24
Acid Test 09.1
Test 7 - (8:10) 118 BPM
Test 3 (vocal version) - (7:14) 115 BPM
Test 2 - (8:12) 80 BPM
Test 3 - (7:16) 115 BPM Hot
Review: In honour of its tenth birthday, Donato Dozzy and Tin Man's first - and so far only - collaborative EP is given the remix treatment. This time round, it comes in lightly expanded form, with 'Test 3' appearing in two forms: the blissful ambient acid style original mix (a wonderful mid 1990s throwback) and a previously unheard vocal version, which not only adds a drowsy, effects-laden lead vocal, but also a hypnotic, soft focus groove. Elsewhere, 'Test 7' is a fine slab of otherworldly deep house/acid house fusion, while 'Test 2' is a more out-there, mind-altering ambient acid excursion.
 from $1.89
11 Apr 24
Detroit Stories
Home - (6:17) 120 BPM Hot
Gipsy - (5:55) 112 BPM
The People - (6:26) 120 BPM
Gipsy (Prins Thomas remix) - (8:17) 116 BPM
 from $1.89
FLEX 020
12 Jan 24
Galactic Funk
Let It Go - (7:39) 126 BPM Hot
Galactic Funk - (6:34) 126 BPM
Soft & Ruff - (6:06) 126 BPM
Crashin' Out - (6:42) 127 BPM
Review: While he never went away, it would be fair to say that DJ Sneak has enjoyed something of a career revival of late. This EP for Phonogramme follows strong recent outings for Heist Recordings, Hard Times and Toy Tonics. He begins in pleasingly bouncy and percussive mode on 'Let It Go', where warming stabs and hushed melodic motifs rise above a Kenny Dope style bumpin' house beat and deep, rich bass, before opting for a wonky, mind-mangling sound on title track 'Galactic Funk'. The Chicago veteran then gives it to us 'Soft & Ruff' - think rolling, locked-in grooves and slowly evolving melodic loops - while closing cut 'Crashin' Out' is a suitably sub-heavy slab of deep loop-house headiness.
 from $1.89
11 Mar 24
Nu Groove Edits, Vol 3
Metro - "Turnstyle Turbulance" (NiCe7 edit) - (5:39) 126 BPM
N.Y. House'n Authority - "APT. 2B" (Mark Broom's Vox Flanger mix) - (5:53) 123 BPM
Tracer - "Love Fantasy" (Dirty Channels edit) - (5:25) 124 BPM Hot
Asylum - "Guitarz" (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon edit) - (5:32) 118 BPM
Review: Nu Groove shines a spotlight on the musical geniuses who transformed the renowned NYC label into a must-have for crate diggers, both in the past and today. Their crucial tracks undergo a contemporary reimagining by present-day industry trendsetters and discerning tastemakers. To kick things off, Metro's 'Turnstyle Turbulance' gets a remix treatment from the skilled Italian duo NiCe7, infusing it with enchanting vibes and transforming it into an auditory joyride. Following suit, the classic house anthem 'APT. 2B' by N.Y. House'n Authority (aka the alter ego of Rheji Burrell) receives a rejuvenating touch from remix expert Mark Broom, giving the track a new lease on its funky life. Fasten your dancing shoes because 'Love Fantasy' by Tracer, the brainchild of Luie Rivera and the legendary Paradise Garage DJ Joey Llanos, undergoes a stylish makeover by Dirty Channels. These Italian maestros know how to add an extra layer of spice to an already scorching track. And if that weren't enough, the dynamic duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon bring their musical expertise to Rheji Burrell's 'Guitarz' as Asylum, concluding this sonic escapade with a flourish.
 from $1.89
826194 633691
08 Dec 23
Latino Body Music Vol IV
Si Te Doy Un Beso - (5:22) 120 BPM
Tu Para Mi - (4:13) 125 BPM
No Seas Loca - (5:33) 116 BPM Hot
Nuevas Emociones - (5:34) 113 BPM
Muchachita - (5:01) 115 BPM
Comon Beibe - (5:00) 117 BPM
LxLxDxLxVx - (5:46) 123 BPM
No, Asi No (feat Galliani) - (5:01) 117 BPM
 from $1.89
PP 096
12 Apr 24
Minor Fools
That's Right - (7:04) 120 BPM Hot
Minor Fools - (5:40) 125 BPM
Soul's Lament - (6:28) 125 BPM
Review: Having spent much of 2023 marking the 10th birthday of their popular Heist Recordings imprint, Dam Swindle have not had much time to showcase new music. This three track EP of all-new material is therefore a very welcome development. Predictably, they're on the spot from the word go, wrapping filtered string sounds, hazy horn samples and sustained organ chords around a warming disco bassline and layered disco-house beats on 'That's Right'. Title track 'Minor Fools' follows, offering a blend of sweat-soaked deep house beats, rubbery synth-bass and sun-soaked chords, before the popular Dutch duo round off another strong EP via the tactile and huggable, disco-sampling sweeps of 'Soul's Lament'. It's arguably the EP's most impactful moment - and that's saying something.
 from $1.89
20 Oct 23
000 Baby W (Om Unit Remix)
000 BABY - (6:36) 109 BPM Hot
OOO Baby (Om Unit remix) - (6:14) 135 BPM
Review: Chinese producer Mr Ho impresses muchly with this release on his own Klasse Wrecks label. '000 Baby' in its Original form is a delightfully diverse concoction that blends ethereal synths, a haunting, lilting female vocal, drums that nod to early 90s street soul, Rastaman shouts, a big fat bassline and, as we get into the second half, lots of pleasing acid squelch. As if that wasn't enough Bristol boy Jim Coles, better known as Om Unit, then gives the track a deep drum & bass makeover that's enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and no mistake, guv'nor. Top drawer bizniss for sure.
 from $1.89
25 Mar 24
Blackbird Returns
Fat Freddy's Drop & Kings - "Blackbird" (Kings remix) - (4:09) 95 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Nightmares On Wax - "Russia" (Nightmares On Wax 10th Anniversary remix) - (6:26) 120 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop, Christoph El Truento & Lucky Lance - "Clean The House" (Christoph El Truento & Lucky Lance remix) - (3:02) 81 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop, Yarni & Liv East - "Silver & Gold" (Yarni & Liv East remix) - (5:00) 111 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Philippa - "Bones" (Philippa dub) - (5:30) 116 BPM Hot
Fat Freddy's Drop & Jazzanova - "Soldier" (Jazzanova remix) - (7:06) 120 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Feiertag - "Mother Mother" (Feiertag remix) - (4:19) 125 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Marcus Worgull - "Blackbird" (Marcus Worgull remix) - (6:43) 116 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & The KBCS - "Blackbird" (The KBCS rework) - (3:28) 81 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop, Dub Pistols & Freestylers - "Bones" (dub Pistols & Freestylers remix) - (5:40) 88 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Kid Fonque - "Mother Mother" (Kid Fonque remix) - (7:34) 120 BPM
Fat Freddy's Drop & Syrup D - "Silver & Gold" (Syrup D version) - (5:18) 110 BPM
Review: A decade on from the release of 'Blackbird', the third studio album by beloved New Zealand combo Fat Freddy's Drop, the album returns in freshly remixed form. It's a naturally celebratory affair that touches on most of their stylistic influences and more, from reggae/soul/hip-hop fusion (the fine Kings rub of 'Blackbird', Christophe El Torento and Lucky Lance reworking 'Clean The House'), sub-heavy house warmth (Nightmares on Wax's club-ready take on 'Russia'), dub disco (Kiwi deep house star Philippa tweaking 'Bones'), soaring house-not-house (Jazzanova's emotion-rich interpretation of 'Soldier'), digi-dub (Marcus Worgull's version of 'Blackbird'), wobbly jump-up D&B (Freestykes and Dub Pistols re-imagining 'Bones') and bowel-bothering bass music (Syrup D's fantastic mix of 'Silver & Gold').
 from $1.89
DRP 031D
29 Sep 23
Double Trouble
Bayrou - (4:40) 122 BPM
Cope - (7:03) 130 BPM
Bayrou (Lindstrom remix) - (6:39) 122 BPM Hot
Bayrou (Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi remix) - (6:38) 122 BPM
Cope (Francois K remix) - (9:34) 124 BPM
Cope (Rigopolar remix) - (7:15) 125 BPM
Cope (Freudenthal remix) - (7:09) 130 BPM
Cope (DiskJokke remix) - (6:19) 130 BPM
Cope (Josh Ludlow remix) - (5:50) 130 BPM
Cope (Freudenthal Italo mix) - (7:23) 130 BPM
Review: Dombrance has spent the last few years making music inspired by imaginary French politicians of the 1960s, '70s and '80s. To round of the project, he's pitched up on Discolypso to share the final two tracks - and a wealth of remixes. 'Bayou' is a certified throb-job in which alien-sounding synths and heady vocalisations rise above a pulsating, Italo-disco groove, while 'Cope' is a darker, techno-tempo workout rich in analogue electronics and driving grooves. There are too many remixes to mention them all, but our picks include Lindstrom's breezy, electrofunk-influenced Norse disco take on 'Bayou', Baldelli and Dionigi's hybrid dub disco/Afro-cosmic take on the same track and Francois K's suspenseful, stretched-out, slow-build revision of 'Cope'. Throw in a deliciously druggy, Italo-disco-goes-rave revision of the same cut by Diskjokke, and you have a genhinely brilliant package.
 from $1.89
01 Mar 24
6 PM EP Part1
6 PM (original mix) - (6:15) 123 BPM
6 PM (Sebb Junior remix) - (6:12) 124 BPM Hot
6 PM (Sachrias & Aslak dub) - (5:51) 123 BPM
 from $1.89
CR 042
11 Apr 24
Hot Mess
Hot Mess - (5:45) 126 BPM
Hot Mess (Even Hotter mix) - (5:58) 126 BPM
Hot Mess (Mike Dunn 'Deep Messy' remix) - (6:22) 126 BPM Hot
Hot Mess (Mike Dunn 'Deep Messy' instrumental mix) - (6:22) 126 BPM
Review: Hilit Kolet makes her debut on Rekids with Hot Mess! Featuring remixes from the legendary Mike Dunn, it follows her own versions of Terry Farley & Wade Teo's "Why We Dance". It's her first EP for Radio Slave's label and the title track is a driving anthem that expertly blends marching rhythms with iconic house vocals, heightened in the 'Even Hotter Mix' which as its namesake suggests, spices up the intensity. Moving on, Chicago house maestro Mike Dunn infuses some stylish flair into his take, slowing down the groove, crafting an infectious bassline, and honouring the original's captivating vocals with warehouse style. Boom.
 from $1.89
09 Feb 24
Wild Life (Remixes)
Wild Life (Roy Davis Jr. & Byron The Aquarius remix) - (7:16) 126 BPM
Wild Life (Jamie 3: 26 & Danou P 'DiscoTek' remix) - (8:28) 123 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
13 Oct 23
Something Good EP
Late Night Vibes - (5:58) 122 BPM Hot
Right Place - (5:46) 120 BPM
Something Good - (5:16) 123 BPM
Review: St Petersburg's own disco don Sunner Soul returns with three more predictably high-calibre slices of contemporary disco. The EP opens with the sumptuous, lounge-y and aptly titled 'Late Night Vibes' with its dreamy female vocal, chorus'd "oohs" and lavish strings. 'Right Place' then joins the dots between deep house, filter disco and 80s boogie in a most pleasing fashion, before finally we come to the slightly housier 'Something Good' with its rich, warm bassline and sampled chunks of interview dialogue with the mighty Tupac. What the EP doesn't have, you might argue, is any obvious peaktime calls to the dancefloor, but that's a good thing... this is for the headz!
 from $1.89
VMR 106
18 Mar 24
Magari EP
Talk To Me - (6:33) 125 BPM
Attention - (5:57) 125 BPM
Magari - (7:47) 121 BPM Hot
Review: Giuseppe Tuccillo enjoyed a fruitful 2023, with his solo outings on Nu Groove, Melodeum and Kaoz Theory being amongst his greatest releases to date. For his first missive of 2024, the long-serving Italian producer pops up on his own House of Tucci label with a predictably impressive three-track offering. Tuccillo begins with 'Talk To Me', a kind of ultra-deep, rubbery and bass-heavy fusion of hypnotic mid-90s NYC house and early '90s Italo-house, before unfurling the bustling, hard-to-pigeonhole, Afro-cosmic-goes-house elasticity of 'Attention'. It's genuinely inventive and infectious, as is closing cut 'Magari', where Tuccillo wraps deep, filtered synth sounds, airy vocal snippets and tactile electronic motifs around a boogie-influenced drum track.
 from $1.89
HOT 007
22 Mar 24
Focus EP
It's Alright - (5:47) 128 BPM Hot
Focus - (5:22) 126 BPM
Gyal - (4:03) 128 BPM
Don't Want - (4:54) 126 BPM
Into The Chamber - (6:39) 127 BPM
Will Fade - (3:40) 129 BPM
Review: Tal Fussman emerges on Drumpoert and to house music at large as a young artist poised to make waves on deepr house inspired dancefloors. With releases on prestigious labels like Innervisions and his own Survival Tactics, Fussman's innovative productions skirt at the borders of techno and house. His latest offering for Drumpoet takes off with something of a futuristic house anthem in "It's Alright" before moving on to the break-beat influenced "Focus". Tracks like "Don't Want To" and "Into the Chamber" drive the EP into tribal and straight-up dancefloor vibes, while "Goal" and "Will Fade" explore emotive and experimental soundscapes. The Fuss!
 from $1.89
DPC 089-3
05 Apr 24
Too Late To Dream
Too Late To Dream (original mix) - (6:28) 121 BPM
Too Late To Dream (Joe Morris remix) - (5:55) 110 BPM
Inner Story (original mix) - (6:13) 120 BPM
Inner Story (Lone Saxon Street Rub) - (6:21) 108 BPM Hot
Vision Of Mind (original mix) - (6:22) 123 BPM
Vision Of Mind (Akasha System remix) - (6:53) 123 BPM
Review: Shades of Sound Recordings have turned to young French producer Harrington - a lover of deeply dreamy, emotive and nostalgic house music - for their latest release. He sets his stall out with title track 'Too Late To Dream', a gorgeously colourful and authentic tribute to late '80s Italian dream house, before Joe Morris joins the dots between Don Carlos and street soul on his accompanying remix. Breezier late '80s piano house flavours are the order of the day on 'Inner Story' and Lone Saxon's electro-break driven 'Street Rub', while 'Vision of Mind' is a tactile and smile-inducing slice of Italo-house excellence. Best of all, though is the slow-burn and ludicrously loved-up Akasha System rework of that track: a killer cut to end a genuinely superb EP.
 from $1.89
SOS 018
19 Feb 24
Deep Beat
Honey Bunny - "Tropical Wave" - (4:56) 110 BPM
Q-Green - "Disco Marsh" (dub remix) - (6:46) 118 BPM
Q-Green - "See You" (extended remix) - (6:56) 120 BPM
Q-Green - "Something" (dub mix) - (6:45) 123 BPM
Sergii Petrenko - "Ibiza Winter" (Deep dub remix) - (6:45) 123 BPM
Rousing House - "Wild West" (dub remix) - (5:59) 123 BPM
Sergii Petrenko - "Ibiza Winter" (Deep remix) - (6:45) 123 BPM
Q-Green - "Disco Marsh" (original mix) - (6:46) 118 BPM
Q-Green - "Birth Of The World" (remix) - (6:32) 120 BPM
Sergii Petrenko - "Solar Marimbas" (dub remix) - (6:08) 120 BPM Hot
Q-Green - "Zero Gravity" (remix) - (6:49) 122 BPM
Rousing House - "Disco Session" (21 ROOM remix) - (7:47) 115 BPM
Rousing House - "Disco Session" (Q-Green dub remix) - (7:47) 115 BPM
Q-Green - "Orgasm" (dub mix) - (7:28) 120 BPM
Rousing House - "Piano Retro" (Oziriz dub remix) - (7:10) 125 BPM
Q-Green - "The Sea Of Calm" (dub mix) - (5:52) 120 BPM
Rousing House - "We Want Ibiza" (Q-Green remix) - (7:14) 115 BPM
21 ROOM - "Old House Sound" (dub remix) - (7:28) 120 BPM
Q-Green - "Inhale Exhalation" (Oziriz remix) - (6:39) 125 BPM
21 ROOM - "Easy Ecstasy" - (7:20) 120 BPM
 from $1.89
MR 0239
23 Aug 20
Everybody's Free
Everybody's Free (Static Revenger X GT 'House Rules' Edition [Extended]) - (4:24) 127 BPM
Everybody's Free (Siphe Tebeka remix [Extended]) - (7:32) 121 BPM
Everybody's Free (Latroit Edition [Extended]) - (4:05) 124 BPM
Everybody's Free (Stakev remix [Extended]) - (5:39) 113 BPM Hot
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) ([Extended]) - (3:08) 118 BPM
 from $1.89
12 Apr 24
Higher EP
Higher (extended mix) - (4:53) 122 BPM
Bump Into You - (5:53) 120 BPM Hot
Work 2 It - (4:59) 123 BPM
The Rock - (7:37) 120 BPM
Review: Lorenz Rhode and Dam Swindle's Lars Dale have joined forces to create Sound Support, a brand new collaborative project. Their debut release is a must-have for house music enthusiasts, featuring an impressive collection of peak-time ready tracks that will get you moving. The title track, 'Higher,' seamlessly blends chunky disco-house loops with warm, jazzy-funk flavors, reminiscent of the Sound Stream era. 'Bump Into You' is a stirring disco-house anthem with an epic string arrangement that's just waiting to take center stage. 'Work 2 It' offers a nostalgic, bassline-driven, warehouse-ready track that will transport you back in time. 'The Rock' rounds off the release with a fusion of boogie synths, electro-funk basslines, deep house chords, and rolling drums.
 from $1.89
TOYT 146
07 Apr 23
Side To Side
Side To Side - (7:04) 118 BPM
Side To Side (Hot Toddy remix) - (6:12) 114 BPM Hot
Side To Side (Shiny House mix) - (6:42) 125 BPM
 from $1.89
RW 239
25 Mar 24
Nu Groove Edits, Vol 4
The Sound Vandals - "Tonight's The Night" (NiCe7 edit) - (5:30) 124 BPM Hot
N.Y. House'n Authority - "APT. 2A" (Hugo Massien rework) - (5:33) 122 BPM
The Utopia Project - "File #3" (Mak & Pasteman remix) - (4:49) 126 BPM
A.B.T. - "Luv 2 Luv U" (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon edit) - (6:46) 105 BPM
Review: Nu Groove Records delivers another gem with "Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 4," a compilation that breathes new life into classic tracks from the label's illustrious history. This release spotlights the artists who shaped the legendary NYC label, offering re-interpretations by leading selectors of today. It kicks off with "Tonight's The Night" by NYC favorites How & Little (The Sound Vandals), given a fresh treatment by Italian duo NiCe7. The track retains its original charm while incorporating contemporary production elements, setting the tone for the rest of the journey. N.Y. House'n Authority's seminal "APT. 2A" gets reworked by UK deep tech aficionado Hugo Massien, resulting in a deeper, more introspective version that retains the groove of the original. The collection also features a remix of The Utopia Project's "File #3" by Mak & Pasteman, showcasing their signature blend of soulful vocals and driving basslines. Then it closes with a bang with the duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon re-imagining A.B.T.'s "Luv 2 Luv U." Their edit infuses the track with irresistible energy, making it a guaranteed dance floor mover.
 from $1.89
826194 633790
08 Mar 24
Best Of Rush Hour 2010
Anthony Shakir - "The Other One" - (6:31) 123 BPM
Rick Wilhite - "Get On Up!!" (Theo Parrish' Late dub) - (7:47) 125 BPM
Tom Trago - "Use Me Again" - (8:15) 124 BPM Hot
Dexter - "Junofest" - (6:22) 123 BPM
Tevo Howard - "Crystal Republic" - (7:58) 126 BPM
Mrsk - "Close To Me" - (8:09) 128 BPM
Boo Williams - "Mortal Trance" - (6:03) 120 BPM
Tom Trago - "Lost In The Streets Of Nyc" (Boris Werner remix) - (9:20) 123 BPM
Nebraska - "Ras El Hanout" - (7:18) 122 BPM
Carl Craig & Kenny Dixon Jr & Shake & Sherard Ingram Are Urban Tribe - "My First Mistake" - (7:26) 124 BPM
Mandre - "M3000 (opus Vi)" (Felix Dickinson & Nick The Record edit) - (6:12) 123 BPM
Cosmin Trg - "Groove Control" - (4:46) 129 BPM
Aardvarck - "Nosestep" (Cosmin Trg remix) - (5:07) 125 BPM
Falty Dl - "All In The Place" - (5:04) 120 BPM
Recloose - "Soul Clap 2000" - (7:48) 120 BPM
Daniel Wang - "Not Feeling It" - (3:41) 124 BPM
Kyle Hall - "After Fall" - (4:42) 120 BPM
Robert Hood Presents Floorplan - "Funky Souls" - (5:33) 125 BPM
Rick Poppa Howard - "I Won't Lay Back" (Underground vocal) - (6:41) 124 BPM
Kink & Neville Watson - "Metropole" - (6:23) 121 BPM
 from $1.89
RH 2010
08 Dec 10
Flight Of The Comet (Remixes)
Ban The Disco (Crackazat remix) - (6:07) 122 BPM Hot
Ban The Disco (Patchworks remix) - (6:23) 126 BPM
Ban The Disco (Paul Cut remix) - (5:20) 122 BPM
Pendant Ce Temps La A Vera Cruz (Raw Analog Funk remix) - (4:33) 127 BPM
Flight Of The Comet (Turbojazz remix) - (4:18) 88 BPM
Review: Art of Tones fantastic collaborative EP with live disco-jazz outfit Chatobaron, last year's 'Flight of the Comet', have been given the remix treatment. The EP begins with a trio of takes on 'Ban The Disco'. Crackazat steps up first with a UK garage-influenced deep house revision rich in musical colour, before Bruno Hovart dons his familiar Patchworks alias for a luscious, all-live take that sits somewhere between deep disco, jazz-funk and organic house. If you're looking for a little more energy, check Paul Cut's driving, Rhodes-laden revision of the same track. Elsewhere, the 'Raw Analog Funk Remix' of 'Pendant Ce Temps La A Vera Cruz' is a languid, warm and richly organic deep house treat, while Tiurbojazz's take on 'Flight of the Comet' is a slow-motion, sax and piano-laden head-nodder with added Balearic sunshine.
 from $1.89
29 Mar 24
The Rapture Pt.III
The Rapture Pt.III - (8:02) 120 BPM
 from $1.89
09 Jun 23
Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver
Various - "Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver: Disc 1" (continuous DJ mix By Dave Seaman & Quivver) - (1:09:31) 123 BPM
Charles Webster & Ursula Rucker - "Begin Anew" (Quivver & Dave Seaman Beginapella) - (4:22) 123 BPM
DJ Counselling - "Sun God" - (5:13) 128 BPM
Quivver & Dave Seaman - "The Water's Edge" - (6:53) 122 BPM
Quivver - "Fever" - (4:47) 123 BPM
Murat Uncuoglu - "Magico" - (7:22) 122 BPM Hot
Enamour - "Merge With Dust" - (9:31) 126 BPM
Four Candles - "On The Fence" - (6:53) 123 BPM
Kamilo Sanclemente - "Horizons" - (7:43) 121 BPM
Aikon - "Hurricane" - (6:32) 120 BPM
Stas Drive - "Bipolar" - (6:40) 122 BPM
Einmusik - "Walensee" - (7:25) 122 BPM
Quivver & Dave Seaman - "Mushroom Embargo" - (7:03) 123 BPM
Ben Archbold - "Psychedelic Halo" - (8:01) 124 BPM
Quivver & Dave Seaman - "Make This Disappear" - (7:15) 123 BPM
Robert Babicz - "Mystik" - (5:41) 126 BPM
Just Her - "Lifted" - (6:00) 125 BPM
Various - "Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver: Disc 2" (continuous DJ mix By Dave Seaman & Quivver) - (1:16:33) 123 BPM
Quivver & Dave Seaman - "Go With The Flo" - (4:00) 120 BPM
Paul (AR) & Capri - "Push" - (8:57) 123 BPM
Polaroit - "Apart" (Timo Maas remix) - (5:30) 121 BPM
Dave Seaman - "YoHo" (James Harcourt remix) - (5:59) 121 BPM
Gai Barone - "Thinking Together" - (6:42) 124 BPM
Dee Montero - "Sensei" - (5:59) 123 BPM
Quivver & Dave Seaman - "Operation Magpie" - (6:00) 124 BPM
Jamie Stevens - "The Peace Machine" - (7:32) 122 BPM
Jepe - "Dream State" - (8:10) 123 BPM
Stas Drive - "Hold Me Tight" - (7:21) 122 BPM
Axel Giova & Larrosa (AR) - "Conditional" - (7:09) 124 BPM
Floormagnet - "Other Sounds" - (6:20) 123 BPM
Floormagnet - "Other Sounds" (Circulation remix) - (6:48) 121 BPM
Underworld - "Low Burn" (Dave Seaman remix) - (9:14) 122 BPM
Jamie Stevens & Kasey Taylor - "Verlaine" - (8:33) 122 BPM
Chicola - "Dust Coins" - (7:18) 120 BPM
Ron Flatter - "Ovid" - (7:56) 122 BPM
Review: Following chart-topping mixes from Henry Saiz and Tim Green in 2023, Balance presents a new compilation curated by two masters of their craft: the great Dave Seaman and Quivver. Seamlessly blending style and substance, this release showcases their collaborative effort in reaching out to a diverse array of producer friends & associates - taking in exclusives, classics and fresh bangers from the likes of Robert Babicz, Underworld, Aikon and Timo Mass remixes - not mention the dudes themselves via five collaborative productions. Balance, keeping it tilt!
 from $1.89
22 Mar 24
Problemes D'Amour (KDJ & Carl Craig Mixes)
Problemes D'Amour (live version) - (6:45) 122 BPM
Problemes D'Amour (KDJ edit) - (4:40) 120 BPM Hot
Problemes D'Amour (Carl Craig remix) - (9:14) 121 BPM
Also Sprach Zarathustra - (4:16) 128 BPM
 from $1.89
HEM 2106D
21 Oct 22
Abstract Funk Theory (Mixed By Circulation)
The Timewriter - "Lost In Lyrix" - (7:48) 131 BPM
Carl Craig - "Televised Green Smoke" - (6:20) 121 BPM
The Ron Honey Experience - "Nitedrive" - (7:02) 130 BPM Hot
Subtech - "Coast To Coast" - (6:55) 128 BPM
At Jazz - "Bless The Funk" - (7:39) 129 BPM
Circulation - "Uncoloured" - (8:33) 129 BPM
Motorfunk - "This Time" - (6:34) 123 BPM
P.I.M.P. - "N'Archy On Mars" - (7:26) 127 BPM
Two Full Minds - "No Smoke" - (5:36) 138 BPM
Random Factor - "Broken Mirror" - (6:53) 120 BPM
Voice Stealer - "Evaluation" - (4:19) 120 BPM
 from $1.89
01 Jan 01
Don't Want It (extended mix) - (4:09) 127 BPM
I Only Have You (feat Eno Williams - club mix) - (7:22) 118 BPM
Fade (feat SHELLS) - (3:43) 120 BPM
Bondax & Dur-Dur Band - "Yabaal To London" (extended mix) - (6:22) 121 BPM Hot
Energy (feat Andreya Triana) - (2:54) 119 BPM
Journey (feat Mysie) - (5:00) 120 BPM
Signal Generator - (4:40) 123 BPM
Infra - (5:27) 124 BPM
Review: Bondax's "Journey" on Future Disco isn't just an album title, it's an experience. This LP marks a decade in the game for the UK dance duo, and "Journey" reflects that beautifully. It's a blend of their signature sounds with fresh influences, all wrapped in a future-disco sheen. The album kicks off with the previously-released banger "Don't Want It," setting the pace with driving rhythms and those classic Bondax synths. Tracks like "I Only Have You" showcase their versatility, featuring smooth vocals from Eno Williams that blend seamlessly with their sonic palette. A true highlight is "Fade" featuring SHELLS. Flanging guitars and entrancing beats create a mesmerizing soundscape, perfectly embodying the album's exploration of diverse sounds. "Yabaal to London" is another winner, a funky fusion of 80s disco and modern production with the Dur-Dur Band. It's impossible not to move to this one. It's a genre-bending album that pays homage to disco's roots while offering a fresh, modern take. Packed with infectious beats, captivating vocals, and stellar production, this album is a guaranteed dance floor filler and a must-listen for fans of electronic music with a touch of nostalgia.
 from $1.89
197338 096475
22 Mar 24
I Am One, I Am Many
I Am One, I Am Many - (5:44) 124 BPM Hot
I Am One, I Am Many (Adelphi Music Factory remix) - (6:07) 126 BPM
I Am One, I Am Many (Make A Dance remix) - (7:04) 124 BPM
I Am One, I Am Many (Nenor remix) - (5:06) 124 BPM
I Am One, I Am Many (T.U.R.F. remix) - (4:54) 124 BPM
I Am One, I Am Many (Make A Dance Deep mix) - (6:32) 124 BPM
I Am One, I Am Many (Make A Dance dub mix) - (7:04) 124 BPM
Review: Following two collaborative releases (with Marcellus Pittman and Marius Vries respectively), Chicago veteran and sometime Greenskeepers member James Curd goes solo for the third missive on his freshly minted label, Pronto. In its original form (track one), 'I Am One, I Am Many' is an insatiably funky, Chicago boompty-influenced roller that makes great use of booming bass, crunchy Clavinet riffs, excitable disco samples and atmospheric female spoken word vocals. London twosome Make a Dance provide a trio of reworks: a rolling, organ-flecked, '90s US garage-influenced 'Remix', a hazy and effects-laden 'Deep Mix' and an organ bassline-propelled, extra-percussive 'Dub'. Elsewhere across the EP you'll find further reworks from T.U.R.F (big room, warehouse-ready hedonism), Nenor (synth-sporting, dub disco-influenced house stomp) and Adelphi Music Factory (colossal, hands-in-the-air disco-house bounce).
 from $1.89
10 Feb 23
Ancestarians (Physical mix) - (7:17) 110 BPM Hot
Ancestarians (Spiritual mix) - (4:53) 143 BPM
Champagne Kiddie Pool (original mix) - (6:23) 114 BPM
Sandbox Fossils (original mix) - (6:46) 116 BPM
Review: Producer Blair French makes an impressive debut on MotorCity Wine Recordings with his "Ancestarians" EP. The release finds him adeptly bridging the worlds of soulful Detroit deep house and laidback Balearic grooves, carving out a distinct musical identity. The Physical Mix of the title track lays down a midtempo, jazzy groove primed for the dancefloor, infusing pan-African rhythms and a rich interplay of live instruments. In contrast, the Spiritual Mix ventures into more atmospheric, ambient realms, highlighting French's varied musical influences. Kicking off with a vibrant bounce, "Champagne Kiddie Pool" melds bright cavaquinho tones with an infectious dembow-inflected groove, conjuring up a summertime beach vibe. The EP's closing cut "Sandbox Fossils" ratchets up the energy level with its dynamic drum programming, shimmering keys and a standout bassline performance.
 from $1.89
MCWR 017
22 Mar 24
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