Reviewed this week
Last seen flexing on the likes of DUPLOC, White Peach and Version Collective, Mr K's credentials speak for themselves. As do his precision murk-raking, infectious compositions. Take "Fidget", a stripped back wriggler that recalls the days of FWD with its sleazy bass bends and toxic addictive hook. Elsewhere we hit the pensive sunrise walk through the loneliest of graveyards that is "No Air", we're submitted into the abyss with the purring spatial dynamics of "Focus" before closing out with a little mystic science and rudimental dub aesthetics on "Where I". A serious label debut; we reckon we'll be seeing more of Mr K on Truth's triple D imprint very very soon...
Based in Walsall, the Chameleon Audio imprint, headed up by MoJoe and Chemist RNS, has been one of the most impressive midlands based movements in recent years. This latest compilation entitled 'Colours' sees them gather together a selection of their finest troopers, including the likes of Chemist RNS, Aranha, Triple S, Particle and more. We also some exciting debuts from the likes of Defiant and Khabs as well as stormers from S3 Dubs with 'Blur' and Sensi with 'Corvus'. For us the standout track of the whole compilation comes from grimey man of the minute Jakebob alongside fellow producer and vocalist: Rakjay entitled 'Sailor Jerry's. The pair get busy on this one as they lay down some skippy UKG flavours and electric vocal flows.
Founding Southpoint crewdem Drax comes correct with this deliciously trippy and singular six track mini album/mega EP hybrid. As always, it's laced with a faraway charm with many references to the fair east in its tonal and textural treatment. At points mind bending chaos (the wild Brainfeeder style IDM jitters and chops of "Meka"), at others delicate, honest and emotional (the smoky barbed post love song "Move On") and others pure 23rd century dancefloor (the spring "Strain") this is Drax at his deepest, most detailed and most direct.
The power of the Circus imprint is as apparent as ever with this one as they unveil Conrank and Drezza for a stunning dubstep outing on their new collaboratory single 'Decapitale'. The Circus influence is clear from the off as shimmering lead bass synths grind away come the breakdown, packed with colour and energy across smooth melodies and pounding drum work. Excellent work and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the duo!
VOODOO CHILLI feat RHIA - My Heart (Cheap Thrills)
KRONODIGGER - ENC015 (Encrypted Audio)
SPEC - I Feel Sick (Uprise Audio)