Reviewed this week
Abstrakt Sonance and DMVU on one triple-D lung-hugging heaver? This can only spell trouble. Unhurried in its intro, confident in its alien angularities, ridiculous with its tempestuous sound design; everything about this co-lab stinks to hades and back... And we wouldn't have it any other way. Drop "I Be The" and YOU be the hero.
Fresh from remixing Flux and Black Tiger Sex Machine, not to mention that casual neck snap he gave us earlier this year, Melbourne bass fiend Sub-Human returns with another one track banger salute. The clue is in the title, too... While "Squeal" slaps with sledgehammer pressure and some devilishly ruff bass tones, it tickles with a strange high pitched mouse-squeezed squeak that fills in all the spaces up top. Trippy and heavy... Everybody wins!
Serial compilationists LW dive deep into the crucial wave of new dubstep happening right now with this walloping 25 track dubstep compendium. Celebrating all shades and styles across the freshly energised genre, highlights include the trappy edge of LexXxare's "Unknown Gun", DJ Cron's EDM-laced big drop slammer "Fly Up", the eerie mysticism and haunted vocal cries of Muhla's "Sultunate" and the poignant vocal weeps and washes of LTSG's truly unique "Bad Habits". And that's just the tip of the 140 iceberg. Weapon up!
VOODOO CHILLI feat RHIA - My Heart (Cheap Thrills)
KRONODIGGER - ENC015 (Encrypted Audio)
SPEC - I Feel Sick (Uprise Audio)