Reviewed this week
Not content with absolutely smashing the game with their Deep Dark & Dangerous label this year, Truth return to one of their strongest spiritual homes: Deep Medi Music. Naturally they're packing some serious sentiments: "Lion" is a pounding roller that chugs with an industrial strength toxic bassline and demonic call from Teklife's Taso. "Messages" flips the situation for a much lighter, mystical and spatial exploration with fluttering break echoes and unhurried, yearning chords. Finally we're knocked seasick by the slobbering kicks and boa-like bass of "Ruffneck" which doesn't so much as live to up to its name but sets a new benchmark in dangerous, knife-edge ruffneckism. Powerful frequencies.
Cold like winter. Cold like your soul if you're not physically and spiritually wounded by the depth and space at play on the lead cut on this titanic b2b between Southpoint affiliates Noble & JFO's. "Cold" does more damage than an open bar tab on results night. Elsewhere "Delta" digs deep into sub harmonics over a classically chiselled grime step while "Natural" hammers out with a rifle-like staccato riddim that switches slickly and sickly into mad spacious dubstep and acid technoid sections. Next level Tumblage.
You will have heard this track about over the summer, with its garage hype, grime grit and dubstep wobble, it's unmissable and unmistakably fun. This EP come with 5, that's right 5 remixes. The Vital Techniques take has lots of bassline influence, bouncing bass and high pitched whistles. Palize keeps the hyped up bassline vibe strong, but the track is stripped back. The Burt Cope remix feels slower and more powerful than the original and the other remixes, the switch after the break down is too much, get ready to watch the floor explode. The Fiyahman version is pure heat, after building anticipation the drop follows the 4/4, bassline vibe of its predecessors. Agro's version really stands out from the rest and is our favourite of the release, it's dark, brooding and bordering on drum and bass, the swaths and descending subs would kill any bass dancefloor.
Oh my goodness, if you're a fan of old school grime, dubstep and of good music in general you'll love these tracks. Both on different tips 'Ar Kid' is violent and twisted and will have blasting those gun fingers to the warping dubstep drops and catchy hook which will have you becoming fully fledged hype man. 'Ships' is one of those track with that magical balance of complex simplicity, between the clicks, drips and whirls there's so much space in the track allowing you to focus on Kwam's exceptional delivery.
Ain't no messing around here; Enigma Dubz makes his debut on Hatcha's Hatched with some of his most frazzled and forthright jams. "Haters" don the hater-blockers with classic sheet metal bass rippage and orchestral tension, "In Heaven With You" will tug on your heart strings with its dank, laser-melting bass twists while "The Swarm" lulls you into a false sense of tropical security before a Predator bassline leaps out from the swamp and kills you in your tracks. Finally "Torn" takes a yearning, soulful vocal and wraps it around broken glass bass shards in a dangerously seductive way. Immense.
After that recent killer EP for Vision Collective, Hebbe lands on his native Subway imprint with four ice-cold dubstep licks for the corner dwellers. In fact, this is some pure rewind gear too, if we want to get all technical! "Dubmedika" literally stutters its bouncing bass bumps across glitchy percussion swings, while "Flute Song" unleashes a wavy haze of smoke in the air not too dissimilar to the sort found in Dutch jungles. Our man then teams up with Samba on "Subway", a harder, more imposing piece of steppers, leaving "Shanty Town" to provide the 'outernational' vibes thanks to a more swinging, more off-kilter set of percussion jingles. LUSH.
Top wobbler and mighty charmer Gramatik is back on his own Lowtemp with the first chapter of the new Re Coil series, a new strain of tunes clearly inspired by sci-fi and the ubiquity of technology. You got six tunes to swell your noggin' good n' propah, kicking off with the suave and laid-back sway of "Future Crypto", which falls neatly into the far-out jazz vibes of Goldilocks Enigma" featuring Anomalie. "Aymo" goes for an Eastern look and feel, dropping some banging bhangra chills, while "Voyager Twins" and "Recovery" opt for more cosmic pastures, and "Halcyon" ties the final knot with a groovy little slice of upbeat nu-boogie for the dancefloor.
Ever since Jaguar Skills joined the Viper family he's been on some of the most brutal, aggressive jams he's ever put out. And we like it! As raw, unpredictable and energetic as his famous monster mixes, every cut so far has been a banger. Especially this one... Featuring venomous put downs by Milli Major & Face, Jags' choppy riddim, turbo-funk and neuro-like bass frazzles are the perfect complement for ultimate face melting sessions. Air pie never tasted so wholesome!
Sharp bass fusions from newcomer Huffy on J Beatz Crown Jules imprint. "Midfield" shoots and scores with staccato bass and drums stabbing and flexing in unison. "Silah" takes down a grimier path with broken glass textures and iced-out sci-fi aesthetics while "Farewell" lifts the spirits with a palette of east-facing pipes and woozy, blurred stop/start cuts. Finally "Profit" seals the deal with a spiritual groove that touches on the deeper side of trap and wave music. Rich in soul, variety and space.... Huffy's puffing on a long game.
KRONODIGGER - ENC015 (Encrypted Audio)
SPEC - I Feel Sick (Uprise Audio)
VOODOO CHILLI feat RHIA - My Heart (Cheap Thrills)