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Delirio Italiano (dub) - (7:04) 120 BPM
Jaas Func Haus (Art Of Tones remix) - (5:06) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Jaas Func Haus (Rahaan remix) - (5:55) 115 BPM
Jaas Func Haus (Sworn Virgins remix) - (6:28) 128 BPM
Delirio Italiano - (3:52) 120 BPM
Review: Four months after the release of his fine debut album "What It Is", Toy Tonics founder Matthias Modias AKA Kapote offers up fresh versions of two of the set's most potent tracks. Of most interest to many will be the included "big name" remixes of "Jaas Func Haus". Art of Tones does a bang-up job recasting the cut as a dusty chunk of rubbery jazz-house/deep house fusion, while the Sworn Virgins remix is a delay-laden late night analogue-house wiggler from the Ron Hardy school of Chicago sleaze. Best of all, though, is Rahaan's rework, which is a wonky mid-tempo fusion of acid-style electronics and spiraling disco bliss. Elsewhere, there's another chance to enjoy Modias' funk-fuelled disco workout "Delirio Italiano", as well as a stripped back, extra-percussive "Dub" mix.
TOYT 091
06 Sep 19
from $1.49
Boogie Till We Drop - (6:00) 114 BPM
I'll See It Again - (6:14) 116 BPM
It's Over, It's Over - (5:51) 96 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Music Is Her Lover - (5:51) 109 BPM
Out Of The Night Time - (5:49) 101 BPM
Won't You Blame Me - (6:53) 105 BPM
You Know I Like It - (6:26) 114 BPM
Review: Get ready to boogie till you drop as Montenegro-based scalpel fiend Mitiko offers up a seven-track selection of lightly beefed-up re-edits. There's plenty of tried-and-tested fun to enjoy, from the chugging, synth-sporting disco-rock antics of "Boogie Till We Drop" and the surging K.I.D rework business of "I'll See It Again", to the low-slung swamp funk sleaziness of "Music Is Her Lover" and the rubbery boogie-soul goodness of slap-bass sporting workout "Won't You Blame Me". Wisely he's included a smattering of superb slow jams, too, with the '80s soul shuffle of "Out Of The Night Time" and slow disco groover "It's Over, It's Over" standing out.
DF 095
06 Sep 19
from $1.49
Saskin S - "Yes, You Know I'm Right" - (6:45) 100 BPM
C Da Afro - "Get Over" - (6:38) 109 BPM
Fingerman - "Mind Fonk" - (7:07) 119 BPM
Gluv - "Goes Disco Right" - (5:24) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Disco Funk Spinner - "Fascinating Strike" - (7:03) 117 BPM
Jarle BrAtthen - "Gonna Make A Change For Once In My Life" - (7:07) 121 BPM
Hotmood - "I Try To Do The Best" - (6:26) 115 BPM
Rayko - "Heat" (Rayko edit) - (5:06) 110 BPM
Kellini - "Helt Uten" - (6:26) 120 BPM
Funk Hunk - "After Dark" - (5:22) 128 BPM
Saskin S - "My Pnoop" - (6:03) 95 BPM
Played by: FINGERMAN, 80's Child
Review: An 11-track compilation of modern day funk and disco here from Norway's Walking Disco stable. While Rayko and C Da Afro are both represented, the emphasis generally is on lesser-known names, but there's still plenty of quality on offer. Fingerman conjures the classier, jazzier end of 80s boogie nicely on 'Mind Fonk', while equally convincing are the mid-70s velvet-suited disco vibes of Disco Funk Spinner's 'Fascinating Strike'. Funk Hunk apes classic Moroder on 'After Dark', while label owner Saskin S bookends the collection with two slow-moving funk jams, 'Yes, You Know I'm Right' and 'My Pnoop'. Classy stuff.
WDR 0332019
11 Sep 19
from $1.49
Everybody Wants To Be - (6:56) 126 BPM
The Lovely Ones - (7:40) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Got The Funk - (7:38) 120 BPM
Review: Exactly one month on from an acclaimed outing on Katakana Edits, RockNRolla Soundsystem pitches up on Danny Worrall's Masterworks Music imprint with a hot-to-trot trio of celebratory peak-time reworks. Our pick of the bunch is the surging disco-funk business that is "Got The Funk", where impassioned vocal snippets and disco orchestration take control after a gnarled, funk-fuelled build-up. That said, plenty will enjoy opener "Everybody Wants To Be", a house style tweak of one of the most commercially successful and well-known disco records of all time, while synth-powered disco-boogie workout "The Lovely Ones" is a cheery and thickset take on a Michael Jackson hit.
MMD 083
09 Sep 19
from $1.49
Africa We DanceEXCLUSIVE
Tonga - "Anik Ana" (V's Savannah Ride edit) - (6:17) 112 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
KC&SUB - "Black Waters Hold" (V's As It Used To Be edit) - (7:10) 112 BPM
Osibiza - "Like It Is" (V's edit) - (7:08) 115 BPM
SIMANDE - "Brothers" (V's On A Slide edit) - (6:08) 115 BPM
Manu Di Bongo - "Big Flow" (V's Can't Cool edit) - (5:23) 122 BPM
FELLA - "Impossible" (V's Afro Jam) - (8:10) 120 BPM
ODYSSAY - "Party Down" (V's edit) - (7:18) 120 BPM
Kiki - "Disco Dancer" (V's edit) - (7:18) 121 BPM
FGA - "Now That We Found" (Peak Time rework) - (4:56) 120 BPM
V & Funky Junkie - "Katastrofa" - (6:24) 120 BPM
Ralf Agan - "Brother" (V's edit) - (5:02) 120 BPM
Majid Bekkas - "Daymallah" (V's Blue Drop edit) - (7:16) 114 BPM
Deodata - "P. Gunn" (V's Psychedelic Trigger edit) - (5:46) 114 BPM
Don Sherry - "Walker" (V's edit) - (6:10) 120 BPM
Vecchoy - "N-Sambei" (V's Hot Hot Hot Replay) - (5:01) 113 BPM
VHR 069
23 Aug 19
from $1.49
Back To Lovin' - (6:16) 123 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Broers Vergadering - (3:43) 115 BPM
Pleased With Oneself - (6:07) 122 BPM
The Mystery Of Loops - (6:53) 122 BPM
Way Back Time - (6:28) 120 BPM
Review: St Petersburg's Sunner Soul invites us into his "Discotheque", a place where sweet disco strings, groovy basslines, swirling filter effects, bumping house beats and hazy electric piano chords join hands on the dancefloor. As usual, there's plenty to enjoy, from the breezy disco-house elasticity of "The Mystery of Loops" and hazy, rush-inducing positivity of "Way Back Time", to the jazzy deep house shuffle of "Broers Vergadering" and extra-percussive, dubbed-out disco brilliance of "Pleased With Oneself". The pick for peak-time plays is undoubtedly opener "Back To Loving", a spiraling disco-house romp that rises and falls in all the right places.
VMR 071
03 Sep 19
from $1.49
Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris - "Glad To Know You" - (3:43) 116 BPM
Phenomenal Handclap Band - "Jail" (Marcel Vogel remix) - (5:52) 120 BPM
Kapote - "Delirio Italiano" - (3:52) 120 BPM
Mangabey - "GUFM" (Folamour remix) - (6:47) 124 BPM
COEO - "Japanese Woman" - (5:37) 120 BPM
Phenomenal Handclap Band - "Judge Not" (Ray Mang Special mix) - (7:57) 112 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Kapote - "Brasiliko" - (5:47) 122 BPM
Mangabey - "Just Luv Machine" - (5:13) 125 BPM
Art Alfie - "Bondkatten" - (5:42) 124 BPM
FYI Chris - "Encounters" (feat DJ Morris) - (6:06) 126 BPM
Felipe Gordon - "Tell Me Something True" (Pontchartrain remix) - (6:04) 122 BPM
Review: It would be fair to say that Toy Tonics releases a lot of "Top Tracks", making this seventh digital-only label sampler a must-have for those who enjoy the twin delights of heartwarming deep house and celebratory contemporary disco. Some of the label's biggest dancefloor hits of recent times naturally make an appearance - see Ray Mang's fabulous remix of Phenomenal Handclap Band's "Judge Not", Pontchartrain's cheery and chiming remix of Felipe Gordon's "Tell Me Something True", Los Amigos Invisibles and Dimitri From Paris's cover of Chaz Jankel classic "Glad To Know You" and COEO's brilliant "Japanese Woman" - alongside some gems that may have passed you by. These include the impeccable deep house of FYI Chris's "Encounters", two brilliant contributions from Kapote and Mangabey's drowsy disco-house number "Just Luv Machine".
TOYT 100
23 Aug 19
from $1.49
Just As Bad As You - (7:23) 107 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Prison - (5:50) 106 BPM
I Know I've Been Changed - (8:56) 120 BPM
New York Paris - (5:16) 112 BPM
Review: Four lavish cuts drawing on classic funk, soul and disco make up this EP from Derby's Ant Plate, better known variously as Yse, Yse Saint Laur'ant or Rhythm Plate. 'Just As Bad As You' is a midpaced cut that tops a pulsating funk groove with soaring brass and a full-lunged female soul vocal. 'The Prison' is a mellower, more cinematic affair with a spoken vocal, 'I Know I've Been Changed' is an upbeat stomper on the house/disco cusp and finally 'New York Paris' sees us back in soundtrack-y territory, conjuring images of a late-night cab ride through late 70s mean streets.
WD 64
26 Aug 19
from $1.49
Dee-Ly Stan (Lego Edit Disco cut) - (7:32) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Jungle Track (Lego edit 5 AM) - (6:23) 124 BPM
Jazzy Track (Lego Classic Jazz) - (7:03) 119 BPM
Simply Jazz (Lego Jazzy dub) - (3:56) 129 BPM
Sol Levante (Lego Jazzy 5 AM) - (10:03) 128 BPM
Review: Surrounded by piles of plastic bricks and merrily whistling "Everything Is Awesome", Lego Edit opens up his "Sample Bag" and offers up more hush-hush reworks from his seemingly endless collection. As usual, there are plenty of tried-and-tested treats to savour, from the tooled-up house take on Steely Dan classic "Do It Again" that is "Dee-Ly Stan" (see what he did there etc) and the filter-heavy disco-house thrust of "Jungle Track", to the hard-wired loop arrangements and booming bottom end of standout "Jazzy Track" and the sun-kissed afternoon pleasure of "Simply Jazz", a solos-laden romp through soul-jazz pastures tantalizingly tweaked to guarantee dancefloor pleasure.
18 Jul 19
from $1.49
Waves Of Funk - (6:15) 120 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Funk Of The Future - (5:31) 116 BPM
Skin Tite Funk - (5:16) 120 BPM
Cozmic Funk - (6:45) 120 BPM
Review: Squeeze into your wetsuit and grab a surfboard: Doctor Packer has created "Waves of Funk" and we can ride them all the way to the beach. The title track is particularly potent, with the Australian producer wrapping fizzing synthesizer melodies and thrusting vocal samples around typical mid-80s drum machine percussion and the month's most addictive electronic bassline. He flips to hustling disco-funk/P-funk fusion on the synth-laden strut of "Funk To The Future" before reaching for crunchy disco-funk guitar riffs, twinkling electric piano motifs and talkbox flavours on P-funk jam "Skin The Funk". If that's not enough to tickle your fancy, closing cut "Cozmic Funk" does exactly what it says on the tin and should excite all those with a passion for spacey synths, goodtime grooves and swirling disco orchestration.
MMD 081
12 Aug 19
from $1.49
Nicole Willis - "I Call Your Name" (feat Banda Palomita - Smoove remix) - (5:20) 57 BPM
Chrome - "Dopamine Hit" (I Need A Hit Smoove remix) - (3:36) 55 BPM
Izo FitzRoy - "Say Something" (Smoove remix) - (5:38) 115 BPM
The Haggis Horns - "World Gone Crazy" (feat Lucinda Slim - Smoove remix) - (4:31) 108 BPM
The Allergies - "Run It Back" (feat Andy Cooper - Smoove remix) - (4:03) 65 BPM
The Third Degree - "Mercy" (Smoove remix) - (5:20) 130 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Myles Sanko - "Promises" (Smoove remix) - (4:18) 130 BPM
Smoove & Turrell - "Will You Be Mine" (Smoove Retouch) - (5:47) 60 BPM
King Bee - "Money Gone" (Smoove remix) - (4:15) 113 BPM
Mr Doris & D-Funk - "Back In The Day" (feat MysDiggi - Smoove's Party remix) - (4:02) 105 BPM
The Bahama Soul Club - "No Words" (feat Brenda Boykin - Smoove remix) - (5:31) 62 BPM
The Future Dub Project - "Captain Hook" (Smoove remix) - (7:07) 63 BPM
Renegades Of Jazz - "Fire" (feat Aspects - Smoove remix) - (5:21) 64 BPM
Men Of North Country - "I'm Com'un Home" (Smoove remix) - (3:57) 141 BPM
Fab Samperi - "Jazz Di Mezzaluna" (Smoove remix) - (6:01) 122 BPM
John Turrell - "Stella Maris" (Smoove remix) - (5:20) 59 BPM
Aldo Vanucci - "You're All Show" (feat Kylie Auldist - Smoove remix) - (3:59) 126 BPM
Played by: LEGO EDIT
Review: Jalapeno Records present a 17-track V/A collection of contemporary funk grooves, all of which have been given a makeover by Smoove, of Smoove & Turrell fame. There are some big names from the 'new old' funk scene represented (Haggis Horns, Nicole Willis, Smoove & Turrell themselves) but as you might expect from the label it's on, the emphasis is more on party-hearty funk breaks/funk-hop than out-and-out 60s/70s revivalism. Renegades Of Jazz's 'Fire' with its wukka-wukking geetar and guest rap vocal from The Allergies is one standout, King Bee's O'Jays-biting 'Money Gone' another, but dive on in and find your own faves...
JAL 284
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Sauco & Manuel Costela - "Are We Ready?" - (7:42) 117 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Hotmood - "Flamingo" - (6:04) 118 BPM
Rafael Fernandez - "I Don?t Know (But This Is Funk)" - (6:38) 103 BPM
Tony Disco - "Last Nite" - (5:22) 110 BPM
Clean Is Good - "Groovy Language" - (5:42) 112 BPM
Sould Out - "Overnight" - (5:49) 105 BPM
Review: Mexico's Deep Sense serve up a six-track EP that shows there's more than one way to go about repurposing a classic. Rather than simply looping up chunks of the original, the edits here get a little more creative - Sauco & Manuel Costela's 'Are We Ready?', for instance, takes the vocal from Fatback's 'Bus Stop' vocal and places it over a fresh (and utterly irresistible) funk backing, while on 'Last Nite' Tony Disco uses a similar trick to reinvent an InDeep classic in altogether sultrier, jazzier form. An equally well-known chanted vocal tops the brass-tastic 'Flamingo' from Hot Mood, and there are three more very playable nuggets where those came from!
29 Jul 19
from $1.49
Hi NRG (In Flagranti remix) - (5:53) 126 BPM
Hi NRG - (6:03) 126 BPM
Hi NRG (Yam Who? remix) - (5:35) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: The brilliantly named Record Playerz, whose true identity is shrouded in secret, come(s) to the achingly hip Midnight Riot. In its original form, 'Hi NRG' pays tribute to the short-lived early 80s sub-genre of the same name: the BPMs might have dropped but the stuttering drum machine beats, analogue synths and vocodered vox are all present and correct. The In Flagranti Remix tones down some of the 80s excess and adds some lively percussion, but the standout here by far is the remix from Yam Who?, which could take the track to more straight-up house/disco floors.
26 Aug 19
from $1.49
Yo Love - (4:28) 112 BPM
Yo Love (Club mix) - (5:53) 112 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Yo Love (dub) - (6:24) 112 BPM
Played by: J&M BROTHERS
Review: Sometime Escort members JKriv and Adeline have already notched up one of the disco records of 2019 - the fantastic "Vertigo" on Z Records - and we'd not bet against "Yo Love" being similarly as successful. In its original and extended "Club Mix" forms, "Yo Love" sounds like a heartfelt tribute to Chic, with Adeline's headline-grabbing vocal rising above an insatiable backing track rich in unfussy disco drums, Bernard Edwards style bass, Nile Rodgers-esque guitars, subtle electric piano stabs and, on the longer version, Roy Ayers style vibraphone solos. In other words, it's a revivalist NYC disco treat. The accompanying instrumental Dub naturally is far more groove based and delay-laden, with extra percussion hits and plenty of selected vocal snippets echoing across the sound space.
826194 466183
06 Sep 19
from $1.89
Why Don't You? - (8:49) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Sexy Tortellino - (6:22) 114 BPM
The Dude - (8:31) 102 BPM
Coliandro - (7:36) 125 BPM
Review: Earlier in the year, Italian-Australian producer Dave Mathmos sent many hearts fluttering via a killer EP of mid-tempo reworks on DJ Supermarket's Too Slow To Disco edits series. This time round he's in a more up-tempo mood, with opener "Why Don't You" offering a peak-time ready, house-friendly rework of disco classic "Spread Love" that allows the original vocals, horns and orchestration plenty of room to breathe. "Colinandro" is similarly weighty and upbeat, with Mathmos sprinkling a little contemporary dancefloor magic over a downlow disco-funk workout. Elsewhere, "The Dude" is an excellent pitched-down revision of another heady slab of disco-funk, while "Sexy Tortellino" is a mid-tempo bubbler that layers dubbed-out snippets from a familiar disco-funk favourite over a chunky, locked-in groove.
26 Aug 19
from $1.49
Emotion (extended mix) - (6:09) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode - "Up & Down" (extended mix) - (6:49) 118 BPM
19 Jul 19
from $1.49
Vertigo (Yuksek remix) - (5:31) 120 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Vertigo (JN Spirit Of 78 mix) - (8:33) 122 BPM
Vertigo (original Club mix) - (7:10) 122 BPM
Vertigo (acapella) - (5:00) 123 BPM
Review: Second time around for JKriv and Adeline's "Vertigo", a revivalist disco treat that first appeared last autumn. The still-hot "Original Club Mix" (track three) sounds like a long lost cut from Brooklyn disco modernists Escort, a band that both JKriv and Adeline were members of. It's absolutely brilliant all told - think strong choruses, Nile Rodgers guitars, jangly pianos and walking bass - as is the dusty disco-house revision from Yuksek. Best of all though is the storming interpretation from Z Records chief Joey Negro, who wraps Adeline's vocal and JKriv's bassline in colourful new boogie synths and some classic disco-funk horns. There's no doubt about it, this will (rightly) be one of the biggest disco records of 2019.
ZEDD 12276
16 Aug 19
from $1.49
Tonight (feat Amunda) - (4:36) 93 BPM
Disco Weapon - (6:12) 116 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: Over the last few years, disco and boogie loving funkateer Shaka Loves You has proved to be one of the most reliable artists on Bomb Strikes. Further proof arrives in the shape of "Tonight", a two-track single that's as summery as rain-soaked festivals, abandoned backyard barbeques and post-work beer garden drinking sessions. Vocalist Amunda stars on "Tonight", a unique blend of R&B, synth-driven reggae and Balearic boogie that has all the makings of a smile-inducing radio hit. If it's heavy dancefloor thrills you're after, virtual B-side "Disco Weapon" will do the trick; its' low-slung bassline, razor sharp horns, fizzing synth lines and rousing horns are tailor-made to guarantee dancefloor devastation.
02 Aug 19
from $1.49
Sweet Time (Yuksek remix) - (4:22) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Sweet Time (Yuksek remix - dub) - (5:07) 121 BPM
BA 043
02 Aug 19
from $1.49
What You Feel - (5:00) 111 BPM
Cruel Summer - (5:42) 109 BPM
To The Moon - (4:08) 111 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Destination Hell - (4:11) 126 BPM
Little Things - (3:22) 93 BPM
Being Endless - (6:36) 106 BPM
Take Your Time - (4:12) 122 BPM
Fall Into You - (4:28) 98 BPM
Ground Floor - (2:23) 80 BPM
Last Dance - (5:30) 103 BPM
Played by: RSS Disco
Review: Permanent Vacation bring us the debut long-player from LA duo Woolfy vs Projections. Nu-disco from the poppier end of the spectrum is the general theme, with a strong 80s twist - as evidenced by a slo-mo cover of Bananarama's 'Cruel Summer' which actually works surprisingly well, in a TOTP 1986 kinda way. Standouts include last week's trailer single 'Last Dance', the hazy, lazy instrumental 'Being Endless' and the hefty, bassy chug of 'Fall Into You', while the 80s Euro-style vocals and pop sensibilities mean its an album that could find favour among fans of acts like Hot Chip or Little Dragon.
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
The Rhythm Is There - (6:17) 119 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
My Darling (Dina) - (6:34) 120 BPM
The Rhythm Is There (Doc Jam remix) - (5:53) 120 BPM
Tropical Space - (6:07) 124 BPM
Review: It's been three years since the last installment in the "Giant Cuts Presents" series, so this fiery and funky four-tracker from Mexican hero Hotmood is long overdue. He's naturally in fine form, brilliantly joining the dots between loopy disco edits, James Brown and groovy deep house on tasty opener "The Rhythm Is There", before serving up a slightly deeper flavour of disco-house on the dewy-eyed bounce of "My Darling (Dina)". Doc Jam does his best Tiger & Woods impression on his loopy and life-affirming house revision of "The Rhythm Is There", while closing cut "Tropical Space" is an inspired fusion of jazz-funk, disco-house and evocative tropical jazz samples that's as summery as test match cricket, family barbecues and disappointing package holidays to half-built Spanish seaside resorts.
GCP 003D
30 Aug 19
from $1.49
Dino Lenny - "I Lost Appetite" - (7:22) 122 BPM
Doctor Dru - "Kloeppel" - (6:51) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Organism - "Roast" - (6:14) 122 BPM
Budakid - "1991" - (7:22) 122 BPM
Review: For those inspired by Diynamic Music's trademark brand of European tech-house/deep house fusion, the label's semi-regular "Four To The Floor" EPs are essential listening. Predictably, the latest volume - the 15th in total - is packed to the rafters with high-grade fare. Veteran producer Dino Lenny kicks things off with the arpeggio-driven dark room thrills of "I Lost Appetite" - all electronic bleeps, doom-laden chords and rolling drums - before Doctor Dru offers up the similarly pulsating, trance-inducing heaviness of "Kloeppel". The Organism's "Roast" is a fuzzy and forthright chunk of vaguely panicked electro-house, while Budakid's "1991" wraps moody chords and rushing lead lines around a snappy but tactile rhythm track.
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Catherine Brenot - "Et Tout Est Yin Et Tout Est Yang" (Club mix) - (5:19) 100 BPM
1 Plus 1 - "Coming Up For Air" (instrumental) - (5:25) 110 BPM
Fragile - "We've Got Tonight, Boy" (original mix) - (6:17) 105 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Jarmaz - "Night City Life" (Disco remix) - (3:57) 119 BPM
Friend Of Mine - "Just Your Pride" (original mix) - (4:47) 111 BPM
Mac & Monica - "You're So Good To Me" (original mix) - (6:29) 106 BPM
Sala & H - "Feel The Love" (original mix) - (4:00) 104 BPM
Alexandra - "Fantasia" (original mix) - (4:47) 103 BPM
Gioia - "No Secrets" (instrumental) - (7:42) 119 BPM
Janelle - "Don't Be Shy" (dub) - (6:41) 116 BPM
Alessandro Scellino - "Dinner In The Jungle" (Erotic mix) - (6:51) 116 BPM
Brian Tatcher - "Hot Love" (instrumental dub mix) - (6:48) 106 BPM
Preludio - "Mysterious Nights" (original mix) - (4:46) 96 BPM
Played by: Kongisto
Review: The latest must-have compilation from crate-digging label Spacetalk comes courtesy of little-known record collector and DJ Ilan Pdahtzur, a man who enjoys nothing more than strolling around the City of London at night listening to obscure Italo-disco, synth-heavy Balearic beats and dusty, hard-to-find synth-pop cuts. The tracks on "Night City Life" are some of his night-stroll favourites and, as you'd expect, are uniformly superb. Our highlights - and you may have others - include the rubbery instrumental boogie business of 1 Plus 1's "Coming Up For Air", the late night NYC freestyle brilliance of Jarmaz's "Night City Life (Dub)", the low-slung boogie-funk/synth-pop fusion of Mac & Monica's "You're So Good To Me" and the insanely intergalactic, synth-laden thrills of Brian Tatcher's "Hot Love (Instrumental Dub Mix)".
06 Sep 19
from $1.49
Mr Flagio - "Take A Chance" - (7:54) 118 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
My Mine - "Hypnotic Tango" - (6:12) 119 BPM
Clio - "Faces" - (5:40) 120 BPM
Charlie - "Spacer Woman" - (7:24) 123 BPM
Capricorn - "I Need Love" - (5:56) 118 BPM
Wet - "Thats The Game" - (7:27) 122 BPM
Doctor's Cat - "Feel The Drive" - (6:25) 116 BPM
Wish Key - "Orient Express" - (7:11) 124 BPM
P Lion - "Happy Children" - (5:57) 113 BPM
Vivien Vee - "Remember" - (9:10) 128 BPM
Review: Should you require an introduction to the camp, sleazy and synth-heavy world of 1980s Italo-Disco, this superb set should be an essential purchase. It naturally includes some highly influential and classic cuts - see Mr Flagio's throbbing "Take A Chance", Charlie's intergalactic "Spacer Woman", and a track that helped inspire the Chicago house movement, "Feel The Drive" by Doctor's Cat - alongside a clutch of rarities and lesser-celebrated workouts such as Mr Mine's "Hypnotic Tango", Clio's "Faces" (which sounds like much of the Pet Shop Boys' debut album, "Please"), Wet's "That's The Game" and the Latin-influenced, horn-heavy strut of Vivian Vee's "Remember".
CDGR 581022
23 Aug 19
from $1.49
Various/Joey Negro
AC Soul Symphony - "K-Jee" (Joey Negro Philly World mix) - (8:31) 122 BPM
Sylvester - "I Need You" (Opolopo remix) - (7:54) 119 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (original Disco mix Alt Intro) - (6:26) 121 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "Fly Away" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (8:06) 128 BPM
Fonda Rae - "Over Like A Fat Rat" (Jazz N Groove Classic mix) - (7:06) 127 BPM
Bottin & Jupiter - "Sage Comme Une Image" (Club mix) - (6:03) 115 BPM
JKriv & Adeline - "Vertigo" (original mix) - (7:10) 122 BPM
Fibre Foundation & Kelli Sae - "Weekend" (Joey Negro Disco Re-Blend) - (6:45) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Dancing Into The Stars" (feat Horse Meat Disco & Angela Johnson - original mix) - (9:26) 120 BPM
Wardell Piper - "The Power Of Love" (JN Power Of The Boogie mix) - (6:16) 118 BPM
Timmy Vegas & Kerry Davies - "Get Yourself Together" (Timmy's B'ham Disco Authority mix) - (6:35) 120 BPM
Raw Essence - "Do You Love What You Feel" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:32) 128 BPM
DJ Fudge & Kiko Navarro - "So Tight" (Club mix) - (7:47) 120 BPM
Joey Negro & Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (6:39) 123 BPM
Prospect Park - "Till You Surrender" (DJ Fudge Disco mix) - (7:01) 123 BPM
Sessomatto - "Moody" (Joey Negro Club mix 2016 Remaster) - (8:06) 128 BPM
Opolopo - "Get On Up" (original mix) - (5:34) 120 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "The Secret Life Of Us" (feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne - Director's Cut Signature mix) - (7:51) 124 BPM
Kola Kube - "Everybody Needs Somebody" (Faze Action remix) - (7:29) 118 BPM
Antonello Ferrari & Jennifer Wallace - "Make Room For Me" (Joey Negro Disco Boogie dub Extravaganza) - (8:13) 123 BPM
Joey Negro - "Love Hangover" (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Disco Blend) - (6:44) 121 BPM
Yam Who? & Jaegerossa - "Grateful" (feat Jacqui George - Tweaked mix) - (6:16) 125 BPM
The Sunburst Band - "I'll Be There 4 U" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (6:50) 127 BPM
Gwen Guthrie - "What A Life" (Joey Negro remix) - (6:19) 122 BPM
Les Claudettes - "Alexandrie Alexandra" (Joey Negro Club mix) - (14:44) 125 BPM
Review: When it comes to blending classic disco and bumpin' peak-time house, few can match Joey Negro - a man who has been offering up disco-fied house jams since the early '90s. There are naturally plenty of his own tracks and remixes on "Put Some Disco In The House", an expansive collection of quality disco-house moments, with highlights including the rolling disco-boogie heat of "Put The Music On It (Original Disco Mix)", the chunky, walking bass-propelled "Dancing Into The Stars" (with Horse Meat Disco and Angela Johnson) and a slamming rework of Sessomato's jazz-funk flavoured "Moody". There's plenty of heat to be found elsewhere, too, with standouts including JKriv and Adeline's "Vertigo", Opolopo's boogie-tinged revision of Sylvester classic "I Need You" and the spiraling disco pump of Yam Who and Jaegerossa's "Grateful".
21 Jun 19
from $1.49
Pontchartrain - "La Magie" - (7:33) 119 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Pontchartrain - "Hey Mariposa" - (6:37) 120 BPM
Thatmanmonkz - "Luh Me On Mi Celly" - (6:54) 107 BPM
Thatmanmonkz - "Radiation Steppa" - (5:52) 118 BPM
Review: It may have taken a few months, but Whiskey Disco's latest split EP - a fine affair featuring two reworks apiece from Ponchartrain and Sheffield-based East Midlander Thatmanmonkz - has finally made it to digital download. Pontchartrain steps up first, first offering up the breezy, tropical-sounding disco stomp of "La Magie" - all punchy horns, classic disco bass, fizzing synth lines and glassy-eyed female vocals - before brilliantly reworking an obscure disco/jazz-funk instrumental (the suitably spacey "Hey Mariposa"). Arguably even better is "Luh Me On Mi Celly", the low-slung, stretched-out dub disco revision that counts as thatmanmonkz's first contribution to the EP. His second, "Radiation Steppa", is a fizzing, synth-heavy disco-boogie number blessed with passionate male group vocals.
WD 63
05 Aug 19
from $1.49
Crunch Level - (6:26) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Agguato - (6:21) 116 BPM
Adamantine - (5:07) 125 BPM
Review: A few years ago, International Feel Recordings treated us to a handful of inspired 12" singles by Black Spuma, a collaborative project helmed by Fabrizio Mammarella and Phillip Lauer. Here the duo returns - this time on Bristol's Futureboogie Recordings - with a first new single in two years. Title track "Crunch Level" is nowhere near as "retro-Balearic" as their previous work, instead offering a mind-altering blend of ghostly vintage synthesizer chords, robotic machine guns and foreboding, arpeggio style sequenced bass. It's the kind of thing we'd expect to hear if Alexander Robotnik and John Carpenter got together in the studio. Elsewhere on the EP, "Agguato" is a funk-fuelled chunk of early '80s new wave/Italo-disco fusion, while "Adamantine" is like a "Behaviour"-era instrumental Pet Shop Boys B-side.
FBR 069
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Starry Night - (6:38) 123 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Han Pan - (6:41) 126 BPM
GUDU 001
03 May 19
from $1.49
Flash Atkins - "Summer Of Love" (The Emperor Machine mix) - (10:40) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Soundersons - "Cabasa" (original mix) - (6:17) 110 BPM
Rave-Enka - "Honningen" (original mix) - (9:00) 122 BPM
Maxx Mortimer - "Soulfood" (original mix) - (6:27) 119 BPM
Proviant Audio - "Take Me Back To When I Wish I Was Born" (Brennan Green remix) - (7:04) 120 BPM
Diskobeistet - "Birkelunden" (original mix) - (7:09) 120 BPM
Daco - "The Uprise" (Galactica mix) - (5:38) 123 BPM
Jamie L - "Something Better" (original mix) - (6:58) 106 BPM
De Fantastiske To - "When I Want To" (feat Della - original mix) - (8:15) 121 BPM
Richard Seaborne - "The Reasons Why?" (original mix) - (6:57) 115 BPM
Those Norwegians - "Molde Revisited" (original mix) - (5:08) 140 BPM
Leon Sweet - "Beat Slave Auto" (original mix) - (10:54) 106 BPM
Doc L Junior - "Twilight" (original mix) - (8:50) 115 BPM
Mr Tea - "History Of The Future" (original mix) - (8:18) 118 BPM
Third Attempt - "Long Story Short" (original mix) - (7:17) 113 BPM
Space Coast - "Just Past Midnight" (Ryan Kick's Magic Suicide mix) - (8:42) 105 BPM
Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz - "Acid 4 Eddie" (original mix) - (14:10) 114 BPM
2 Billion Beats - "Noise In Your Eye" (original mix) - (6:18) 119 BPM
Review: Label co-owner Flash Atkins is at the controls for this second celebration of Paper Music's first 25 years. While there's a smattering of material from the label's first 15 years, the majority of Atkins' selections come from releases put out over the last decade. Like its' predecessor, it's an action-packed affair full of high quality cuts. Standouts include the swirling nu-disco bliss of Rave-Enka's "Honningen", the hazy lounge-jazz-meets-house sleaziness of Diskobeistet's "Birklunden", the piano-powered chunkiness of Leon Sweet's "Beat Slave Auto", the analogue deep house bubbliness of Doc L Junior's "Twilight" and the early morning deep house hypnotism of Ryan Kick's remix of Space Coast's "Just Past Midnight". Best of all, though, is the TB-303-powered hypno-house insanity of Ralph Myerz and The Kosmik Diamondz 14-minute "Acid 4 Eddie".
21 Aug 19
from $1.49
I Need Your Love - (5:49) 120 BPM
Jump - (6:41) 110 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Magic - (6:44) 115 BPM
You Are Perfect - (6:36) 118 BPM
Played by: Chuggin Edits
Review: Thunder Jam's latest release offers us a chance to casually wander around the "Edit Mind" of debutant producer Paul Older. It's an attractive place where loopy, filtered and delay-heavy disco-house revisions of obscure turn-of-the-80s cuts ("I Need Your Love") rub shoulders with Clavinet-sporting slabs of disco-funk/AOR disco fusion in an echo chamber filled with bell-bottom flares, hoary haircuts and flash-fried DJ effects ("Jump"). The corridors of Older's cranium also boast doors to P-funk-fired dancefloor shufflers ("The Magic") and bouncy, house style cut-ups of glassy-eyed Philly Soul numbers (EP highlight "You Are Perfect").
TJ 089
09 Sep 19
from $1.49
La Danza - (7:58) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Ambient Braindisk - (4:24) 83 BPM
Moments - (6:57) 124 BPM
Star Dance - (6:14) 114 BPM
Review: Alan Dixon has been in tremendous form of late, delivering must-have EPs for Midnight Riot and, most recently, Lumberjacks In Hell. There's no doubt that this outing for Running Back - produced in cahoots with regular Ashley Beedle collaborator Darren Morris - is his most high-profile release to date. It's also rather good, particularly the glassy-eyed Italo-disco muscularity of "La Danza" - all driving arpeggio-style bass and mind-altering electronic motifs - and the solo-laden, mid-tempo Balearic house brilliance of closing cut "Star Dance", which sounds like something Phillip Lauer might conjur up. There are two real standouts for us, though: the driving, 1989 style piano house rush of "Moments" and the colourful, beat-free bliss of sunrise-ready bonus cut "Ambient Braindisk".
RB 080D
21 Jun 19
from $1.49
Arthur Baker - "Reachin'" (feat Minnie Gardner - Hifi Sean & Yam Who? edit) - (7:14) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Alton Edwards - "I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)" (Michael Gray remix) - (8:37) 122 BPM
Benjamin Ferreira - "Aerosol" - (5:57) 125 BPM
Motte - "Freakin' Baby" - (6:34) 120 BPM
Luciano Gioia - "Raw Flute" (Mannix Balearic Disco Vibe) - (6:43) 122 BPM
Psychotropic - "Hypnosis" (Yam Who? & Jaegerossa remix) - (6:55) 122 BPM
Massey/Paulette - "Sheroes" (Hifi Sean dub) - (6:08) 122 BPM
Michael Gray - "24 7 People" (Yam Who? remix) - (6:18) 124 BPM
Ladies On Mars - "Action" - (6:08) 120 BPM
Jack Tyson Charles - "Glory" (Bonar Bradberry On The Line mix) - (6:04) 115 BPM
Birdee - "Song For Francesca" - (5:32) 117 BPM
Babert/Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue - "Good Lyfe" (Alan Dixon extended remix) - (6:19) 126 BPM
Lenny Fontana/Shirley Lites - "Fire" (Ron Carroll's Disko Vibe) - (5:58) 125 BPM
Natasha Kitty Katt - "Days Of My Life" - (5:30) 125 BPM
Antton - "Do You Like Space" - (7:29) 120 BPM
PerDu - "Cece" - (6:31) 124 BPM
Get To Know - "Sonur" (Yam Who? remix) - (7:13) 122 BPM
Dave Baron/Latouche Finale - "Keeps Getting Better" (Yam Who? remix) - (5:33) 121 BPM
Played by: Robot 84
Review: Midnight Riot serve up 18 tracks that encapsulate the house sound of Ibiza in 2019, with elements of tech-house and (nu) disco and a sprinkling of good old-fashioned vocal podium belters. Arther Baker's opening 'Reachin' (as remixed by Hi-Fi Sean and Yam Who?) is one example of the latter, while techier, struttier pleasures can be found on Benjamin Ferreira's ludicrously funky bass workout 'Aerosol'. Manc veterans DJ Paulette and Chris Massey join forces on another funk-fuelled rumbler, 'Sheroes', while deeper, more soulful vibes await on Jack Tyson Charles's 'Glory'. And if you like the sound of those there are 14 more very playable nuggets from the likes of Birdee, Lenny Fontana and Natasha Kitty Kat to choose from!
16 Aug 19
from $1.49
The Big Sun (Massimiliano Pagliara Telephone Call remix) - (7:36) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Tivoli (Rhode & Brown remix) - (6:31) 123 BPM
Secret Alphabet (Jex Opolis remix) - (5:52) 121 BPM
Memory FM (Panthera Krause remix) - (6:33) 122 BPM
Secret Alphabet (Cornelius Doctor remix) - (5:58) 108 BPM
Review: As you'd expect from the co-founder of the on-point Permanent Vacation label, Benjamin Froehlich has assembled a stellar cast of producers to remix tracks from his recent debut album "Amiata". Massimiliano Pagliara's "Telephone Call" mix of "The Big Sun" is a wonderfully cheery chunk of thrusting Italo-disco/nu-disco fusion, while Rhode & Brown's take on "Tivoli" pushes the track further towards hypnotic tech-house/nu-disco-fusion. Pantera Krause channels the spirit of the Pet Shop Boys circa 1987 album "Actually" on a triumphant version of "Memory FM" and Cornelius Doctor fuses Italo, acid and freestyle on a killer revision of "Secret Alphabet". Best of the bunch though is Jex Opolis's remix of the same track, which cannily joins the dots between acid-funk, proto-house and mid 80s New York disco dubs.
06 Sep 19
from $1.49
Falling Deep In Love - (3:28) 116 BPM
Falling Deep In Love (Joey Negro Disco Blend) - (3:54) 120 BPM
Falling Deep In Love (extended 12" mix) - (5:23) 116 BPM
Falling Deep In Love (Joey Negro 12" Disco Blend) - (7:04) 120 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
826194 456795
23 Aug 19
from $1.89
Oasis - (2:46) 100 BPM
Prism - (3:36) 120 BPM
Chillin - (4:09) 90 BPM
F.Y.L. - (4:43) 120 BPM
Endless Summer - (4:41) 127 BPM
Siesta - (3:43) 100 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: Nu-disco scene stalwart DJ EQ returned to action a couple of months back with one of his most robust and quietly impressive EPs to date. There's plenty to enjoy on this swift follow-up, which delivers a perfect balance between celebratory peak-time fare and warm-up ready slo-mo workouts. In the latter category you'll find the languid, sun-kissed synth-boogie goodness of "Oasis", the blissful, instrumental '80s soul seduction of "Chillin" and the "Nights Over Egypt" revisionism of "Siesta". For those looking for sweatier thrills, we'd suggest checking out the dizzying piano solos and thrusting boogie-house thrills of "Endless Summer" and the soothingly slick fusion of blue-eyed soul and disco-house that is "F.Y.L".
SDR 047X
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
A Sagittariun - "Machine Elf" - (6:59) 126 BPM
Kincaid - "Bulfas" - (5:47) 120 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Red Flower Union - "Natural Self" - (7:28) 121 BPM
Statue - "Ivory" - (8:59) 118 BPM
Neil Diablo - "Colorado" - (7:51) 110 BPM
Played by: Andy Buchan
Review: Without fail, Futureboogie Recordings' annual "Summer Riot" EPs are always amongst the Bristol-based imprint's finest releases of the year. This year's edition - the eight in total - is no different. It's five floor-friendly cuts include a locked-in chunk of late night techno hypnotism by A Sagittarian (undulating opener "Machine Elf"), a raw and wonky, mind-altering analogue house jam full of Yellow Magic Orchestra style computer bleeps (Red Flower Union's "Natural Self") and a piano-sporting chunk of old school house revivalism from Statue ("Ivory"). Manchester producer Neil Diablo hits the spot with the starburst Italo-disco chug of "Colorado", while Kincaid gleefully dances through New York freestyle and Bobby Orlando style hi-NRG on EP standout "Bulfas".
FBR 068
30 Aug 19
from $1.49
DC Heights - (5:42) 118 BPM
Played by: FINGERMAN
TDR 058
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Osibiza - "Like It Is" - (7:08) 115 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
G Duke - "Mercy" - (7:01) 115 BPM
Kiki - "Disco Dancer" - (7:18) 121 BPM
Timmy - "Got To See You Tonight" - (5:58) 120 BPM
Willie Butch - "Midnight" - (8:03) 113 BPM
Review: More succulent than a bucket of fried chicken and twice as heavy, Vehicle's latest "Boogie Box" - the eighth in total - is full to bursting with floor-friendly, finger-licking fun. Editor-in-chief Valique is the man at the controls, gleefully charging between chunky, bass-heavy Afrobeat goodness (the chant-along heaviness of "Like It Is"), party-hearty deep house/disco-funk fusion (the heavy house beats and toasty electric piano stabs of "Mercy", shirts-off celebratory disco ("Disco Dancer"), swinging, Hammond-rich Philly Soul (Timmy Thomas rework "Got To See You Tonight") and strobe-lit peak-time insanity (the Clavinet-sporting disco rush of "Midnight"). In other words, it's another top-notch selection of club-ready revisions from one of the hardest working editors in the scene.
VHR 068
07 May 19
from $1.49
Arctic Boogie - (6:00) 110 BPM
Orbit - (5:08) 112 BPM
About Da Music - (7:31) 112 BPM
Heatwave (Dr. Packer Remix) - (6:15) 114 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Neptune Rising - (3:35) 94 BPM
Review: As the powerhouse pair behind many of Editorial and Chopshop's greatest hits, Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee needs little introduction. They begin their latest must-check re-edit release with "Arctic Boogie", a cheery chunk of mid-tempo electrofunk blessed with rubbery synth bass and filtered horn lines, before joining the dots between baggy deep house dreaminess and low-slung disco goodness on "Orbit"and the even slicker "About The Music". EP highlight "Heatwave" is a snappy rearrangement of a solo-sporting chunk of sun-kissed boogie positivity, while closing cut "Neptune Rising" expertly joins the dots between oven-hot jazz-funk, head-nodding hip-hop beats and groovy pitched down disco.
ED 87
11 Jun 19
from $1.65
Sunner Soul - "Song For You" - (5:56) 120 BPM
You Attract Me - (3:06) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Summertime" - (6:30) 121 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Soul Liberty" - (5:32) 116 BPM
Letta M - "Normalize" (Sunner Soul edit) - (4:09) 98 BPM
Trombone & Roberto - "Coluna Do Meio" (Sunner Soul edit) - (6:46) 114 BPM
Sheriff - "Carefree Summer" - (3:49) 90 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Ready To Pump" - (5:31) 116 BPM
Sunner Soul - "About Our Love" - (5:20) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "What Are You Waiting For" - (4:56) 120 BPM
DJ June - "Night Visions" - (3:08) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Disco Orchestra" - (5:15) 121 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Someone But Not You" - (6:30) 123 BPM
Kid Goodman - "Nice & Slow" - (8:23) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Swindle Mode" - (5:23) 120 BPM
Lolita Kox - "I Think I Love U" - (3:58) 121 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Happy People" - (5:43) 125 BPM
Symbol Skrip - "Baby" - (4:02) 120 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Slow Down" - (5:08) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "West Side Harmony" - (5:13) 118 BPM
The Sunshine Disco Club - "Morning Exercise" - (1:36) 112 BPM
Review: Via his Vintage Music imprint, Sunner Soul man Alexandr Chebankov keeps serving up the hits. Here he gathers together another bumper selection of seductive sunshine slow jams and dancefloor-ready goodtime grooves to soundtrack your summer. Naturally, there are plenty of his warm, sample-heavy productions and re-edits present (our favourites include the jazzy disco rush of "Summertime", his gentle and groovy rework of much-loved Letta Mbulu Balearic fave "Normalizo" and the bumpin', bass-heavy disco house bustle of "Disco Orchestra"), alongside similarly impressive outings from Kid Goodman (the sublime '80s house revision "Nice and Slow"), Lolita Knox (a tooled-up flip of a Cheryl Lynn anthem) and the Sunshine Disco Club (the Balearic dancefloor breeze of "Morning Exercise").
VMR 070
01 Jul 19
from $1.49
Gatta - (7:31) 123 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Forests Wind - (7:23) 120 BPM
Review: Now relocated to Mallorca from Mexico, Spa In Disco bring us two cuts that'd work in deep house or disco sets alike, albeit we're definitely at the more experimental, synth-y end of either spectrum. 'Gatta' itself opens with a muted kick and hand percussion before introducing the throbbing, Italo-ish synth line that plays throughout, augmented by big bass vamps, trippy synth-strings and more frantic percussion work. 'Forests Wind' is a more stripped-back affair made up a laaaa-rge synth bassline, shakers galore, other assorted hand percussion and several competing keyboard parts. Quirky stuff that defies easy categorisation.
SPA 057
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Take A Chance (original mix) - (7:52) 118 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Take A Chance (instrumental mix) - (7:42) 118 BPM
Take A Chance (ItaloConnection Re edit) - (6:09) 118 BPM
Take A Chance (ItaloConnection Rework vocal) - (6:24) 121 BPM
16 Oct 15
from $1.49
Ccotutto (Italian Boogie Madness re-edit) - (6:20) 106 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Splendido Splendente (Rettore Super House re-edit) - (5:46) 117 BPM
Ok Ok (Italo House re-edit) - (6:52) 117 BPM
Review: For his latest outing on Golden Soul, James Rod has decided to pay tribute to Italian dance music in his own special way. First up is "Cootutto (Italian Boogie Madness Edit)", a loopy, head-nodding and toe-tapping tweak of what sounds like an early '80s Italian tribute to George Clinton/Bootsy Collins style P-funk. "Splendido Splendente (Rettore Super-House Re-Edit)" offers a more forthright and funky excursion into loopy, filtered disco-house territory, while closing cut "Ok OK (Italo-House Re-Edit)" re-invents a chiming chunk of synth-powered boogie as a kaleidoscopic romp through nu-disco/peak-time house fusion.
GS 034
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Ride On Time (79 Special Disco Theme) - (6:49) 120 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Ride On Time (79 Disco mix) - (6:46) 120 BPM
Ride On Time (79 Special Theme instrumental) - (6:49) 120 BPM
GGM 1988
13 Sep 19
from $1.49
Gizelle Smith - "Dust" (Dimitri From Paris vs Cotonete remix) - (4:32) 123 BPM
Smoove & Turrell - "You're Gone" (feat Izo FitzRoy) - (3:42) 122 BPM
D'Stephanie - "Rock The Disco" - (5:14) 130 BPM
Izo FitzRoy - "Hope You Can Wait" (Hot Toddy remix) - (5:06) 120 BPM
Sneaky Fox - "Broke" - (4:32) 128 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "Back Again" (Hot Toddy remix - feat John Turrell) - (7:30) 116 BPM
D'Stephanie - "Funk Up My Day" - (7:31) 126 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "My Mind's Made Up" (feat Berenice Van Leer) - (5:29) 119 BPM
Basement Freaks - "Disco Life" - (5:25) 120 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "Dynamite" (Kraak & Smaak's Boogie Funk version - feat Sebastian) - (6:33) 123 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Smoove & Turrell - "In Deep" (DJ Friction Future Boogie remix) - (6:52) 122 BPM
Izo FitzRoy - "Here I Come" (Moods remix) - (4:41) 113 BPM
Parris & Vanucci - "Get Down On The Floor" - (5:04) 120 BPM
Max Sedgley - "Superstrong" (Faze Action dub - feat Tasita D'Mour) - (5:14) 119 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "Hold Back Love" (Neighbour & Elan B remix - feat Lex Empress) - (4:42) 118 BPM
Smoove & Turrell - "Will You Be Mine" - (4:40) 119 BPM
Izo FitzRoy - "Say Something" (Smoove remix) - (5:38) 115 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "Alone With You" (Knight One remix - feat Cleopold) - (4:16) 116 BPM
Smoove & Turrell - "Have Love" - (5:00) 120 BPM
Kraak & Smaak - "U R Freak" (feat Ivar) - (3:52) 118 BPM
JAL 279
06 Jul 18
from $1.49
Indoor Life - "Voodoo" (Chocolate Garage Production mix) - (5:37) 112 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Muallem - "Shanti Dance" (feat The Droids - Glimmer's Acid dub) - (6:29) 115 BPM
Pitchben - "Stand Up" (Tiger & Woods remix) - (7:31) 117 BPM
K'Bonus & Negghead - "Harmonizing" (Part 1) - (7:44) 116 BPM
El Freakadell - "I Got You" (Mudegg's Mammuth Disco remix) - (10:30) 123 BPM
Timo Garcia & Manu Delago - "The Hang Track" (Space Coast remix - Part II) - (6:58) 117 BPM
Emilie Nana - "Music" - (5:01) 118 BPM
John Gazoo - "Midnight Runner" (John Gazoo's Vintage version) - (7:56) 118 BPM
Dario & Dersu - "All The Love To You" - (6:47) 116 BPM
Francis Inferno Orchestra - "Amber Express" - (6:09) 120 BPM
Wavetest - "Schmusiman" - (6:43) 122 BPM
Siren - "A/Way" (feat Mr. Reed - Phil Mison remix) - (6:54) 124 BPM
Lorenz Rhode - "Back" (Purple Disco Machine remix) - (6:32) 122 BPM
Various/Michael Reinboth - "Compost Disco Selection Vol 2" (continuous mix) - (1:19:05) 119 BPM
Played by: LEGO EDIT
Review: For the second volume in the "Compost Disco Selection" series, label founder Michael Reinboth has rounded up some of the German imprint's most magical disco-house moments (though, we should add, it's not all disco-house in the traditional sense of the term). There's naturally plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the angular electronic disco-funk of Indoor Life's "Voodoo (Chocolate Garage Production Mix)" and the throbbing loop-house cheeriness of Tiger and Woods' classic remix of Pitchben's "Stand Up", to the spiraling peak-time disco-with-house-drums of John Gazoo's "Midnight Runner (Vintage Mix)" and the kaleidoscopic boogie-house fun of Purple Disco Machine's remix of Lorenz Rhode's boogie-flavoured "Back". As you'd expect, Reinboth's accompanying DJ mix is tons of fun, too.
CPT 5483
23 Aug 19
from $1.49
Rayko - "Revenge Of The Rare Wiri" - (6:15) 115 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Ilya Santana - "Angie" - (5:19) 118 BPM
Rayko - "Demons" - (7:59) 120 BPM
Ilya Santana - "Dreams" - (7:54) 105 BPM
Review: For their latest tidy trip into re-edit territory, Rare Wiri has turned to the undisputed talents of synthesizer-loving nu-disco don Ilya Santana and label founder Rayko. The latter offers up some chunky, delay-laden P-funk thrills in the shape of "Revenge of the Rare Wiri", before returning later in the EP with the eyes-closed rock style guitar solos, thickset synth bass and swirling female backing vocals of poodle perm-sporting mid-80s MTV wig-out "Demons". Santana charges off on an Italo-disco flex on the arpeggio-driven, synth-sporting sleaziness of "Angie", while closing cut "Dreams" is a pitched-down shuffler laden with robotic vocoder vocals, bold synthesizer riffs and more pulsating, arpeggio style bass.
RW 062
26 Aug 19
from $1.49
Get To Know - "Music" (original mix) - (6:50) 117 BPM
Petko Turner - "Destiny" (original mix) - (6:45) 120 BPM
DJ XS - "Time" (original mix) - (6:26) 115 BPM
Shit Hot Soundsystem - "Be With You" (original mix) - (7:01) 114 BPM
Le Visiteur - "Make My Body Move" (original mix) - (6:32) 120 BPM
Chuggin Edits - "Floating" (original mix) - (5:42) 105 BPM
Paul Older - "I Don't Know Why" (original mix) - (6:56) 105 BPM
Late Night Workshop - "Guru4eva" (original mix) - (3:34) 100 BPM
Old Chap - "Flight With Love" (original mix) - (4:15) 99 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Vigi - "Take My Hand" (original mix) - (3:53) 115 BPM
Limpodisco - "Gimme Mo" (original mix) - (6:18) 124 BPM
Kut & Loop - "You & Me" (original mix) - (6:59) 121 BPM
Ash Reynolds - "Good Night" (original mix) - (4:33) 121 BPM
Deelicious - "12 Inches" (original mix) - (6:03) 119 BPM
Mannix - "The Beat" (original mix) - (6:13) 126 BPM
Rosso (IE) - "Don't You Love It" (original mix) - (5:31) 115 BPM
Partner Music - "Love Is Called" (original mix) - (6:11) 124 BPM
Ash Reynolds, Soulpersona, Princess Freesia - "Remember When" (Fingerman remix) - (7:13) 113 BPM
Downunder Disco - "Slow Moves" (original mix) - (5:46) 100 BPM
Review: With the sun finally making its presence felt in the UK, it seems a fitting time for Slightly Transformed to unleash this epic compilation of "Summer Numbers" - cheery, disco-fired chunks of positivity tailor made for al-fresco sets and celebratory shindigs. Featuring a mixture of tried-and-tested re-edits and sample-heavy original compositions, the 19-track set boasts a pleasingly high number of highlights. These include - but are no way limited to - the talkbox-sporting '80s disco/jazz-funk fusion of Shit Hot Soundsystem's "Be With You", the warm and woozy, synth-laden bliss of Chuggin Edits' "Floating", the slow and steady head-nod of Old Chaps wonderfully soulful "Flight With Love" and the fizzing disco rush of Limpdisco's "Gimme Mo". Get To Know's "Music" - a chunky revision of a jazz-funk era dancefloor destroyer by Dayton - is also excellent.
ST 020
05 Jul 19
from $1.49
Midnight Mouse (Revised) - (6:03) 122 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Time Out Of Mind - (6:00) 124 BPM
Review: On this cheery and DJ-friendly two-tracker, heavyweight nu-disco producer Mighty Mouse delivers a pair of party-starting revisions that sit somewhere between straight-up, scalpel style re-edits and sneaky remixes. The most startling of the two tracks is "Midnight Mouse (Revised)", a new version of a 2011 re-edit that makes merry with a 1970s Swedish disco-pop anthem. While the famous vocals and sing-along chorus finally make an appearance in the final two minutes, this rush is built up to via an acid-flecked fusion of Italo-disco and head-nodding nu-disco chug. "Time Out Of Mind", on the other hand, is a more traditional re-edit of what sounds like a West Coast jazz-rocker's take on New York disco.

15 Jan 18
from $1.49
Joey Negro/Various
The Fatback Band - "(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop" (Joey Negro London Bus Stop mix) - (6:18) 111 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Booker T - "Don't Stop Your Love" (Joey Negro Paradise mix) - (7:58) 121 BPM
LTD - "Love To The World" (Joey Negro Mizell Magic mix) - (8:32) 118 BPM
Ashford & Simpson - "Found A Cure" (Joey Negro Found A dub mix) - (6:42) 122 BPM
Eddie Kendricks - "Going Up In Smoke" (Joey Negro Big Smoke mix) - (9:33) 118 BPM
Patrice Rushen - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Joey Negro Re-Grooved mix) - (5:46) 120 BPM
The Temptations - "Law Of The Land" (Joey Negro Tribute To Norman Whitfield) - (8:30) 115 BPM
Venus Dodson - "Shining" (Joey Negro Tribute To Leroy Burgess mix) - (8:18) 125 BPM
Brenda Russell - "Way Back When" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (6:56) 120 BPM
DC LaRue - "Cathedrals" (Joey Negro extended Disco mix) - (9:52) 120 BPM
Gwen McCrae - "Doin It" (Joey Negro Soulful Reprise) - (6:13) 110 BPM
Change - "Love 4 Love" (Joey Negro extended remix) - (6:37) 116 BPM
Motown Sounds - "Bad Mouthin'" (Joey Negro Raw Disco mix) - (7:52) 125 BPM
Slave - "Party Lites" (Joey Negro Boogiefied mix) - (6:43) 115 BPM
Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (Joey Negro 2am Disco Reprise) - (6:55) 121 BPM
Mass Production - "Shante" (Joey Negro Cosmic Funk mix) - (9:46) 124 BPM
Sister Sledge - "You Fooled Around" (Joey Negro Fooled Around with mix) - (7:08) 118 BPM
Al McKay Allstars - "Heed The Message" (Joey Negro remix) - (7:24) 120 BPM
Margaret Reynolds - "Keep On Holding On" (Joey Negro Play Out edit) - (6:36) 123 BPM
Wardell Piper - "The Power Of Love" (Joey Negro Power Of The Boogie mix) - (6:16) 118 BPM
Melba Moore - "Anyway" (Joey Negro Second Way) - (6:51) 122 BPM
The APX - "Lose Yourself To The Groove" (Joey Negro Future Boogie edit) - (6:58) 108 BPM
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from each new album in Joey Negro's "Remixed With Love" series, namely fantastic new revisions of classic disco, boogie, soul, electro and jazz-funk classics created using the original multi-track tapes. This third volume naturally contains a few inspired revisions of well-known cuts - a riotous take on The Fatback Band's "Do The Bus Stop", an astonishing, dubbed-out version of the Temptations' "Law of the Land" and a soaring, life-affirming rearrangement of Patrice Rushen's "Never Give You Up" included - but also some suitably smart tweaks of lesser-known gems. These include a sublime revision of the APX's '80s gem "Loose Yourself To The Groove" and an insatiable take on Mass Production's "Shante" full of jammed-out electric piano solos and rubbery electric bass.
16 Nov 18
from $1.49
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