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Feel Live is southern Italian DJ/producer Massimiliano Pagilara's third full-length for Frankfurt institution Live At Robert Johnson, following up 2011's Focus On Infinity and With One Another - released in 2014. Recorded between Los Angeles, Portland and his base in Berlin as well as at airports and on intercontinental flights, it is his most playful and imaginative work to date -featuring a variety of bold and stylish sonic narratives. Featuring vocals by Private Agenda (the lo-slung "Winter In Los Angeles"), Peaking Lights' Indra Dunis (the neon-lit disco antics of "Trust The Direction In The Wind") and the inimitable Fort Romeau on the tripped-out chilltronica of "Floating Room".
Italian producer Guxi (or Matteo Rama, if you prefer) serves up a four-track EP for Swedish label Tom Tom Disco that's very much the proverbial game of two halves, Brian. 'Papua' and 'Asmat' itself are slo-mo cuts that take us deep into the Afro zone, but then we come to 'El Tigre', which maintains the Afro feel but ups the pace considerably while adding a serious dollop of bottom-end funk. Frank Agrario then completes the EP with a remix of 'El Tigre' that sports a tougher kick and tech-house percussion, making this EP a solid bet whether you're after downtempo or more club-friendly grooves.
Following up great ones by Marco Lazovic, AFAMoo and ASOK, Sweden's DJ Different steps up to the Lobster family's main label with an EP that the label best describes itself as traversing the 'Orion Nebula to the very edges of the Oort Cloud'. From the evocative sci-fi ambient of "Fast Forward To The Outer Rim" and the zeitgeist of early '90s rave/hardcore on "Angels" and similarly on the pitched-down junglisms of "Real" - featuring the unmistakable vocals of a certain well known pop diva. It all ends smoothly with the soulful and emotive deep house of "Memories Of The Old World" that is the soundtrack to a perfect comedown.
We were thrilled to see this masterpiece appear on our shelves as the infamous Southpoint movement unveil a sack of gems from SaidWho with his brand new 'Saigon' LP. Taking a 10/10 in Mixmag, SaidWho hones is more emotive side into 8 very special, eastern inspired originals. We are blessed with smooth, luscious future garage designs in 'I Need Love', 'Monsoon' and more. For us, the title track 'Saigon' deserves massive plaudits for its incredible harmonic structure, along with Danny Jaqq's powerful vocal appearance across 'Drowning'. Excellent work from SaidWho and the Southpoint Team
For the first time in two years, Frittenbude member Jakob Haglsperger serves up a solo album. It's his third in total, and could well be the most polished and accomplished of the lot. The 12 songs are pleasingly hazy, melodious and entertaining with the German producer combining attractive synthesizer motifs and soft-touch house grooves with some sneaky samples and musical elements variously influenced by glassy-eyed Balearica, nu-disco, ultra-deep synth-pop, revivalist Itallo-disco and slick Euro tech-house. Highlights include "Mein Gluck", the Nicholas Jaar style goodness of "Weed, Wein & Wobbelwurlie", the disco-inspired cheeriness of "Der Song Mit De Trompet" and the Innervisions-esque warmth of "Escape To Infinity".
In the same way that winter turns to spring and the ice and snow melt away, every year Kompakt releases a 'pop ambient' compilation. 2019 will be no exception and the textured atmospherics of Thore Pfeiffer's"Alles Wird Gut" and Kenneth James Gibson's "Gone Too Soon" both usher in this new volume. Of course the definition of 'ambient' is a fluid one in Kompakt's lexicon, as the neo-classical strings of Coupler's "A Plain Of Reeds" and Jorg Burger's Black Frame psychedelic indie project both demonstrate. However, the underlying theme throughout this flawless collection is, as always, a melancholic sensibility, best articulated by Last Train To Brooklyn's swirling, magical "Bluebird".
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