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Melbourne-based Balance Music, home to the long-running compilation series of the same name, bring us a debut long-player from local talent Uone that's part studio album, part mix comp, and if you're a fan of the label generally you'll find plenty to enjoy. 'Space Between Love', featuring a Stevie Nicks-esque vocal from Briony Taylor-Brooks, is simply stunning - think Ennie Morricone remixed by Solomun and you're somewhere in the ballpark. But there's plenty more goodness where that came from! Operating in the nebulous zone where deep and progressive house overlap, and borrowing rhythms and sounds from around the globe, this album is an engaging, involving listen that's best appreciated when served whole.
UK producer Max Essa first made his name in the late 00s with a string of shimmering nu-disco releases on Nang and Bear Funk. These days, though, he's based in Japan and, for this latest long-player at least, concentrating his energies on ambient productions. Across nine tracks with mysterious titles like 'Breakfast In Yutenji' and 'Beautiful Western River', gently tinking minor-key ivories, Carpenter-esque synth sweeps, found sounds and occasional, ultra-languid drum beats create slow-moving soundscapes built for post-club comedown sessions and lazy Sunday mornings alike, while 'Twenty Types Of Dusk' nods back to his earlier days.
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