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There must be something in the water near Juju & Jordash's studio, because they have never made a bad or even average record. Sis-boom-bah! is their fourth studio album and serves to reinforce how consistent they are. Irrespective of whether they are laying down noodle jazz workouts like the wonderful "Herkie" or off centre house grooves - check the vocal sampling, funk bass of "Rah Rah" - the pair's jams are delivered with effortless brilliance. There are dance floor tracks of sorts included here as well, particularly the lean groove of "Back Tuck Basket Toss" and the dubbed out drums of "Deadman", but like all their best work, this album's strength lies in its sprawling, freeform approach to electronic music.
Geneva (formerly Amsterdam) based Night Noise serve up a new one by Mark Cooper's Bedford Falls Players: a collective of DJ's heavily influenced and inspired by the early acid house and balearic experience including Terry Farley, Justin Drake, Alan MacKenzie and Rob Webb amongst others. On "Moon: Chapter 1" (Agent Cooper's "Peak" Time Warm Up mix) it's an interesting genre defying one, we must say. Gloomy dub chords soar over cavernous beats and a howling EBM style arpeggio. There's some dark and reductionist Italo business up next on "Chapter: 3" (Agent Cooper's Black Lodge Excursion) which will appeal to fans of the Correspondant sound. It gets remixed up next - they save the best for last with Duncan Gray of Tici Taci's deep and lo slung balearica rendition.
Dutch production trio Yor Kultura are becoming rather well known on the European festival circuit for their dynamic live shows, in addition to releases on a who's who of labels such as Multi Culti , Earthly Delights, Lump Records and Sol Selectas. Now for Berlin based Laut & Luise we have the gorgeous Hypnosis EP and it's a fitting title, as first two cuts "Aurora" and the title track prove. These esoteric and polyrhythmic journeys are optimised for major trance induction - the latter employing a captivating Afro vibe. "Youtan" employs the same sensibilities on this lo-slung effort that is reminiscent of Toto Chiavetta or Bodhi Satva. Finally the lovely "Zagora" goes for a deep and cosmic flavoured vibe, rounding off this EP nicely.
Emotional Response brings together two esteemed artists as they continue to celebrate five years of top-drawer releases. Alexis Georgopoulos and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma aren't necessarily household names, but their respective careers have touched on many a respected project in a variety of fields. Here, the pair turn in some wonderfully expressive compositions played out across all manner of organic instrumentation. The richness of the production and the highly developed ideas embedded within this gorgeous LP should resonate for a long time to come, not least because the pieces are all so easy on the ears. From Steely Dan precision to Balearic lilt, this is proper players music played by proper players.
All City: the Dublin Record Store since 2001 and label since 2003 now presents Galway deep house hero John Daly's experimental beats project. Following up last year's well received sophomore LP entitled The Smoke Clears, Daly returns to the label under another alias: West 2 West. The project debuted on the label's Jheri Tracks Vol 1 compilation. Equally as atmospheric, this project is the result of his ongoing hip-hop obsession. MPC workouts inspired by current listening, the result is not the label's usual fare, but sits nicely in their discography. There's an after-hours headphone feel to it all - spanning 24 tracks split evenly over volume one and two respectively.

Dank N Dirty Dubz is run by one DJ Sashwat out of sunny San Jose, California. The label has previously brought us the likes of The Widdler, Abstract Sonance and of course his own productions. These trippy and blunted future beats by the mysterious Liquid Memoirs are a real treat for the ears. First up is "Preach" with its rolling sub bass and hypnotic melody over trap inspired beats comes with the addition of that dramatic symphony. "Daydream" gets proper urban street sound on you, with some nifty glitch effects. For something more smooth and chill and on the R&B tip we've got "Opia" (VIP) while "Vibe" takes things into real slo-mo territory.
'Andromeda's Eyes' is a forward moving and chugging in an almost sultry way, it feels very Bowie-esque, while the 'Bird Of Paradise Remix' has an air of brooding, dystopian darkness about it, with it's metallic clangs and slow robotic moans. 'Comets' is a slow and euphoric journey type track with a 3am eyes to the floor vibe, the kind of track that pulls you out of the rave and into your own trance like soundscape. The Two Mamarrachos remix has the same travelling vibe, but loses some of the meditative state in favour of a more electro bounce.
More post punk inspired electronics courtesy of the Optimo Music camp by Fantastic Twins: the project of Julienne Dessagne - who some of you may know as one half of genre-bending outfit Saschienne with husband: the Berlin stalwart Sascha Funke. Following up her impressive debut (The New You EP) on Superpitcher & Rebolledo's Hippie Dance imprint, Dessagne unleashes a full length effort here which spans classical, avant garde and baroque influences while merging with the Cologne style of indie dance sensibilities. She'll help you delve deep into the exotic such as on tracks like "Construire Un Igloo" or "Bataille", then to get weird on the hypnotic "Ivres De Fatigue", while the evocative and bittersweet closer "Tableu Final" is just lovely. All in all a cohesive effort that transcends musical boundaries to interesting effect.
On the debut album of Aparde (aka Paul Camillo Rachel), he certainly took his liberties in regard to his musical output. He consciously limited and aligned this series of songs which originated between the end of 2015 and mid 2016. Each one is said to have gone through a lengthy process of development. The album was finalized in early summer of 2017, in an old cottage upon a lake in the north of Germany. Featuring lead single "Mouth", the album as a whole is sombre yet wholly evocative and features even more stunning highlights. From the dramatic opener "Siren" which sounds like freefall in motion, the jagged "North" which is reminiscent of a Life & Death style journey track that's been deconstructed, plus the lush deep house of "Sand" which provides an adequate momentum at a time when the LP benefits from it.
It's time to step onto the veranda... Just to the side of the heaving dancefloors Melbourne's Griffin James has been attracting for several years with his powerful deep house blends, it's a space for more consideration, introspection and levitation as we tether our feet to the ground and let his most experimental, freeform compositions whisk us beyond the stars. Ambient, wavey, tender, Balearic; this is Francis Inferno Orchestra beyond the decks and disco as tracks such as "Mer Morte" and "Potential Of We" lap gently at our toes, slowly consuming us from the feet up. Elsewhere molten machines such as "Allodynia" bubble and froth into cloud-bursting crescendos and the gradually rising, barbed chords of "The Sweetest Embrace" wash over you like an epiphany. Breath-taking and innovative, Francis Inferno Orchestra has burnt right through any difficult second album cliches right here.
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