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Chill Phonk Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
A true encapsulation of the chill phonk sound
30 May 24
Adventures In Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Dazzling collection of sounds drawing inspiration from artists such as Fourtet, Bicep, Maribou State, Boards of Canada, Catching Flies, Bearcubs, The Orb, Mount Kimbie and Com Truise
29 Mar 19
Cinematic Trap & Ambient Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Adam Shaw presents a kaleidoscope of tripped out melodies, epic strings, off the grid percussion, deep shifting bass, stepped beats, soulful vocal treatments and haunting ambiences
15 Apr 16
Creative Piano - Acoustic & Electric (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Live performed acoustic and electric piano processed through coveted external boutique effects and outboard gear
28 May 21
Psychedelic Soul & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Kick back and soak up the sublime intoxicating tones of psychedelic soul & downtempo courtesy of the multitalented Richard Raymond II
26 Mar 21
Lo-Fi Hip Hop & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Achieve the perfect imperfection, the antidote to sterile digital recordings with this dusty, textured, colourful lo-fi hip hop & downtempo collection from 5Pin Media
17 Apr 20
Laid Back 'N Groovy (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A sublimely recorded set of live drums, congas and bass guitar inspired by the likes of Khruangbin, Goat, Fela Kuti and Herbie Hancock
17 Sep 21
Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE/MASCHINE)
Downtempo is ready out of the box to get you producing immersive downtempo, ambient and electronica, courtesy of 24Surex
06 Aug 21
Vocal Shape (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack inspired by the sounds of labels like Afterlife, Innervisions and Anjunadeep
09 Jul 21
Heartbreak Ballads - Acapellas & Adlibs (Sample Pack WAV)
Dive into a world of raw emotion and heartfelt expression with the Heartbreak Ballads sample pack
20 Jun 24
Poetic Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
A stunning collection of sung poems and accompanying vocal harmonies
25 Mar 22
Downtempo Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
A timeless collection of beautifully sung female vocal loops and phrases
29 Jan 21
Inhale Trip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
The spacey, tripped-out sounds of 70s instrumentation fused with the heavy trip hop beats of the 90s Bristol scene
09 Dec 22
Inhale Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
A stunning collection of sung poems and accompanying vocal harmonies
16 Dec 22
Trip Hop & Scratch (Sample Pack WAV)
Dubmatix presents a pack to bring back the sound of 90s trip hop to your productions
02 Apr 21
Exhale Trip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
Dubmatix and the assassin turntablist Illorn invite you to exhale some trip-hop
02 Jun 23
Dub Trip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
The convergence of two distinct but connected genres, one emerging from the other in the 90s
10 Jun 22
Trip Hop Attack (Sample Pack WAV)
A heavy hitting, mood inspiring, thought provoking collection of trip hop samples
10 Dec 21
Vocal Moods (Sample Pack WAV)
Another inspired collection of stunning female vocals straight out of the UK
17 Dec 21
Trip Hop Moods (Sample Pack WAV)
With tempos between 65 & 75 BPM this nostalgic package is perfect for trip hop, chillout and any other downtempo styles of music
22 Oct 21
Breathe Trip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of highly usable, interchangeable deep grooves that incorporate lo-fi 70s era electric key riffs, swirling horns, visceral chords & pads and mesmerising laid back drums
02 Nov 23
Jazzology Low-Fidelity Hip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
A drifting, chilled out selection of lo-fi hip hop sounds that dreamily displays a mix of classic boom bap and jazzy hip hop styles
28 Jul 23
Dirty Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
A comprehensive collection of dub-infused trip hop and hip hop ready to be used and abused by experimental beatmakers everywhere
31 Mar 23
Goldfinger Trip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
This pack combines the ethereal sounds of 70s instrumentation with the gritty trip hop beats reminiscent of the 90s Bristol scene, as exemplified by artists like Massive Attack, Portishead and DJ Shadow
09 May 24
Downtempo Sessions (Sample Pack WAV)
Vocals to bring a soulful flavour to your downtempo productions
09 May 22
Organic Deep House & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
Live instruments, live percussion and a whole wealth of found sound & foley loops that push deep into the undergrowth of sound
27 Oct 15
Waterproof Future Elements (Sampl Pack WAV)
Pack loaded with downtempo and intricate beats, waterfall synths, meditative bass and rippling arpeggios
26 Oct 18
Ambient House & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack focusing on organic, melodic sounds woven delicately into soul warming loops and sequences
29 May 17
Deep House: Stabs, Organ Pads & Strings (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A pack featuring of all the melodic essentials for creating deep, emotive house music and downtempo
08 Jul 16
Tropical Soul & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection drawing from a plethora of intriguing music influences to bring you a unique sound library
10 Dec 19
Sunrise: Deep House & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of mellow sounds designed to grace the after party when light begins to emerge Balearic style
26 Apr 19
Lo-Fi Purrp (Sample Pack WAV)
A dreamy fusion of laid back vibes and sensual RnB grooves
13 Oct 23
Abstract Lo-Fi 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
500 MB+ of organic ambient and downtempo sounds for laid-back electronica production including dusty beats, vinyl crackles, tape saturated hypnotic synths, lush pads, warm keys, beautiful lead guitar sessions and so much more
23 Jan 20
Abstract Lo-Fi (Sample Pack WAV/REX/MIDI)
Downtempo beats, dusty keys, lush pads, intergalatic atmospheres and melancholic guitars
11 Sep 19
Organic Jazzy Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Rex2)
Dreamy synths, jazzy melodics, warm piano keys, lush pads, live saxophone and trumpet sounds, sublime guitar loops, snappy drum hits and more
21 Nov 22
Downtempo & Lo-Fi (Sample Pack WAV/REX/MIDI)
Laidback coffee shop grooves, vintage synth melodics, downtempo beats, chilled ambience sounds, live guitars, lounge trumpet loops and mesmerizing keys
26 Aug 21
Organic Jazzy Downtempo 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Another ten high quality construction kits that provide all the necessary elements to create organic, laid back grooves with a jazzy twist
25 May 23
Downtempo Delights (Sample Pack WAV)
Gritty and lofi drums, deep dub basses, acoustic music loops, organic electronic sounds, warm synth hits and so much more
05 Aug 22
Morning Chill - Lofi Hip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
The perfect pack for anyone wanting to produce those chilled out flavors in lo-fi, downtempo, chillout, ambient and electronica styles
BOS 0198
11 Nov 22
Ultra Warm Lofi (Sample Pack WAV)
Pure edgy grooves with all the right substance to make killer lo-fi, downtempo, trip hop, hip hop and urban
13 Oct 22
Cinematic Guitars (Sample Pack WAV)
Step into an epic void with Basement Freaks' chilled out guitar sounds
BOS 0150
21 Sep 22
Metropolis Soundtrack - Jazz & Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
Everything you need to bring some jazz into your songs or add some pizzazz to your downtempo productions
BOS 0152
23 Sep 22
Stratosphere By Elliot Berger (Sample Pack WAV/Serum Presets)
Stratosphere is elegance and beauty all rolled up into one grooving heater of a sample pack
BOS 0156
29 Sep 22
Arctic Chill (Sample Pack WAV)
This pack is sure to be a favourite among chill, downtempo & ambient producers with its unique selection of samples & loops
12 Sep 22
Percussive Guitar (Sample Pack WAV)
A soothing and inviting adventure into the world of percussive acoustic guitar samples
15 Sep 22
Minimal Ambient Percussion By AK (Sample Pack WAV)
Crafted through modular synthesis, each of these 150 sounds has been expertly shaped and processed to make building an innovative, unique drum sound as simple and enjoyable as it should be
BOS 0143
17 Sep 22
Ambient Kicks presented by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
An exquisite collection of 100 kicks, all carefully crafted to ensure each sound is usable in different situations
16 Aug 22
Holly Drummond Vocal Atmospheres (Sample Pack WAV)
From vocalist Holly Drummond comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones
26 Aug 22
Mystical Indian Percussion (Sample Pack WAV)
The bustling streets, the smell of fragrant Chai, radiant colors everywhere and the uncanny character of the tabla drum
29 Aug 22
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