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You'd expect a compilation curated by open-minded DJ/producer Hunee to be eclectic in nature, and Hunchin' All Night is just that and more. Marketed simply as "a collection of his favourite dancefloor cuts from the '70s until modern time", the triple-vinyl set is packed with obscure and inspired jams in a variety of styles. Compare, for example, the gentle but tribal rhythms and new age synthesizers of Carlos Maria and Nuno Canavarro's "Blue Terra" with the glistening, mid-80s Balearic jazz-funk brilliance of Stanislas Tohon's "Owhaaou" (as re-edited by Dutch digger Raphael Top-Secret), or even the Clavinet-heavy Highlife brilliance of Pat Thomas's "Yesu San Bra Disco Hi Life". And that's before we get to the acid-flecked techno madness of Villa Abo and Hunee's wonderfully dreamy and dubbed-out pulse of Mappa Mundi's "Trance Fusion".
Robin Lee takes a break from his day job as Faze Action to slip into the occasional Rudy's Midnight Machine alias for this outing on his own label. It's a mellow, atmospheric ride into pastures you wouldn't normally associate with Faze Action, although "Midnight Safari" is smooth and luxurious enough to feel right in any context. "In The Air" has a mysterious air to it, helped in no small part by the evocative Eastern lilt of the strings running through the centre of the track. There's a sassy boogie step powering "Reach Backless," while "Windchimes" flips the script with a semi-ambient live bass reverie. It's back to the party one last time with "Solar Plex" though - this record is about synthy funk first and foremost.
In recent times, Krystal Klear's EPs have wholeheartedly paid tribute to a variety of (mostly New York-based) historic clubs, artists and dance music sub-genres. While he's officially broken the spell with The Division EP - his first outing on Running Back - for the most part it's still a heart-warming, retro-futurist treat. He kicks things off with the cheery, Italo-disco revivalism of "Neutron Dance", where throbbing synthesizer arpeggio lines and mid-80s melodies are underpinned by a bustling mid-tempo house groove, before slowing things down via the Balearic synth-pop shuffle of "Division Ave". Then you'll find more muscular, freestyle-meets-acid house fun (wild and mind-altering peak-time highlight "Shockzoid") as well as the baggy, glassy-eyed Balearic house rush of closer "Moonshake Mike".
Since ditching a plethora of recording aliases back in 2014, Malaysia-based Frenchman Karim Sahraoui has released music on some of techno's most renowned imprints, including Transmat, Compost Black Label and OFF Recordings. Plentitude sees him add another iconic label to his CV via a first outing on R&S Records.Our highlight is probably the ear-catching, house-tempo Detroit futurism of "Born Again", where positive-sounding pianos and saucer-eyed electronics rise above a shuffling rhythm track. That said, many people will enjoy the hypnotic, dub techno inspired tech-house hypnotism of opener "Spy of the Desert", while closer "Before The Second Coming" is as rich, fragrant and melodious as they come.
Swiss hi-tech soul legend Sam Gaiser aka Deetron recently made it into the ranks of the revered !K7 DJ-Kicks mix series. In mandatory fashion, the label now presents a exclusive track that was featured in the mix. Featuring British soul futurist Steve Spacek on vocals, the emotive "Choose Me" is a lush and bittersweet number - the future of techno-soul if we've ever heard it. As brilliant as that was, it's all about the Jupiter mix up next, which retains all the evocative qualities of the original, but delves into much deeper and life-affirming vibes.
After his remix of Shkoon's track "Bushiya", Chilean DJ/producer Rodrigo Gallardo now presents with his own EP on Underyourskin Records. It is the first solo EP on the imprint by him, according to the German label. Gallardo has put together a mix of electronica and downtempo here on the Minero EP. In addition to the two original tracks - the woozy latin folk of the title track and "Como Si Fueran Dioses" (which will appeal to fans of the Crosstown Rebels or Sol Selectas sound) the release also includes a minimal techno styled remix by Berlin's M.RUX and one by MoM & ANuT which is respectful to the original, but injects it with more added dancefloor dynamics in impressive fashion.
The always reliable Paper Recordings are back with West Yorkshire's Flash Atkins and the captivating vocals of one Charlie Sinclair from Canterbury - singer from Sylvette who are one of Manchester's hottest new bands. They join forces for a collaboration that promises to be the start of something special. The track has already been gathering heat, with the one and only Bill Brewster singing its praise. From the deep, hazy and sunkissed feel of the original (which you could imagine being played on a Los Angeles rooftop), to the remixes - The Hardway Bros moody rendition injecting it with a right dose of dancefloor drama, and the slo-mo and absolutely low slung makeover by San Francisco's Tal M. Klein - it's certainly all good!
French beatmaker and musician Clem Beatz is back after an inspiring stay in Japan and previous releases on the Daydream label. From the oriental exotic vibes of "Wabi Sabi" to the hazy and soulful Afro vibe of "Hymne", he shows there is plenty of variety in his sonic repertoire with the smooth R&B vibe of "Out Your Mind" featuring the spectacular rhyming of Mr J Medeiros. More evidence of his influential trip to Asia is evident on the ethereal and seductive closer "Arashiyama" featuring other worldly vocals, pan-pipes and evocative string arrangements over his incredibly crafted beats.
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