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More than a few eyebrows were raised at Junodownload HQ when we first heard this fine EP from Marcus Worgull, which marks his return to Innervisions after a three-year absence. While the title track is in some ways typical of the label's output in recent years - think Balearic guitars and passionate Americana vocals over a slick and hypnotic tech-house beat - the other two tracks are a notable departure. Both explore the sub-heavy swing of authentic dub-house, with alluring, speaker rattling, delay-laden, percussion rich shuffle of opener "Skango" particularly impressive. "Seen", where dub bass and rolling deep house beats are encased in bubbly electronics and smile-inducing synth riffs, is also impressive.

Long-serving producer Fluxion has decided to re-launch his Vibrant Music imprint, a label specializing in dub techno and ambient explorations that previously ceased operations in 2005. Fittingly, he's saved something special for the relaunch EP: a collaboration with Detroit dub techno don Rod "Deepchord" Modell as Transformations. The two-part "Accumulate" draws on the best of both producers' styles, delivering melodious, warm, hypnotic and spacey techno whose dub influences bubble away in the background without ever taking over. Rodell's ability to subtly tweak and transform dubbed-out melodic loops and hazy sonic textures is explored in greater detail on "Part 2" version, which also boasts a heavier bassline and sturdier, kick-drum-driven percussion.
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