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Manchester mutant mob Natural Sciences are back with more nasty retroverted business, courtesy of Texan upstart Textasy. Strap yourself in for a wild ride with the classic Detroit style electro -funk of "Illusions Of The Mind" until the furious acid techno onslaught of "Acid Bleach" (feat Sylvester - I Live With My Mom edit) throws you against the wall with pure force: some gnarly 303 business on this one! Then, the classic UK rave throwback sounds of "Pterodactyl" will make you feel like you're partying under a UK motorway circa 1990 loved up on MDMA.
Glasgow has a new label on the horizon in the shape of Work For Love who kick off proceedings with a fine EP from Mr Timothy J Fairplay. Given his previous form and the title of this EP, it's easy to suggest the influence of John Carpenter looms over No News From New York, but there are more strings to Fairplay's bow than that as the four tracks prove. There is a range of tempos explored here, with "Carla Is Typing A Message" a deathly crawl through delay-laden synth drama, whilst "Court Street Shuffle" is a life-affirming box jam that wouldn't sound out of place on a Legowelt record. Those melodies! "Mickey's Theme" is more redolent of Fairplay's celebrated work with Sir Weatherall, whilst the title track is the slowest production here and is quite captivating.
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