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Bodies is Chanaski aka Stefan Haag's third release on the acclaimed LARJ label, and sees him drop a series of hardware-produced jams. First up, he displays his love of 80s electro with "Erscheinung". Featuring steely 808s and a Parliament bass, it seamlessly fuses stern, robotic synths and a riotous, freestyle aesthetic. On "Paura", Haag turns towards the dance floor, this time with straighter kicks and squelchy bass pulses creating a robust techno jam. However, Chinaski has a different side: "Forbidden" is more reflective and sees him drop evocative electro synths, while "Face 2 Face" provides the listener with an atmospheric ambient outro.
Richard For set up the RFR label last year and its split series has already played host to Skee Mask and Jichael Mackson. For the third Bavarian Stallion instalment, For pulls out the stops and welcomes the Zenker Brothers, who deliver the noisy, distorted "Schwirbler". Newcomer Jelly 3000 also focuses on techno, but ups the pace and covers the high-speed arrangement in hypnotic chords. In contrast, Kessel Vale's "Stroke" is a busy, broken beat affair that revolves around disco stabs and sharp, rolling drums, while Steril rounds off this third Bavarian Stallion release with the fragmented, vocal-heavy IDM meets electro of "Subsonic".
Welshman Tom Demac makes his debut for Cologne institution Kompakt and describes it as an honour. From his early days going to Sonar and attending the original Kompakt Records beach parties back in the mid-noughties - it's always been considered a dream to release with this legendary label he's stated. Presented here is a collaboration with the band Real Lies, who Demac has been in the studio with for the last few months, producing their album. 'White Flowers' was a special nugget that came from their studio sessions together. It's a melancholic and bittersweet journey with pop-inflections, which nails the labels aesthetic just perfectly. "Felix" is just as emotive, and fuelled by some late '90s style breaks beneath its tapestry of rich pads and vibrant synths.
Jaunt Records' 10 year celebrations are spanning a series of releases that feature a broad spectrum of artists searching for the ultimate deep techno fix. The four contenders that occupy this Sea release all have their own agenda, but they sit together perfectly. Hiver weaves illustrious pads in between nimble electro drums and bubbling acid bass, while Artefakt creates eerie, fractured acid meanderings to send a shiver down your spine. Hinode does some deft break choppage to create a dreamy trip for the up all night crew, and then Region rolls the record out on an emotive tip while keeping the rhythm section pumped up for the floor.
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