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Frankfurt based retrovert Stefan Haag aka Chinaski is usually more affiliated with the Live At Robert Johnson camp, but finds an equally fitting home here on Bordello a Parigi with his post-Italo exploits. All in all it's a very neon-lit affair on the Unschuld Der Sinne EP, the title track is ever evident of this with its glimmering, laser-ish synths and powerful "Axel F" style arpeggios. However "Surfin' Death" him pursue some more EBM style aesthetics that are currently in vogue. There's more of this style explored on the muscular neon-lit body music of "Ab In Die Ewigkeit which is reminiscent of Belgian legends Front 242.
Last year's Decoded EP for Omena was arguably one of Casino Times' strongest releases to date, so naturally hopes are high for this belated sequel. The talented twosome hits their stride immediately via the fizzing, bass-heavy bounce of peak-time workout "Voices", before wrapping alien chords and memorable electro melodies around a humid, tropical-influenced broken house rhythm on the notably deeper "Sambra Heat". Elsewhere, the duo's electro influence comes to the fore once more on Extra T's/Newcleus tribute "This Is My Channel", while closer "Display End Sequence" is a deliciously delay-laden chunk of ultra-dreamy deep house bliss.
The work of Dutch producers Betonkust and Palmbomen II, Center Parcs was recorded in an ageing holiday park, from whence its name is derived. Like the slowly decaying surroundings that became the pair's de facto studio, there is a degraded sensibility throughout Parcs. It starts with the dreamy, frazzled "24 x 33" and "Smerig Eiland" and continues on the easy listening "De rust die Je Zocht". There is also a slightly more sinister edge to the album, audible on the pair's exploration of raw techno on "Renaat Egypte" as well as the warped acid of "Skytronic Cola". But overall, a longing for better times and the faded glory of their surroundings win through, audible on the serene "Troostprijs" and the blissed out "Nintendo Pantera".
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